Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 935: The Empyrean Demon Monarch

Chapter 934: Founder of the Bloodsword Sect

A sliver of determination appeared in the Blood Demon Emperors eyes. “Hmph, who do you think I am? Ill make you pay a price as well for wanting to wipe me out.”

“Why dont you break free first if you want me to pay a price as well? Because right now, you cant harm me at all,” Jian Chens cold voice rang out. His soul was currently protected by the saint artifact and this protection could not be destroyed by anything below Saint Emperor. He did not believe the Blood Demon Emperor in his current state had that power.

“Hmph, Ill break through your defense right now.” The Blood Demon Emperors soul began to condense rapidly again, turning into a thumb-sized orb from his dwarf form. The orb was completely blood-red and radiated with a demonic crimson light. It showed vague signs of suppressing the golden light from the saint artifact.

“With half my soul as tribute, I condense the Empyrean Demon Orb and request the Empyrean Demon Orb to break through this tower,” the Blood Demon Emperors voice resounded from the orb. Abruptly, his soul weakened at a rapid rate while the orbs light increased. It actually broke free from the golden lights binding and enveloped Jian Chens sea of consciousness.

“Empyrean Demon Orb, its actually the Empyrean Demon Orb. Why would the Empyrean Demon Monarchs Empyrean Demon Orb be here?” Suddenly, the sword spirits voices rang out in the sea of consciousness. They were filled with surprise. Soon after, two dazzling lights, one azure and one purple, rose from the depths of the sea of consciousness and quickly expanded completely.

The expansion of the blood-red light from the Empyrean Demon Orb came to a halt with the appearance of the two different-colored light.

The lights from the sword spirits quickly filled up Jian Chens entire sea of consciousness, even surrounding the blood-red light from the Empyrean Demon Orb. Afterward, it quickly faded, causing Jian Chens sea of consciousness to become blurry. It turned into a chaotic mess with nothing to be seen. The only thing visible was a hazy gray.

“Empyrean Demon Orb, youre trying to harm our master. Even the Empyrean Demon Monarch didnt have that courage, let alone you. If youre smart, you better piss off quickly. Dont make us attack you.” Zi Yings voice resounded from everywhere. An image of the stars suddenly appeared in the chaotic space. Within this image, countless people battled fiercely in outer space. It was so intense that worlds fell and the void shattered with countless planets destroyed to their battle. Corpses that radiated with powerful auras floated in outer space, while golden blood filled the entire area. Every single drop contained an unimaginably powerful energy, able to kill off Saint Emperors without any difficulties at all.

Two giant swords stood among the crowded battleground. They were both thousands of meter long and shone with purple and azure lights. Wherever they passed by, the surroundings would become littered with body pieces. Countless people had died to the two swords.

The power of the swords was enough to shake the heavens and devastate whole worlds.

Everything presented in the image was real. It was a battle the sword spirits had experienced in the past, which had been projected through their abilities.

The Empyrean Demon Orb began to shake violently, as if it was quaking in fear. Its red light was quickly retracted, completely hidden within it in the blink of an eye. It could not help but descend slightly in the air as if it was submitting itself. It did not dare to challenge the sword spirits at all.

“No… no… no… This cant be real. This cant be real, its fake, its fake. This is all fake!” the Blood Demon Emperor shrieked in fright from within the Empyrean Demon Orb. His voice was filled with terror. The sword spirits had just projected matters that had happened in their past, involuntarily sucking the Blood Demon Emperor into it. Everything seemed to have unfolded right before him. Not only could he feel just how terrifying these people were, he could sense just how horrifyingly powerful each casual strike was.

Every single person in the image had reached far beyond the realms of Saint Emperor. Even when he was at his peak, he would not have been able to block even a casual attack from anyone. Just a droplet of their blood would be enough to wipe out his soul.

The strength of these people had completely exceeded the Blood Demon Emperors understandings and reckoning. Terror immediately began to overwhelm his mind.

“I dont believe it. I refuse to believe that its real. Its all fake!” Shrieks from the Blood Demon Emperor constantly rang out from the Empyrean Demon Orb.

He had expended thousands of years, cultivating painstakingly to reach Saint Emperor. He was one of the few great experts in the sea realm and even the three halls feared him. He was glorious.

Yet right now, he had discovered just how puny all the power he had obtained in those thousands of years was. It overwhelmed him greatly when he found out just how insignificant it was. He refused to accept it.

“Half his soul is already consumed. Master, why dont you quickly wipe it out?” Zi Yings voice rang out.

Jian Chen immediately condensed a sword without any hesitation and shot it mercilessly toward the Empyrean Demon Orb.

Jian Chens sword struck the Empyrean Demon Orb accurately, causing to the tremble gently. Immediately, a chilling shriek rang out. It was from the Blood Demon Emperor.

The Blood Demon Emperors soul was now only half as powerful as it was before, so it was unable to resist Jian Chens attack at all.

