Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing

Chapter 92: Misfortune

Until Jian Chen was completely full from the fresh blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, unable to drink another drop of snake blood, he then finally stopped drinking.

“Ah!” Jian Chen tilted his head backwards and let loose a comfortable sound, then gasped for air.

Inside his body, the massive amount of energy from the snake blood had accumulates in his stomach. Finally it began to assimilate into his veins at an extremely slow speed, absorbed by the body. At the same time, on the left part of his body including his shoulder where the venom was, the previously black skin color was rapidly fading, returning back to a normal skin color.

Although the toxicity of the Silver Striped Golden Snakes poison was incomparably strong, with only the snakes blood as the cure, this detoxifying process was also extremely fast.

Not too long after, the poison inside Jian Chens body was completely detoxified. Aside from the two initial bite marks left on his shoulder, the skin color of his body was back to normal.

“Hu!” Seeing how his body was healthy once more, Jian Chen let out sigh of relief. It was fortunate that in the very last moment when he was fighting the Silver Striped Golden Snake, he had managed to successfully kill it. If not, even if he had had the light Saint Force to temporarily help him suppress the spread of the venom, he would not have been able to live past three days. After all, he was not able to maintain light Saint Force for a long period, since using his “Spirit” consumed an extremely large amount of energy.

Slowly standing on both feet, Jian Chen sized up the golden colored snake that lay on the floor before him with no small amount of excitement. The Silver Striped Golden Snake population didnt surpass three digits on the Tian Yuan Continent so it could be said to be a very rare species. In addition, the body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was an extremely treasured commodity. This was no exaggeration; while the virulence of the poison was unmatched, its whole body was a treasure trove. It was said that the snake meat could not only help one improve their poison resistance, but also strengthen ones inner body. Although it would not be as monstrous as the defense of a Silver Striped Golden Snake, it would still make one significantly stronger than before.

And the gall of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was said to be an extremely high grade medicinal ingredient that could increase ones poison immunity if refined together with the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake with a special method. It was even possible to create a body that was immune for thousands of different types of poison, unless the toxicity of the poison was stronger than that of a Silver Striped Golden Snake, or another snake that was equally formidable. In all other cases, no poison under the heavens would pose a threat to the Ten Thousand Immunity.

The fangs of the Silver Striped Golden Snake could also be synthesized into an extremely horrifying killing weapon. The fangs were constantly soaked from birth in the deadly venom day and night, to the point that the base quality of the fangs had slowly evolved. By this point, the venom had completely polluted the fangs, unable to be removed, and a single strike by those fangs would inject any enemy with the Silver Striped Golden Snakes venom. If there was no Silver Striped Golden Snake blood to act as an antidote, then the only outcome for one who was injected with the venom was death. This type of venom was capable of poisoning even Heaven Saint Masters.

Of course, this specific Silver Striped Golden Snake didnt have a strong enough venom to kill a Heaven Saint Master in a short moment, but it was strong enough that they would never be able to completely get rid of it. They would ultimately die from this venom if they didnt get the antidote — the snakes blood.

Despite the venom being very strong, its toxicity was directly linked to the strength of the Silver Striped Golden Snake. The stronger the snake was, the stronger its venom was. If a Silver Striped Golden Snake were to reach the strength of a Class 6 Magical Beast, then its venom would definitely be capable of killing a Heaven Saint Master in a flash.

The snake skin was not only soft, but it was also extremely durable, making it an extremely valuable material in producing armor. This gave it an incredibly high value.

And with regards to the venom sack, it was considered to be priceless. This venom, when refined correctly, would become an odorless and colorless type of poison that could bypass any type of poison detection or peoples senses. With this poison, even Heaven Saint Masters would be hard pressed to escape from death, since the only cure was the Silver Striped Golden Snakes blood.

The venom of the Silver Striped Golden Snake appeared on the market several times, but every time it appeared, men with particularly special motives paid sky-high prices to purchase it.

Silently remembering the information he had read about about the various materials from the Silver Striped Golden Snake in books, Jian Chen couldnt help but feel excited. This was the biggest profit he had harvested since he entered the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Jian Chen was especially tempted for the ability to be resistant to most poisons.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen began to work on the Silver Striped Golden Snakes body. When it came to this corpse, he was definitely not going to ignore it like he had with the other magical beasts.

