Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 892: The Saint Artifact Exposed

of us will back off, why dont we ask them for their opinion? Well let them make the choice of who to leave with.”


“Dont you dare!”

The experts of the Heavens Spirit Hall and the Serpent God Hall rejected Mo Zirans suggestion without any extra thought. They knew that animosity was already present between their group and the trio so they definitely would not choose to go with either one of them.

“Since everyone disagrees with my suggestion, do you have other good ideas to resolve this matter?” Mo Ziran continued.

All the deacon elders and divine generals remained silent. Now that all three forces had gathered, there was no other way of resolving it than through strength. However, it would still be very hard with their current standoff as they would have to fight for several days and nights without a potential outcome. This was because they needed to devote some attention to the third party while they fought, so they could not use their full strength.

At that moment, Lei Batian appeared before the three of them with a flash. He encased them with an invisible force with a wave of his hand, before shooting off in the direction he had come in with lightning speed.

“Hes fled with them! Pursue!”

“Lei Batian, dont you dare take them away!”

The four divine generals and the three deacon elders all became furious and chased after Lei Batian at the same time.

Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun struck out in unison. They used all they had, keeping the four divine generals and the three deacon elders busy.

However, as they all possessed the same cultivation levels and similar strengths, the three human experts were unable to keep all seven of them busy due to the huge disparity in numbers. Four immediately shot past them and headed toward Lei Batian.

Lei Batian flew toward the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall at full speed with the trio. Since he needed to carry them, his speed was slower than the people behind. As a result, they managed to grow closer and closer.

Lei Batian knew that he would be caught up by the four of them sooner or later if it continued like this. He gritted his teeth and said to the trio, “I need to block them, so I cant flee with you. Just keep flying in this direction and youll be able to reach the Sea Goddess Hall. Once youre there, youll be safe.” With that, he poured all his strength into his hands and tossed them far away. Afterward, he turned to the four experts with a huge hammer in his hand, facing off against them in a battle.

Qing Yixuan, Mo Ziran, and Ou Yun also abandoned their opponents and flew over. They worked with Lei Batian, fighting off the seven people with the four of them as they retreated.

Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang did not stop at all. After being thrown away by Lei Batian, they immediately regained their bearings and flew toward the Sea Goddess Halls territory. They covered several tens of thousands of kilometers in a few seconds.

“We cant let them escape,” called out the deacon elders and the divine generals. In that moment, they were actually working together, first knocking away Lei Batian and the other three before sending their powerful attacks in unison at the trio that neared the horizon.

Four serpent dragons and three savage beasts shot through the sky, flying toward the three with extreme speed. They completely locked onto the trios presence, so that they could not shake them off no matter how much they changed their direction.

“Itll be problematic now.” Lei Batian revealed an ugly expression. The powerful strikes from the seven of them shot off exceedingly fast, surpassing the speed at which they could travel at completely. They did not have the power to block it even if they wanted to.

The three of them could not help but reveal ugly expressions when they realized that the seven savage beasts completely condensed from energy were behind them. Even Jian Chen did not have the confidence that he could take on the powerful attacks from seven Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings and survive.

“We cant take the attacks head on or well be almost gone even if we dont die. Well be incapacitated and lose our ability to flee,” Jian Chen thought quickly. Shortly afterward, he gritted his teeth and a golden streak of light immediately shot out from between his eyebrows. He had used the saint artifact.

Jian Chen no longer had the liberty to keep the saint artifact hidden at this moment in time. Seven attacks from Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings were incomparable to two Third Layer Saint Kings. Jian Chen would still be able to risk taking them head on if they were the latter but Jian Chen dared not to try it with the attacks from the former.

“Dont resist.” Jian Chen hurriedly sent Xie Wang a mental message. Afterward, the three of them disappeared with a flash of light. They had been sucked into the saint artifact.

Just when they had disappeared, the seven attacks had arrived. They struck the saint artifact forcefully, producing a deafening boom.

Although the saint artifact possessed no offensive powers, its defenses could not be underestimated as a result. Other than Saint Emperors, no one could cause it any harm.

Not only did the seven attacks fail to harm the three of them after the saint artifact received it, they borrowed the artifact to fly off with an even greater speed.

“What treasure is that? Not only can it store living people, it can even withstand the attacks from the seven of us and come out fine,” cried out a deacon elder as he watched the golden saint artifact. His eyes lit up.

Even the four divine generals and Lei Batians group revealed similar expressions. This was a rare and unique treasure in the world since it was able to store people inside as well as take on the attacks from seven Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings and come out unscathed.

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