Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 952: Submission of the Taihong Clan

Chapter 951: Five Years

A cold light flickered through Jian Chens eyes as soon as he heard what Nubis said. He clenched his fists tightly as he gnashed his teeth. “I will definitely go to the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall. And that divine general who took my golden silkmail; I will let them know that my things cant just be taken that easily.”

“Jian Chen, do you want to directly kill our way up to the Serpent God Hall as soon as we get out?” Nubis had already begun rubbing his fists.

Jian Chen pondered for a while, before finally shaking his head. “Theres no hurry. We should return to the Turtle clan first. The five years are up with the Taihong clan, so we cant delay it any further. Otherwise, I fear that things may happen to the Turtle clan. I may not actually be the ruler of the clan, but their grand elder died to save me. His final wish was to revitalize the Turtle clan, so I cant let him down. Ill go immediately to the Serpent God Hall for my things as soon as I deal with the Taihong clan. Ill end this once and for all.”

Jian Chen deposited all the Space Rings in his hand into the saint artifact, before leaving the divine hall with Nubis. He did not have the time to sort through the items inside the rings; he even left the two Saint Emperor corpses where they were in the divine hall.

Outside, the experts from the three halls remained motionless. They had waited for five years already, but no one chose to leave during this time. They all wanted to see the final victor emerge from the Octoterra Divine Hall. They also wanted to see what treasures their own clansmen had obtained from the divine hall.

In these five years, the grand divine hall hovered in place. No one could see what had happened inside. Even the great disturbances from the Emperor Armament ramming into the hall and the battle with Thysnich toward the end did not carry through to the outside.

“It has been five years since theyve entered, yet no one has come it. Something seems off.” A similar opinion would emerge from the crowd from time to time. A hundred and sixty people had entered at the very beginning, yet no one had emerged during all this time. Many people felt suspicious over this, because there would definitely be people who would emerge from time to time if it was an ordinary treasure hunt.

“I wonder what the situation is like inside. Is Jian Chen still fine? Has he obtained full control over the divine hall? Hes someone that the hall master treats with importance, so hopefully no accidents happen to him,” thought hall elder Hong.

Another hall elder of the Sea Goddess Hall stood beside him. She was a woman with a blurred appearance and a staff in hand. She seemed very similar to Atlantis, the strongest below Saint Emperor, but she was a different person.

She floated silently in mid-air. Her eyes contained no emotions as she stared at the divine hall. She said nothing. She had remained quiet like this for all five years.

“Hm? Look, someones come out.” A cry of surprise rang out at this very moment. With the voice, everyones eyes lit up and they immediately cast their attention toward the people exiting.

Two figures floated high up near the Octoterra Divine Hall. Their sudden appearances did not produce any signs of movement. Even the six hall elders present had no idea when they had appeared.

“Jian Chen. Its actually Jian Chen. He has come out from the divine hall,” murmured elder Hong as he noticed the two of them at first glance.

It was Jian Chen and Nubis who had appeared silently above the divine hall.

The eyes of the woman beside elder Hong narrowed and she finally spoke, “No, their strength has increased drastically. Theyre both 15th Star experts now.” The womans voice possessed some surprise.

Elder Hong was surprised when he heard that. “Youre right, their presences have indeed become much stronger. Theyre both of the 15th Star now. They must have gained a lot from this journey into the divine hall. I just wonder where the others are.”

Jian Chen and Nubis gazed calmly at the experts from the three factions, before flying toward the side of the Sea Goddess Hall.

“Why have only the two of you returned? What about the others…”

“What happened in the Octoterra Divine Hall? Why did it take five years, and why have only two people have emerged? Where are the others…”

“Who obtained the legacy of the Octoterra Emperor in the end…”

The people from the Serpent God Hall and the Heavens Spirit Hall constantly asked questions, wanting to know what had happened inside the divine hall and the predicaments of their people.

The two of them paid no attention to the questions and arrived directly before elder Hong. “We greet elder Hong!”

Elder Hong carried a faint smile as he constantly observed Jian Chen. He said, “I can already tell that the two of you have probably benefited greatly from the Octoterra Divine Hall. Your strength has actually increased by this much. Jian Chen, have you obtained the legacy of the Octoterra Emperor?”

