Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 916: Leaving the Maze

Chapter 915: Fight for a Class 8 Monster Core

Currently, the two Second Heavenly Layer Class 8 vicious beasts were covered in blood and close to their deaths. Their attacks had also become weaker and weaker as a result.

“Just some more. They cant last much longer. Theyre almost dead,” called out a Saint Ruler as he hurled a fist that struck the head of one of the beasts forcefully. It jolted the beasts head violently, cracking its skull.

At this moment, a blur arrived with a flash. Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash to get behind the beast and suddenly swung down with the King Armament that radiated with a destructive aura. It cut into the horrifying wound at the beasts neck.

Crack! The beast was beheaded by Jian Chens strike as large amounts of blood spurted from the remaining stump on its body. It gave off a sharp smell of blood.

With a swing of his hand, Jian Chen stabbed out once again. The King Armament was inserted deeply into the beasts head and he used the sword to dig out a bloody monster core. Without even wiping it clean, he shoved it into his Space Ring before immediately charging toward the other beast.

A few seconds later, the other beasts life was ended by Jian Chen as well and so he also obtained its monster core. Jian Chen rejoiced slightly; he had just obtained three Class 8 Monster Cores. This would have been unimaginable on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Come deal with this beast. Its of the 16th Star. We need to finish it off right here and right now or no one would be able to deal with it once we separate. Itll take us all to our doom.” A Saint Ruler called out for help as he battled the final Class 8 beast. The beast was of the Fifth Heavenly Layer so even though there were over thirty Saint Rulers surrounding and attacking it simultaneously, it was still extremely powerful. It forcefully knocked all the Saint Rulers backward with its own strength.

Immediately, over a hundred Saint Rulers charged up and engaged in a great battle with the final beast. Jian Chen did not just stand around either; he also participated in the slaying of the final vicious beast. The beast was extremely powerful, so they needed to kill it off when there was still a lot of them around. Otherwise, perhaps everyone would die to its claws after they all separated.

Under the attacks from over a hundred Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, the beast finally produced a howl of regret and collapsed in its own pool of blood. However, there were also over thirty Saint Rulers that had been heavily injured.

The monster core in the beasts head had become the object of attraction among the crowd. Over twenty Saint Rulers charged up immediately for the head and engaged in a brawl with one another, which directly caused the head to disintegrate. Meanwhile, the monster core hidden deep within it was knocked high up into the sky by the powerful force.

The Saint Rulers all leaped into the air in unison and flying toward the monster core. They all moved extremely fast.

A gleam of light exploded in Jian Chens eyes and two vague slivers of colored light—one purple and one azure—appeared in his eyes. He grabbed at the empty space, and the monster core immediately changed directions and flew toward him. In the end, Jian Chen caught it firmly.

Over ten of the twenty-odd people immediately gave up once they saw that the person who had obtained it was Jian Chen, ruler of the Turtle clan. However, there were still seven people who charged toward him with killing intent, in an attempt to steal the monster core from him.

Jian Chens eyes immediately narrowed. Grabbing the monster core tightly with his left hand, the King Armament lashed out with his right. He stabbed out seven times in an instant.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

With a series of metal clashes, the weapons from all seven people collided with the King Armament in Jian Chens hand. The weapons struck Jian Chens sword before being pulled back immediately as all seven people backpedaled hurriedly. All their expressions underwent a drastic change, while their gazes toward Jian Chen were soon filled with deep fear and disbelief.

Jian Chen stood steadily as if his feet were the roots of a tree. He had repelled all seven of them by himself and he seemed to have done it extremely easily.

This caused all the surrounding people to break into an uproar. In that moment, all of them looked toward Jian Chen with deep dread. It would be extremely unfortunate if they happened to offend such a powerful person in the Octoterra Divine Hall that was isolated from the outside world.

Jian Chen stared coldly at the seven Saint Rulers. He could not help but form a sneer with his lips. “Id like to see how long you can endure it for.”

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt…

As soon as Jian Chen said that, the seven Saint Rulers all vomited blood. They all became dejected; they had all been injured by the sword Qi from that single clash earlier.

After all, Jian Chen wielded a King Armament; he possessed the strength of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King. Any casual attack from a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King was not something a Saint Ruler could endure.

All the people present watched on wide-eyed and tongue-tied. The shock in their hearts had reached the absolute maximum.