“Empyrean Demon Orb, take me out of here quickly!” The Blood Demon Emperors voice was filled with panic. He could feel that he was rapidly approaching death.

However, the Empyrean Demon Orb remained in the air, completely ignoring his orders.

Jian Chen condensed a second sword, striking the Empyrean Demon Orb viciously.

The Blood Demon Emperor howled out once again. The Empyrean Demon Orb was not protecting him at all, so his soul had become extremely weak.

“Blood Demon Emperor, Ill send you on your way now. Let me experience the feeling of killing a Saint Emperor.” Jian Chens voice was icy and remorseless. The third sword condensed quickly, before striking the Empyrean Demon Orb as it whistled through the air.


The Blood Demon Emperors soul completely collapsed with a soft sound, directly dissipating in Jian Chens sea of consciousness. Fragments of his memories floated out, allowing Jian Chen to view parts of his past very clearly as it was in his sea of consciousness.

Once upon a time, the Blood Demon Emperor was a slightly-talented cultivator in the sea realm. Through his fortunes, he was chosen by the Empyrean Demon Orb, which fused with his soul and bestowed him with a cultivation method. From then onward, his life had experienced a drastic change.

The Blood Demon Emperor poured his efforts into the cultivation method, reaching Saint Ruler in less than three hundred years, Saint King in eight hundred, and Saint Emperor in two thousand three hundred. He became a legendary figure in the sea realm.

Jian Chen even learned from these memory fragments that the Blood Demon Emperor had once gone traveling after he had reached Saint Emperor, founding the Bloodsword sect on the Tian Yuan Continent and passing on a modified version of his cultivation method.

Afterward, he became the enemy of the three halls, battling with the three emperors of the halls in outer space before dying in the end. However, his soul managed to escape under the protection of the Empyrean Demon Orb, allowing him to nurse himself after hiding in the divine hall.

The Octoterra Divine Hall was created by a technique of the Blood Demon Emperor, it was originally named the Blood Demon Divine Hall. The Blood Demon Emperor had fallen into a slumber after he had fled due to his weakness. When he woke up, he discovered that his soul was no longer able to leave the divine hall. All he could do was wait inside for the end of his life, for his soul is dissipate naturally.

He slept for ten thousand years, surviving thanks to the protection of the Empyrean Demon Orb. His divine hall was then discovered by a 16th Star expert ten thousand years ago and the expert took it for himself. To prevent discovery, the Blood Demon Emperor hid his soul in the depths of the divine hall.

Many years later, the 16th Star expert who had discovered the Blood Demon Divine Hall successfully became an emperor. He renamed the divine hall as the Psalmic Divine Hall, becoming the famed Psamlic Emperor.

Ten thousand years later, the Psalmic Emperor faced the end of his life. As he meditated while he neared his death, the Blood Demon Emperor that had hidden in the Empyrean Demon Orb suddenly emerged in a crucial moment, catching him off guard and devouring his soul when he was weak. This extended the Blood Demon Emperors time.

Another ten thousand years passed and the Octoterra Emperor discovered the Psalmic Divine Hall. He too took it for himself, renaming it as the Octoterra Divine Hall.

In the thousands of years he remained in possession of the hall, the Octoterra Emperor never discovered the Blood Demon Emperor. As he too faced the end of his life, he was not willing to see his legacy just end there. As a result, he spent the last few years arranging and modifying the divine hall, wanting to leave behind his legacy.

The Octoterra Emperor meditated on the ninth floor of the hall as he faced the end of his life. His life was severed and his soul rapidly dissipated, growing extremely weak. However, he never thought he would be faced with the sudden attack of the Blood Demon Emperors soul in the final moments. The Blood Demon Emperor wanted to devour his soul.

He was much stronger than the Psalmic Emperor, so he used everything he had to fight the Blood Demon Emperor in a battle of souls in the end. They turned the ninth floor into a mess but his soul was still devoured in the end.

The Blood Demon Emperors soul was injured in the battle but he managed to recover by devouring the Octoterra Emperors soul. He then used the Octoterra Emperors handiwork, modifying his set-up of the divine hall.

As a result, the Octoterra Divine Hall that was originally for choosing the Octoterra Emperors successor was turned into the Blood Demon Emperors scheme for revival in the end.

“So thats what happened. I never thought there would be so much history to the Octoterra Divine Hall. This divine hall was originally created by the Blood Demon Emperor but it changed hands twice afterward, which was why its name changed. The souls of the Psalmic and Octoterra Emperor had all been devoured by the Blood Demon Emperor.”

“I never thought that the Bloodsword sect of the Tian Yuan Continent was founded by the Blood Demon Emperor several tens of thousands of years ago.”

Jian Chen was unable to remain composed after he learned all this. His heart churned wildly.

In particular, the matters regarding the Bloodsword sect overwhelmed him with disbelief. The Blood Demon Emperor was actually the founder of the Bloodsword sect.

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