Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 960: Proceeding to the Heavens Spirit Hall

Chapter 959: Serpent Gods Fury

The four divine generals were covered with wounds as a layer of blood dyed them completely red. They were in a horrible shape.

The experts who watched on from the side were filled with deep shock. Not only did Jian Chen have the Octoterra Divine Hall protecting him, he was so powerful as well. It was enough to place him among the supreme experts of the sea realm. They were sure that Jian Chens name would resound through the entire sea realm after this storm with the Serpent God Hall blew over. He would be regarded as one of the great experts within the sea realm.

The six hall elders all furrowed their brows tightly. They could all tell that Jian Chen was torturing the four divine generals, but they had an agreement before to not interfere at all. They were filled with helplessness even though they did not want the four divine generals to suffer the merciless torture of Jian Chen.

The Emperor Armament lashed out as a blur time after time toward the four divine generals, causing their wounds to multiply.

The four divine generals had fallen to the point where they could not even counterattack under Jian Chens storm-like blows. If it were not for the fact that Jian Chen wanted to torture them, they would have passed away long ago.

The four divine generals quickly retreated, before separating in the end. Only when they shot off in different directions did they break free from Jian Chen, but that only applied to three people. The last person still faced Jian Chens rain of attacks as he fled. He was the one who had taken Jian Chens golden silkmail.

“Jian Chen, even if I die here today, I wont let you have it easy.” Soaring fury burned in the divine generals eyes as he suddenly began to bulge. His clothes were ripped to shred and he became a three-hundred-meter long serpent dragon in the blink of an eye.

The golden silkmail on him bulge as well but it did not rip. It was expanded by countless times, becoming like a belt. It wounded around the upper-half of the serpent dragons body tightly but it was unable to completely cover it.

Roar! The serpent dragon roared furiously at the sky and a thick layer of blood-red light began to shine from it. Its presence also began to skyrocket at an unbelievable rate with the appearance of the light, reaching the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Saint King.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed. He knew that his opponent had used a secret technique that temporarily increased his strength, but it would definitely cause great harm to the user afterward.

Next, a senseless incantation began to ring out from the serpent dragons mouth, becoming louder and louder. It echoed through the surroundings like a song.

The expressions of the six hall elders began to darken. One of them said involuntarily, “This is the Serpent Gods Fury. He actually cast that. Doesnt he know just how severe the consequences are?”

The Serpent Gods Fury was the most powerful secret technique that belonged to the Serpent Dragon clan. It could only be learned by members who had reached Saint King.

The Serpent Gods Fury was like the forbidden arte of the Radiant Saint Union, except it was not as terrifying. However, the price to cast it was just as heavy. Not only would the user fall back to the previous level of cultivation, it would make any further breakthroughs in the future even more difficult. It would also consume a large amount of the users soul and essence.

The Serpent Gods Fury had always been a forbidden technique of the Serpent Dragon clan. Unless they were forced to, no one would use it so easily. Clearly, the divine general had only used it when he had run out of options.

“Serpent Gods Fury!” The serpent dragon roared in the language of humans; a powerful energy of soul and essence leaked out of its body, surging into the sky.

The sky immediately began to churn. A stormy cloud suddenly appeared, blotting out the sky and making the surrounding even darker in that instant.

A series of deep and muffled roars rang out from the cloud as it constantly churned. It seemed like a serpent dragon was currently swimming inside.

Suddenly, a huge claw shot out from the cloud, swooping toward Jian Chens with lightning speed. The claw was completely condensed from the dark clouds, and it was attached to the remaining clouds on the other end.

Jian Chen finally became slightly stern. This strike was no trivial matter, as he could clearly feel the might hidden within. It was something that only a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King would possess, or maybe even one at the peak of the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

Although the attack was powerful enough to threaten Jian Chen, he felt no fear. He stabbed at the claw as hard as he could as the Emperor Armament shone with blinding light.

The sword and claw collided intensely, immediately producing a violent boom. The threatening manner of the claw immediately weakened.

Jian Chen did not hesitate at all, stabbing out several times again. He did not hold back at all, pouring all his strength into each attack.

Several strikes later, the huge claw abruptly collapsed, dispersing into the surroundings as energy of the world.

The divine general vomited blood as the Serpent Gods Fury had been defeated. He could no longer remain in the serpent dragon form, falling out of the sky in human form. He was in despair.

“Its a pity that he only comprehended the first layer of the Serpent Gods Fury. If he reached the third layer, he would have been able to project the entire serpent god and the outcome would be completely different. He would not be able to harm Jian Chen under the divine halls protection, but it would be enough to protect himself,” said a hall elder with a sigh.

Jian Chen had already charged toward the divine general murderously. Arriving before him, he directly ripped off the golden silkmail from his body, before chopping toward his head mercilessly.

“Third brother!”

“Third bro!”

The three other divine generals all called out when they saw this. They paid no attention to the danger and charged over in an attempt to save the divine general.

However, they were not as fast as Jian Chens sword. With a crack, Jian Chen lopped off the divine generals head with a single stroke.

“Today, the four divine generals of the Serpent God Hall will cease to exist,” sneered Jian Chen. The Emperor Armament in his hands turned into a black streak of light as he stabbed toward the head, wanting to disperse the soul within.

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