After expending a bit of energy, Jian Chen finally dragged the rest of the snakes body out of the tallgrass and piled it in one place. It wasnt until then that Jian Chen had realized that this Silver Striped Golden Snake was actually 70 meters long in length.

The Silver Striped Golden Snakes strength could be determined by how long it was. A Class 1 Silver Striped Golden Snake was 20 meters at the very least. With every increase in class, it would grow 20 meters in length, all the way to a maximum of 100 meters long at Class 5 . Any Class 6 Silver Striped Golden Snake or higher would already be able to freely manipulate their body dimensions, so it was useless trying to rank one by its body length.

Judging from the length of this snake, it looked as if it was on the verge of breaking through to the Class 4 rank.

Jian Chen retrieved the Space Ring on his neck given to him by his father when he had departed from the Changyang Mansion. The space within the Space Ring was incomparably bigger compared to that of the Space Belt. If he wanted to bring this 70 meter long snake away, the only possible solution was to use the Space Ring to store it. There was no way the Space Belt would be able to store the body within its tiny internal space.

But if Jian Chen wanted to store the 70 meter long Silver Striped Golden Snake within his Space Ring, it was not an easy task. Just as he was about to start, his face suddenly changed as he abruptly turned his head around.

Where Jian Chen was looking, he saw the shadows of some people from within the foliage walk out. Just as Jian Chen spotted them, they discovered his existence at the same time.

“What terrible luck!” Jian Chen cursed, afraid that he was going to meet with some trouble.

There was a total of 20 people who looked to be mercenaries from their outfit. The moment they saw Jian Chen, the mercenaries all looked a bit dumbfounded. To have come across Jian Chen, it was clear that this was unexpected. However, immediately after, their eyes were drawn to the coiled body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake.

Walking at the forefront of the other mercenaries was a middle aged man that looked to be around 40 years old. After his gaze fell on the Silver Striped Golden Snake, his brow slightly furrowed, revealing an expression deep in thought. Then, as if remembering something, his eyes flashed in realization. A look of extreme joy took over his entire face in an instant. As if he couldnt believe his eyes, he continued to focus on the snakes body behind Jian Chen. He cried out, “Silver Striped Golden Snake! This is actually the Silver Striped Golden Snake!”

The words of the mercenary caused every other mercenary behind him to be stunned, as if they had never heard of such a magical beast before. Not too long after, the memories they had regarding the Silver Striped Golden Snake came back to them, causing their faces to change one by one. Looks of amazement and doubt filled their faces as they looked at the snakes corpse behind Jian Chen, and evaluated it. After closer inspection, more and more shouts of surprise that they were not able to repress rang through the air.

“So this is the Silver Striped Golden Snake?”

“This really is the Silver Striped Golden Snake; it looks exactly how the rumors describe it.”

“I didnt think wed come across a Silver Striped Golden Snake here, were rich!”


Every kind of surprised comment came from the mouths of the mercenaries as their eyes began to heat up from looking at the Silver Striped Golden Snake. The avarice of greed in their eyes was shown on their faces; they didnt try to hide it.

Jian Chen sighed to himself. He didnt think that such an unfortunate event would happen at such a crucial point. This was definitely the last thing he had wanted; it was a shame that fate didnt go as he had wished.

Quickly hiding his Space Ring, the silver glow from his Light Wind Sword appeared in his hand once more. Without any hesitation, he disappeared in a blur as he charged towards the group of mercenaries.

The people in front of him had already recognized the Silver Striped Golden Snake and its worth. There was no point in contemplating any further, since Jian Chen knew that these mercenaries would try to take the body from him by any means necessary. There was definitely no room for negotiation.

Jian Chen crossed the 30 meters between them in a flash, the Light Wind Sword immediately striking out.

“Hmph, you came. Good!” The middle aged man that was the leader was not weak at all, and returned to his sense. A cold expression took over his previous joy as he stared at Jian Chen, sneered, and summoned a great sword to his hand. With a single movement, he slashed at the charging Jian Chen.

Just as the middle aged mans sword was about to hit Jian Chen, Jian Chens trajectory suddenly changed. He dodged the sword and moved around the middle aged man, attacking the group of mercenaries standing just behind the man.

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