Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 906: Five Years Agreement

Chapter 905: The Taihong Clan

“The Turtle clan is still dealing with the grand elders funeral. Well head over after the funeral. That way, itll be even easier for us to annex them.” The final man had also spoken.

Another great piece of news spread throughout the entire sea realm as the grand elders funeral was held. The eight fragments of the Octoterra Map had all appeared and the eight pieces would be united as one in a years time where all three territories bordered one another. They would go on a search for the Octoterra Divine Hall.

A huge commotion erupted in the sea realm since the Octoterra Divine Hall was about to appear. The divine hall had been left behind by the Octoterra Emperor near the end of his life. It was rumored that he went without disciples and always moved alone. As such, he had left his legacy and all his wealth in the divine hall. Afterward, he used a great ability as an emperor to hide the hall somewhere that no one could find. Only through the eight map fragments he left behind could the exact location be found.

The Sea Goddess Halls territory immediately began to churn secretly with the news of the map fragments. Many large organizations and clans began to make their intense preparations, pouring all their efforts into the clansmen that were at the peak of the Ninth Heavenly Layer. They increased their strength as much as they could, before sending them to the Sea Goddess Hall in hopes of earning a place to enter the Octoterra Divine Hall.

Many large organizations fought extremely hard over these opportunities. They basically used all the connections they had and many clans had even offered up invaluable treasures to hall elders, all for the hope that the hall elders could give one place to their clan.

This was because only through entering the hall did people have a chance of obtaining the Octoterra Emperors legacy. This was a great treasure that could not be bought with money, attracting all the experts in the sea realm. It made countless people green with envy. Other than the legacy, there were also chances of obtaining the emperors treasures placed within the divine hall. All the treasures collected by the emperor would definitely be extraordinary and invaluable.

The entire Turtle clan was still filled with deep sorrow as they were still holding the grand elders funeral.

All the people of the clan were heavy-hearted. The grand elder was the strongest person of their clan. With his departure, the clans strength would weaken once more, growing further and further away from how it was like before.

“Eight map fragments brought together in a year, the opening of the Octoterra Divine Hall.” Jian Chen had also learned of this news as he participated in the grand elders funeral. He immediately clenched his fists tightly. “I definitely need to go into the Octoterra Divine Hall. I hope whatever is inside doesnt disappoint me. Once I become powerful enough, Ill kill my way through to the Heavens Spirit Hall and Serpent God Hall personally. Ill personally slaughter Li Fengxing, Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi to avenge the grand elder.” A sliver of powerful killing intent flashed through his eyes.

The grand elders funeral took seven whole days before coming to a close. However, the clan did not quieten down afterward as a result. As soon as the funeral had ended, more than ten experts arrived at the clan threateningly. They floated high up in the sky, gazing coldly at all the Turtle clan members from above.

A Saint Ruler said with a loud, clear voice, “We are the people of the Taihong clan. All of you listen up. From today onward, your Turtle clan will be controlled by us, the Taihong clan. You will become part of us. If there is anyone who disagrees,” as he spoke, he pointed out and a powerful energy immediately shot from his fingertip, striking a huge rock below. With a boom, the rock shattered in all directions. He then continued, “Do you see that? If anyone disagrees, thatll be your outcome.”

The Turtle clan immediately became silent. Shortly afterward, all the clan members stared at the people in the air and started crying out angrily.

“Their Tiahong clan actually wants to annex us…”

“How dare they. When we were powerful before, the Taihong clan didnt even exist…”

“Its wishful thinking if you want our clan to become a subsidiary of yours…”

“Wed rather die than follow you. Wed rather have the ground dyed with our blood than bow down to your Taihong clan…”

“Right, Id rather die than follow them. Even if I die here, Ill make the Taihong clan pay a heavy price…”

Each and every member of the clan was aggravated. None of them acted cowardly. The Turtle clan may have declined now but its former glory could not be dirtied.

The second and third elder looked at each other before rising up into the air in unison. They faced the people of the Taihong clan together, radiating with a powerful presence.

All the members of the clan quieted down immediately as they saw the two strongest experts of the clan head out.

“Taihong clan, youre daydreaming if you want to annex our clan. You better leave. We will not be bowing down before anybody,” growled the second elder.

“Right, were not going to be bowing down to anyone.” People immediately agreed from below.