Although elder Hong spoke very softly and everyone else was quite far away, they all heard it clearly. Immediately, everyones attention gathered on the two of them, including the hall elders from the other halls.

Jian Chen shook his head gently, “Elder Hong, Ill hide nothing. I have not obtained the legacy. The Octoterra Divine Hall was actually all a trick, all a scheme.”

Elder Hongs face tensed up, “Explain.”

After a slight pause, Jian Chen continued, “Does elder Hong know about the Blood Demon Emperor?”

“The Blood Demon Emperor! You mean that Blood Demon Emperor that fought the three hall masters several tens of thousands of years ago?” Elder Hong was shocked. He stared at Jian Chen fixedly, already understanding some things.

“Correct, that Blood Demon Emperor. The Octoterra Divine Hall originally belonged to him and it was called the Blood Demon Divine Hall. When he fought the three hall masters in outer space, his soul was not wiped up. It had fled into the Blood Demon Divine Hall and hid well. Afterward, he devoured the souls of both the Psalmic Emperor and the Octoterra Emperor who took the divine hall for themselves. The Blood Demon Emperor changed the divine hall into a trap. He then spread the word to draw everyone in, using the traps he had set up to kill them all and revive his weakened soul through their blood. He wanted to take our bodies and come back. As a result, only the two of us are still alive from the initial hundred and sixty,” explained Jian Chen.

“How is that possible? How is the Octoterra Divine Hall a trap of the Blood Demon Emperor…”

“The Octoterra Emperor and the Psalmic Emperor were both Saint Emperors, so how did they get devoured by the Blood Demon Emperor…”

“Emperors only have a lifespan of ten thousand years, while the Blood Demon Emperor was an emperor from several tens of thousands of years ago. How could he survive for so long as just a soul…”

“Dont listen to him, everyone. These are all lies he has spun…”

The people immediately fell into a great uproar after they heard what Jian Chen had said. In that moment, everyone struggled to remain calm, including the six hall elders.

The Octoterra Divine Hall was actually a scheme by the Blood Demon Emperor, a scheme for revival. Everyone struggled to believe this.

This was because the Blood Demon Emperor was infamously vicious several tens of thousands of years ago, yet emperors could only live for ten thousand years. The Blood Demon Emperor had not died even after so much time. This was undoubtedly equivalent to a great bomb dropped on them.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, why has everyone else died except for you two if you say its a scheme for the Blood Demon Emperors revival? Perhaps you possess the power to be victorious over the Blood Demon Emperors soul?” asked an old man. His voice was powerful. He was a hall elder of the Heavens Spirit Hall.

“Correct. The soul of the Blood Demon Emperor was indeed felled by my hands,” Jian Chen hid nothing and spoke nonchalantly.

“Wheres the ruler of our Serpent God Hall, Thysnich?” asked a hall elder of the Serpent God Hall. His complexion was very ugly.

“Thysnich also died inside.” Jian Chen stared coldly at the hall elder. He had no good impressions of the Serpent God Hall.

“Impossible. That is impossible. Thysnich possesses an emperors power, which was deposited into him by the hall master. How could he have fallen in the divine hall? Youre lying!” the hall elder yelled out. His face was extremely sunken and he seemed terrifying.

“Ive already told you the truth. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.” Jian Chen glanced at the people from the two halls. He felt no fear. Afterward, the huge divine hall quickly began to shrink at a visible rate with a thought of his. It reached the size of a palm before flying into Jian Chens hand. It had become a tiny divine hall.

“How is that possible!? He has gained control over the Octoterra Divine Hall…”

“The divine hall has actually fallen into his hands. Its now in his control…”

Jian Chens action caused another series of cries. In that moment, everyone tossed the fates of their people to the back of their mind, all staring at the divine hall in Jian Chens hand with illuminated eyes. They were filled with unconcealable greed and even the various experts of the Serpent God Hall were the same.

“Good, good, good. Jian Chen, you really have gained control over the divine hall,” elder Hong chuckled. His eyes were filled with admiration.

Jian Chen sneered when he noticed everyones gazes. He lifted up the divine hall in his hand and called out, “Come get it if you want the divine hall.”

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