Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 951: Five Years

Chapter 950: Owner of the Divine Hall

Jian Chen immediately felt shocked when he heard the sea goddess words. However, he felt even more curious about the existence of such a place.

“Sea goddess, may I ask exactly where this place is? And how dangerous is it inside that it can even kill Saint Emperors? Im still weak, nowhere near the level of Saint Emperors, so itll probably just be even more dangerous for me if I enter,” said Jian Chen.

The sea goddess shook her head. “Very few people in the sea realm know of this place, but the level of weirdness and danger inside is incomparable to any other place within the sea realm. This is because the mysteries of the world do not exist in there. The place does not possess any flow of the energy of the world. A mysterious power exists inside, which suppresses all the abilities and power within people. As a result, Saint Kings or even Saint Emperors will lose all their abilities once they enter that place and become as weak as an ordinary human. They wont be able to face up against the dangers in there at all.”

“In the past years, not only did I search through the entire sea realm time after time to find someone suitable, I even enveloped the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent and the continent of the Hundred Races with my soul. Unfortunately, I failed to find a single person in over a hundred thousand years until you appeared.” The sea goddess voice was strewn with emotions, filled with melancholy and a dash of excitement.

“Jian Chen, youre the only person Ive discovered in all these years who can enter that place and come out alive. This is because you cultivate along a different path. You do not comprehend the mysteries of the world, and the power you use is completely different from any of the powers known on the Tian Yuan Continent. Its a mysterious power that even I have never even heard of, much less seen. I can feel the strength and terror of your power, and it definitely wont be suppressed in there. Your body is extremely tough as well, to the point where attacks below the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King would struggle to harm you. Even if your powers become suppressed in there, your body is tough enough to protect you. This is why only you can return from that place alive, Jian Chen. Please help me with this.”

Jian Chen understood everything when he heard the sea goddess explanation. No wonder the goddess of the Sea race would come looking for him randomly to help her. As it turned out, it was because he cultivated the Chaotic Body and was different from other people.

“Your majesty, may I ask exactly what are the items that you want me to retrieve from that place? And is my current strength enough to fulfill this request right now?” Jian Chen asked with clasped hands.

“I will tell you when the time comes exactly what you need to retrieve. Your current strength is already more than enough to enter there. The biggest threat in that place is the fact that even Saint Emperors are suppressed; the mysterious power that turns Saint Emperors into ordinary people. If it werent for it, any 16th Star expert would be enough to enter the place without any worry.”

“The energy in the sea realm experiences a worldly ebb once every ten thousand years. That place will only appear when the worldly ebb occurs. It will be the time for you to enter it when this next ebb happens. It has been close to ten thousand years since the last one, so the next ebb shouldnt be very far away. If I estimate by looking at previous occurrences, it should occur within fifty years at most,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen paused for a while before continuing, “Sea goddess, I am a person who takes vengeance and returns favors. Since you have helped me so much, I will definitely do everything I can to obtain the items you need.”

“Very well, Jian Chen. Once you obtain the items, I will thank you. You will be an eternal friend of my Sea race.” The sea goddess voice was filled with unconcealable joy, “Jian Chen, this Octoterra Divine Hall was constructed by the Blood Demon Emperor and then modified by the Psalmic Emperor and the Octoterra Emperor. Its become extremely powerful, if you hide in it, anything below Saint Emperor will struggle to harm you. You should go refine the divine hall now.”

“Yes, your majesty.” Jian Chen was filled with unconcealable joy. With the divine hall by his side, he no longer feared the power of the ten protector clans.

The projection of the sea goddess slowly hovered its way to the Empyrean Demon Orb. She pointed at it gently; it immediately drifted toward Jian Chen as it shone with a faint red light. She then said, “Take this orb with you. Remember, you must find a new host for it within ten years.”

“A new host within ten years? Why?” Jian Chen asked in confusion.

The sea goddess shook her head gently. “I dont know either. This was what the Winged Tiger God told me all those years ago, and this orb originated from him as well.”

“What? The Empyrean Demon Orb came from the Winged Tiger God?” Jian Chen was absolutely astounded.

“Correct. This orb is indeed from the Winged Tiger God. Back then, he communicated with me through a mental message and got me to look after the orb for him. Once the host of the orb passes away, a new host needs to be found within ten years. He said the orb could not exist by itself for more than ten years, or he would come and flatten my sea realm,” the sea goddess voice became slightly forced toward the end.