“Hahaha, the ruler of the Turtle clan sure is extraordinary. Ive finally been able to witness it today.” Mo Ji laughed aloud as he stepped out from the crowd and arrived directly beside Jian Chen. He was singing words of praise. Afterward, the three other people stepped out from the crowd and joined Jian Chen as well. They seemed to be indicating to the crowd that they were with the ruler of the Turtle clan.

Jian Chen glanced at the Class 8 Monster Core in his hand and said to the seven people, “Do you still want to fight with me for this monster core?”

“Turtle ruler, sincere apologies. We did not know that it was you who was in possession of the monster core. If we have caused any offense, I hope the turtle ruler can forgive us.” An old man apologized to Jian Chen from the group of seven. His face was earnest.

Jian Chen frowned slightly when he heard that and revealed some slight displeasure. “I dont like to be called turtle ruler. My name is Jian Chen!”

“Yes, turtle ruler,” the old man replied courteously. He did not dare to defy Jian Chen. Although they were of the same cultivation level, Jian Chen was the ruler of a clan. He would be able to reach the level of a hall elder sooner or later or even surpass that and become an emperor. Let alone the fact that he was afraid of causing any offense himself, even his entire clan would not dare to offend Jian Chen so easily.

However, the old man did not seem to realize what he had said, that he had called Jian Chenturtle ruler again.

Jian Chen sighed gently inside. He just could not be bothered with squabbling over these small matters with this old man. After he stored the monster core into his Space Ring, he arrived before Nubis to protect him as he healed.

Now that all the vicious beasts had been killed off, the silent truce between all the people had dissolved. All of them left the area cautiously, staying vigilant of the others.

Everyone knew that there was only a limited number of treasures in the Octoterra Divine Hall. The fewer people there were, the greater chance they would have of obtaining something. As a result, battles could erupt at any moment here; almost all the people present wished for everyone else to die, so that they would be guaranteed to inherit the Octoterra Emperors legacy and the various treasures within.

A while later, the various groups of people had all disappeared into the sixteen tunnels, which caused the people remaining in the hall to become less and less. In just a short twenty minutes, the entire hall was emptied, only leaving behind Jian Chens group of seven. A thick smell of blood lingered in the air.

“Jian Chen, lets go as well.” Nubis stood up. His wounds had been mostly healed by the Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pills; although it was not a complete recovery, it would no longer affect him greatly.

Jian Chen glanced at the sixteen tunnels and casually picked one. Mo Ji and the three others followed closely behind Jian Chen, Nubis, and Xie Wang.

The divine hall seemed like a maze inside. The tunnels led off in all directions and could be seen almost everywhere. When Jian Chens group reached the end of their tunnel, they saw many more tunnels that led off to places unknown. The tunnels were like the branches of a tree; each branch would have many smaller branches, while there were even smaller ones of them. It was innumerable and very easily disorientating.

A great beast roar resounded from ahead at this moment. A three-meter-tall Class 7 vicious beast appeared before the group. It stared fixedly at them with its red eyes, before charging toward them.

Jian Chens eyes immediately lit up when he saw the beast. He did not seem to see it as a powerful opponent but as a valuable Class 7 Monster Core.

“Let me deal with it.” Just as Mo Ji was about to charge at the beast, Jian Chen was already one step faster with the King Armament in hand. He beheaded the beast with a single slash and removed its monster core.

The group paid no further attention to the beasts corpse after removing its monster core before continuing on their way.

The group made their way aimlessly through the maze, coming across beasts from time to time. However, all of them were around Class 7, with some even Class 6. Not only did they fail to form any threat to Jian Chens group, they resulted in a grand harvest for Jian Chen. He had obtained quite a few monster cores from this.

Just as they passed through a tunnel, their views suddenly opened up. They had come to an extremely large hall.

Jian Chen looked around and his face sank immediately. He had already recognised the hall as the one they had arrived in at the very beginning. They had travelled in a great big circle, actually looping back to where they had started. The only difference was that the mountainous piles of beast corpses had all disappeared.

They were not the first ones to return. There were over forty people scattered everywhere in the hall, conversing with one another currently. They would draw on the floor from time to time analyzing the path they had taken in the maze.

“Crap, weve come back again.” Nubis expression became rather ugly.

At this very moment, Jian Chen eyes froze. He stared fixedly at the center of the hall. There, he vaguely saw a formation on the floor.

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