Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 960: Proceeding to the Heavens Spirit Hall

lock onto the entire Octoterra Divine Hall, causing it to come to a stop.

“Saint Emperor of the Serpent God Hall!” Jian Chen was shocked and immediately realized that the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was about to strike out.

“Its the hall master! We plead the hall master to destroy his Octoterra Divine Hall!” The people from the Serpent God Hall lit up when they sensed the auras appearance and immediately knelt down.

“Jian Chen, dont go overboard.” A harsh, heavy voice cut through the Octoterra Divine Hall and Jian Chen heard it clearly. It was not difficult to tell from the voice that it was a middle-aged man.

“This is the voice of the Serpent God Hall hall master.” Jian Chen immediately guessed the persons identity. Other than the hall master, he could not think of anyone else who possessed such terrifying strength.

“Jian Chen, this is enough. You should stop.” Another voice rang out in Jian Chens head. It was gentle but cold, the voice of the Sea Goddess Hall hall master.

In the end, the Octoterra Divine Hall came to a slow stop without colliding into the Serpent God Halls divine hall. Jian Chen then emerged from his divine hall and said, “Hall elders, Ill leave the lives of the divine generals with you for now, but its best if you dont interfere when I deal with Li Fengxing.” With that, Jian Chen immediately charged toward the magical beast.

Li Fengxings expression changed slightly. Seeing how the hall elders had no intentions of helping him out, he shot upward from the ground toward the sky without the slightest hesitation.

Li Fengxing was one of the murders of the Turtle clans grand elder, so Jian Chen would not let him go no matter what. He followed quickly, disappearing high up into the sky as he tailed Li Fengxing.

The two of them moved extremely fast, reaching the barrier of the sea realm in the blink of an eye. Without any reluctance, Li Fengxing directly passed through the barrier before turning around to laugh. “Ive stayed in the sea realm for long enough. Its about time I left. Jian Chen, if you want to kill me, come find me on the Beast God Continent. I will be waiting for you there.” With that, he ripped open a Space Gate and left through it.

The barrier of the sea realm isolated it as an independent world, where Saint Kings were unable to create Space Gates. However, this limitation did not exist outside the barrier.

Jian Chen stopped at the edge of the barrier as he stared darkly at Li Fengxing who had already fled. He said coldly, “I will be going to the Beast God Continent sooner or later. At that time, Id like to see where you will flee to.” Jian Chen returned from his pursuit with nothing in the end. The barrier only obstructed the entry of foreign Saint Kings; if a foreign Saint King left through it, they would not be able to return.

Jian Chen descended from the sky and landed on the Octoterra Divine Hall. He said coldly, “I will be taking the lives of the divine generals no matter what. Be aware, people of the Serpent God Hall, I will be returning one day in the future. At that time, even you hall elders wont be able to stop me personally.”

Jian Chen left the area in the Octoterra Divine Hall, only leaving behind a group of people standing around uglily. No one dared to utter a word about it.

Jian Chen failed to kill the four divine generals in this trip to the Serpent God Hall as he had initially intended. Despite this, he managed to snatch back his golden silkmail. At the same time, he managed to create turmoil for the Serpent God Hall and humiliated them.

The hall elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall all gathered in a conference room at the very top of the Heavens Spirit Halls supreme divine hall not long after Jian Chen had left the Serpent God Hall. They stood in a line, all bearing expressions of respect.

Before them sat a blurry man on a throne. His appearance could not be seen clearly at all.

“You probably all know what has happened at the Serpent God Hall. Jian Chens currently making his way toward our Heavens Spirit Hall. Besides me, even if you all work together, you wont be able to break through the Octoterra Divine Hall. However, Jian Chen also has the support of the hall master from the Sea Goddess Hall. As such, if I attempt to strike out, she will definitely keep me busy. So, when Jian Chen comes, do not agitate him. Try to fulfill his wishes to the best of your ability,” the figure on the throne said.

“Hall master, what should we do if he asks for the lives of the three deacon elders?” A hall elder asked.

“Ill leave it up to you. Just try not to offend Jian Chen. His growth is too fast, reaching the 16th Star from the 14th Star in just a few short years. Someone with talent like that is no one ordinary. He can also use the Emperor Armament from human emperors, so I deduce that hes not from the sea realm. He is probably a human from the Tian Yuan Continent. If its possible, do all you can do pull him to our side. When he becomes an emperor, he may be able to help us significantly by fulfilling my greatest wish,” said the Heavens Spirit Hall hall master.

“Yes, hall master. We know what we should do,” replied the hall masters.

“Also, dont we have quite a few humans and magical beasts in the sea realm? Send some of them to the Tian Yuan Continent to investigate Jian Chens background.”

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