Jian Chen could not help but secretly gasp when he heard about how the Winged Tiger God would flatten the sea realm. He then asked out of curiosity, “Didnt the Winged Tiger God disappear long ago? What use would this threat be now?”

“The Winged Tiger God has indeed disappeared for many years now, but I was in debt to his guidance back then. The reason why I can still assist you today is all because of him. This is why I have always been paying some attention to the matter of the orb throughout the years, as a way to return the Winged Tiger Gods kindness,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen felt even more astounded. Only now did he finally learn why the sea goddess managed to survive for so long; it was all because of the Winged Tiger God. What filled him with even more disbelief was that the sea goddess was indebted to the Winged Tiger God for his guidance.

After all, the sea goddess, Winged Tiger God, Mo Tian Yun, and Aergyns were figures who possessed equal fame in the ancient times. They were the four supreme champions of the four races.

“Looks like even though all four supreme champions surpassed Saint Emperor in the ancient times, they didnt stand on the same level,” Jian Chen thought. Meanwhile, Nubis who listened behind had already become stunned. It was a huge psychological blow to Nubis when he heard what the sea goddess had said.

No one on the Tian Yuan Continent knew about these secrets, and no one would have believed it if it did not come out of the sea goddess mouth.

Jian Chen slowly extended his hand toward the orb and grabbed it. He asked, “Your majesty, may I ask if there are any dangers to the host once the Empyrean Demon Orb enters their body?”

“Ive observed it for several hundred thousand years. In all those years, the orb has traveled through all four continents, gaining several hundred hosts. However, there was nothing, where even the cultivation method and power used was the same. It should not be able to harm its host,” said the sea goddess.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly before finally placing the orb into his Space Ring. He began to consider his options with the Empyrean Demon Orb.

“Jian Chen, remember, the orb cannot exist by itself for more than ten years. It has already stayed in the Octoterra Divine Hall by itself for five years, so you need to find a new host for it in the remaining five years.” The voice of the sea goddess rang out as her figure gradually faded. When she finished speaking, she had disappeared entirely, having departed from the divine hall.

Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts quickly after the sea goddess left. He looked toward the entrance in the ceiling and flew into the center of the divine hall directly. He planned to refine the divine hall.

The speed at which Jian Chen refined the hall was miraculous. Thysnich failed to refine the whole thing even after five years, which was why he could only use a small portion of the divine halls power. On the other hand, Jian Chen gained full control in just three months.

Jian Chens soul had fused with the divine hall after he gained full control. It seemed to become a part of him. Not only could he clearly feel everything inside, he could even control all of its power.

Jian Chen could control the power that rivaled Saint Emperors at will in the divine hall. The only problem was that it could not be used against people outside the divine hall.

Jian Chen could clearly feel several Class 8 Magical Beasts present in the hall. Moreover, there were two extremely huge skeletons in a hidden area of the divine hall. They were skeletons of Sea race members; an extremely pure and vast energy rippled from them.

“Skeletons of Saint Emperors.” Jian Chen immediately recognized the owners of the two skeletons. They were, without a doubt, the Psalmic Emperor and the Octoterra Emperor. This filled Jian Chens heart with joy.

Jian Chen left the center of the divine hall, returning to the ninth floor of the hall. Nubis had spent the entire three months waiting outside, currently cultivating quietly as he sat to one side. He did not sense Jian Chens appearance.

Jian Chen looked at Nubis and smiled. “Nubis, its time we left.”

Nubis slowly opened his eyes and revealed a sliver of excitement. “Jian Chen, youve successfully gained control over the hall?”

Jian Chen smiled before opening his hand. Space Rings immediately flew over from the entrance of the hall, all gathering above his palm. There were over a hundred of them.

The Space Rings belonged to the people who had died within the divine hall and had all been collected by Jian Chen through the divine halls power.

Nubis immediately understood that Jian Chen had refined the divine hall completely when he saw this demonstration. He immediately rejoiced, “Fantastic. With this divine hall protecting us, we have no need to fear even if we come across hall elders. My god, wasnt it horrible when we were chased around by those experts from the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall? We cant let them off now that were strong enough. Lets go Jian Chen, lets go kill our way to the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall for revenge.”

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