Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 962: The White Tigers Breakthrough

ethod left behind by the Octoterra Emperor to cultivate.

Jian Chen did not disturb the two of them and instead made his way directly into the depths of the hall, before arriving before a thirty meter tall door.

Rumble! The door opened under the artifact spirits secret control. As soon as even a crack had appeared, a vast pressure gushed out and filled the hall.

The pressure was still not powerful enough to affect Jian Chen in any way, but it was filled with a domineering aura. This aura was actually countless times denser than the aura of the serpent dragons on the divine hall of the Serpent God Hall.

With the doors opening, a harmonious white light suddenly shone out, illuminating the entire hall.

The origins of this harmonious white light was actually a huge white tiger that lay there with its eyes closed. It was thirty meters long and completely covered with snow-white fur, while each strand of its hair shone with harmonious light. Meanwhile, a pair of huge wings were unfurled comfortably in the space as they floated up and down slowly.

In the recent years, the white tiger had always spent its time in the saint artifact to increase its strength through consuming heavenly resources. Its strength really could have been described as skyrocketing, as it had just broken through to Class 7 right now.

Perhaps due to sensing Jian Chens arrival, the white tigers eyes suddenly snapped open. When it saw Jian Chen, its eyes lit up and it produced an excited cry. It then proceeded to run toward Jian Chen.

Mid-air, it shrank quickly and by the time it had landed on Jian Chens shoulder, it had turned back to the size of a household cat.

“Mrrrr…” The white tiger produced a deep purr. As it lied on Jian Chens shoulder, it nibbled his hair while laying his front paws on Jian Chens head. It seemed to be grumbling about why Jian Chen took so long to visit it.

Jian Chen could not help but smile from the bottom of his heart when he saw how mischievous the white tiger still was. He extended a hand to lift the white tiger from his shoulder to his lap, before gently rubbing its furry head.

Although the white tiger was now a Class 7 Magical Beast, its age was barely anything like that. It still possessed the temperament of a child even after his mind had grown up by quite a lot.

“Class 7 Magical Beasts can take on a human form. Xiao Bai, can you turn into a human now?” Jian Chen asked the white tiger.

The white tiger completely understood Jian Chens words, so it responded by shaking its head. Its bright little eyes were filled with confusion, clearly uncertain why it could not take a human form.

Jian Chen smiled gently and said, “Youre a Winged Tiger God, something thats on a completely different level to ordinary magical beasts. Perhaps the reason you cant take a human form is exactly because of that. Once you power up some more in the future, youll be able to take a human form sooner or later.” Jian Chens expression changed with that as he felt that the barrier he cast down outside had been tampered with by someone. He placated the white tiger before leaving directly.

Leaving the secret room, Jian Chen found a Saint Ruler of the Turtle clan standing outside pale-faced. Jian Chen could tell with a single glance that he was quite injured.

“I greet the ruler. This one has only disturbed the rulers seclusion because this one had no other choice. Please punish me,” the Saint Ruler knelt down immediately and said with respect.

Jian Chen looked at him sternly and asked, “What has happened, and whats the reason for your injury?”

“When we went to take back our crystal mines, we were met with the obstruction of powerful foes. Many members of the Turtle clan has been injured, and the ancestor of the Taihong clan, Tai Dou, has also been injured by two experts that were of the same cultivation level as him,” the Saint Ruler said deeply. His complexion was horrible.

Jian Chens face sank when he heard that. “How dare they! Assemble the elders and experts of the Taihong clan immediately in the conference hall.”

“Yes, ruler!”

Jian Chen sat expressionlessly on the throne in the conference hall, while a group of people gathered below. They all stood there quietly and no one spoke, causing the atmosphere to become rather heavy.

Almost half of them were pale-faced, clearly quite injured.

Jian Chen glanced past all of them and growled, “Tai Dou, tell me the strength of the opponent.”

Tai Dou stepped up and said, “Ruler, the opponent is very powerful. They are a famed clan in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall and possess two 16th Star experts. They are both as powerful as me, and they also possess a 15th Star expert and many 14th Star Seasoul Warriors. Their strength completely exceeds us.”

“Alright, I understand,” Jian Chen replied softly, before sitting there quietly.

Three old men walked into the hall not long afterward. They walked in with their chests high, steps in sync and unhurriedly. They did not even glance at the experts in the hall, directly ignoring them.

They were the former three deacon elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall.

With their entry, the people who had no idea who they were revealed gazes of suspicion, secretly trying to guess their identities.

The three deacon elders walked right to the very front before stopping. They all looked at Jian Chen calmly and one of them asked, “Jian Chen, for what have you summoned the three of us?”

The deacon elder spoke to Jian Chen as an equal, without displaying any forms of respect.

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