Of the dozen or so people from the Taihong clan, the leading middle-aged man sneered, “Does your Turtle clan really want rivers of blood? With the strength of our Taihong clan, we can easily wipe you out. Arent you going to consider for the clan as the second elder?” This middle-aged man was the ancestor of the Taihong clan. He was called Tai Dou and was also the most powerful member of the clan. He was a Saint King of the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

The second elder pondered quietly before continuing, “If you can defeat the third elder and I all by yourself, then we, the Turtle clan, will bow down to your Taihong clan temporarily.”

Tai Dou laughed aloud. “Alright, Ill fight the two of you. Perfect opportunity for me to see just how powerful the defenses of your Turtle clan is like,” Tai Dou turned around and flew off into the distance as he said that.

The two elder looked at each other and followed Tai Dou without saying anything. Just the residual energy from battles between Saint Kings could flatten the ground completely. If they fought above the clan, it would be a catastrophe. That was why they moved to an empty area several hundred kilometers away.

All the Saint Rulers within the Turtle clan followed along. Only Jian Chen and Xie Wang remained.

“Do you want to go have a look?” Xie Wang asked.

Jian Chen shook his head and said calmly, “No, because the outcome has already been determined.”

A violent boom reverberated from several hundred kilometers away and the vast energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings. It caused the sky and the ground to undergo changes; the two Saint Kings of the Turtle clan had already begun their battle with the ancestor of the Taihong clan.

Each and every member of the Turtle clan stared anxiously at the battle that had erupted far away. Although they could not see the exact details of the battle, the outcome would determine the clans fate. As a result, everyone paid great attention to it.

The fight did not last for very long. The two elders of the Turtle clan flew over pale-faced very soon. They were in a horrible shape, with residual blood at their mouths. The Saint Rulers of the Turtle clan that had followed them to watch the battle were all dejected and down.

The two elders arrived back at the clan and said dejectedly, “Weve lost.”

The entire clan fell into a silence at that very moment. All the clansmen felt extremely heavy-hearted. The second and third elder were the strongest people in the Turtle clan. If they could not beat the ancestor of the Taihong clan when working together, then there was no more hope left for them.

The group of people from the Taihong clan also flew over from afar. The Taihong clan ancestor was joyful as he led the group, laughing aloud. “According to the agreement from before, your Turtle clan will now become a tribe of my Taihong clan. We are in control now.”

“Second elder, third elder, we can never bow down. Why dont we just offer up a great price to recruit some experts to help out our tribe,” growled a Saint Ruler of the Turtle clan. He was unwilling to give in.

“Yeah, well put up a great price to invite experts.” Many people repeated this in agreement immediately.

“Shut up,” the third elder was sunken-faced as he said, “Do you think its really that easy to recruit experts who can fend off the Taihong clan? And we had an agreement earlier. Do you really want the Turtle clan to go down as liars?”

“The third elder is right. We cannot be liars.” The second elder also spoke his mind, before looking at the ancestor of the Taihong clan. “Taihong clan, youve won. From today onward, our Turtle clan will become a part of your Taihong…”

“Wait!” Before the second elder could finish speaking, a sudden voice cut him off. Jian Chen strode over from afar and said with a loud, clear voice, “I am the ruler of the Turtle clan, so I have the right to participate in all matters regarding the clan. I shall now declare as the ruler that we, the Turtle clan, will never become a part of the Taihong clan.”

Jian Chen never wanted to be the ruler of the Turtle clan but he needed to complete the grand elders final wish as he had died for him. He had to take on the heavy responsibility of reviving the Turtle clan and returning it to its former glory.

The faces of the second and third elder both darkened. The second elder glared at Jian Chen as he yelled, “Even if I ignore the fact that you havent formally become the ruler of the clan yet, just your decision is enough to destroy the entire clan.”

“The grand elder already died because of you. Do you want the entire clan to go down as well?” The third elder also spoke up. He was very rude.

Jian Chen paid no attention to the two elders retorts and glanced at the surrounding clansmen. He said loudly, “Does everyone support my idea or the two elders idea?”

“To think that we were once so glorious. We may have declined but we will never bow down to others. I support the ruler…”

“Only under the lead of the ruler can our clan regain our glory. For the future of the Turtle clan, I support all the decisions made by the ruler…”

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