Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 943: Tie Tas Sainthood


Everyone, regardless of Saint Rulers from hermit clans or Saint Kings from ancient families, all murmured in their hearts.

They could all feel that although Tie Ta was powerful before, he was still a Heaven Saint Master. Now, he actually possessed the might of Saint Rulers after that process.

But no mysteries of the world descended, nor did any rainbow clouds appear. Was this still breaking through? Or was he always hiding his strength before?

A figure fell from the sky. The high-altitude battle between Bi Hai and Bi Jian had finally ended, and Bi Hai was not able to come out victorious. He was heavily injured by Bi Jian, falling out of the sky as he constantly vomited blood.

Bi Jians face bore intense filling intent as he descended in pursuit. He swung the Saint Weapon in his hand, shooting a powerful sword Qi at Bi Hai.

Bi Hais strength had been greatly reduced as he was injured but he still blocked Bi Jians sword Qi with difficulty. It made his wounds even worse.

Bi Jian caught up with Bi Jian very quickly, locking him in by freezing space. He swung mercilessly toward Bi Hais head as his Saint Weapon rippled with energy.

“Mysteries of war, Broken Void!” Tie Ta bellowed. With his great ax in hand, he swung a blow at Bi Jian as his weapon glowed with a faint golden light.

A visible projection of a giant ax broke through the air, fusing with an extremely-pure battle intent as it flew toward Bi Jian.

When the projection struck Bi Jians frozen space, the space immediately shattered, while the projection continued onward without any decrease in force. It flew toward Bi Jian with great might and a towering battle intent.

A gleam of light flickered through Bi Jians eyes and he gave up on Bi Hai. The Saint Weapon in his hand traveled toward the ax projection while being coated with a layer of World Force.

A great boom erupted when the two collided. Bi Hai successfully broke free, while Bi Jian was knocked a hundred meters away uncontrollably.

Bi Jian remained calm while his eyes shone. He stared fixedly at Tie Ta with a sharp gaze as he said coldly, “Youre not weak, but its a pity you stand with Jian Chen. There can only be death for you.” Bi Jian then fused with the surrounding space, shooting toward Tie Ta as a faint blur through the use of Spatial Force. The Saint Weapon in his hand radiated with light and energy that could shake up the void as it pierced toward Tie Ta.

Tie Ta did not show any weakness at all. Extremely pure battle intent burned violently on him as it filled him with fighting spirit and a desire for battle. An invincible spirit appeared on him as both his body and his ax shone with blinding gold light. Afterward, his body seemed to become one with the ax, chopping toward Bi Jian with unstoppable force. “Mysteries of war, Broken Mortality!”


Tie Tas ax struck Bi Jians Saint Weapon ferociously, immediately producing a deafening boom. Wild residual energy wreaked havoc, turning the surroundings into a mess.

Bi Jian stumbled more than ten steps back from the blow, while Tie Tas huge body had also left the ground, flying back rapidly as the golden light on him dulled.

Bi Jian stabilized himself very quickly, before staring at Tie Ta in shock. He exclaimed, “What powerful strength! Hes clearly weaker than me, yet he can force me back with just his strength. What is this technique? Its so odd!” If someone had looked carefully, they would clearly see that Bi Jians Saint Weapon was trembling gently.

But very quickly, Bi Jians face became filled with killing intent again. He said, “The more extraordinary you are, the more I cannot leave you alive. Die!” Bi Jian fused with the surrounding space once again to charge at Tie Ta. He caught up in the blink of an eye, locking Tie Ta by freezing space before stabbing out at lightning speed.

The golden light on Tie Tas body flickered rapidly as he directly overcame Bi Jians frozen space. He swung out once again but it was much weaker than before.

Bi Jians body shook violently from the strike, but he did not take a step back this time. On the other hand, Tie Ta stumbled rapidly backward, leaving deep footprints in the ground.

“Youre actually able to move freely in my frozen space!” Bi Jian exclaimed. His voice was full of shock, but he did not hesitate with his following moves, chasing up to Tie Ta once again and striking out.

“Mysteries of war, Celestial Movement!” Tie Ta bellowed. He suddenly disappeared as Bi Jians Saint Weapon arrived, reappearing ten meters away.

Although he had dodged the attack, Bi Jian had left a small nick on his left arm. A golden fluid flowed from it.

“What! Golden blood!” Bi Jian immediately cried out when he saw golden blood bleed from Tie Tas wound. He was filled with disbelief, as if he had just discovered a whole new continent.

“How is that possible!? How can his blood be golden?” All the Saint Rulers also discovered Tie Tas peculiarity and cried out as well.

Tie Tas expression changed greatly and his giant ax immediately disappeared. He used his other hand to cover the wound tightly, concealing the golden blood. He was uneasy.

The golden blood had always been Tie Tas biggest secret. Only Jian Chen and Ming Dong knew about it, and he had told no one other than the two of them. This was because he had always been afraid that he would end up being treated as a monster if other people learned that his blood was golden.

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