Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 963: Dealing with Zhou Yunzi and Zhou Tianzi

p of people hurried toward the mountain with the elders in the lead. They traveled very quickly and soon arrived before the grave of the grand elder.

“We greet the ruler!” All the people knelt on one knee and called out with a deafening voice. They all moved in sync without any disorder.

Jian Chens prestige in the Turtle clan was becoming greater and greater, now receiving the respect of everyone. Not only did the status and power of the clan increase greatly since his arrival, they were even slowly taking back their former mines. All the members of the clan believed that the time where they would return to glory had come.

Jian Chen released the tied-up Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi from the Octoterra Divine Hall. As their powers had been sealed up by the hall elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall, they were like ordinary people with no power to resist at all.

“Jian Chen, why dont you hurry up and release us? Well show you what were made of after we break free ourselves if you dont!” The two of them immediately began to yell at Jian Chen as soon as they appeared.

Jian Chen stared coldly at the two of them as killing intent surged within him. He said coldly, “How can the seal personally cast down by the hall elders of the Heavens Spirit Hall be broken through so easily by the two of you? Otherwise, their status would be nothing more than a name.”

Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzis expressions changed slightly. They glanced past the huge gravestone and their faces immediately sank. The grand elder had been slain by the Tian Level Saint Techniques they had cast, so they immediately had a general sense of what Jian Chen wanted to do by bringing them there.

“Jian Chen, what exactly do you want to do to us?” Zhou Tianzi growled.

Jian Chen stared at the gravestone in a daze and said hoarsely, “Blood for blood. I shall use your blood to comfort the grand elders spirit.”

“Dont you dare, Jian Chen!” The expressions of Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi changed drastically, but they continued to glare at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen did not listen to the two of them anymore, turning around to the kneeling members of the Turtle clan. “Everyone, these two people were the ones who killed the grand elder all those years ago. They are both 16th Star experts. Today, I shall slaughter the two of them before all of you, to take revenge for the grand elder.” Jian Chen was basically yelling out hoarsely toward the end.

“To take revenge for the grand elder…”

“Kill the two of them and comfort the grand elders spirit…”

All of them immediately began to call out loudly, staring at the twins in hatred.

Both of their expressions changed once again. Although they were both Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, their strength had been sealed up through a secret technique from the hall elders, causing them to become as fragile as ordinary people. They had no ability to flee at all under such circumstances.

The light in Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzis eyes flickered, before they seemingly made a decision. Determination appeared in their eyes. “Jian Chen, as long as you let the two of us off, we will follow you and work for you.”

Jian Chen looked at the two of them sarcastically, while the Emperor Armament had already appeared in his hand. He sneered, “I never thought that two of the eight great human experts would have a time where they bow down. But youre the murderers of the grand elder. I wont let you off no matter what you say.” Jian Chen slowly raised the Emperor Armament and it immediately began to shine with a blinding dark light.

The twins began to panic. “Jian Chen, the matter all those years ago was all under the orders of the Heavens Spirit Hall. We were sent by the hall elders to deal with you, so your true enemy is the Heavens Spirit Hall. Even if you kill us, you wont be able to deal with them. But if you let us go, we can fight the Heavens Spirit Hall together and take revenge for the grand elder.”

The coldness in Jian Chens eyes deepened, but he was not swayed by their words. He suddenly stabbed out with the Emperor Armament, impaling the foreheads of Zhou Tianzi and Zhou Yunzi, and wiping out their souls.

The twins voices stopped, while a mixture of red and white liquids poured from the wounds. In the end, they collapsed in their own pool of blood, dying on the spot.

This was how two Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings were killed off on a mountain. With their deaths, the eight great human experts of the sea realm became six.

Jian Chen removed their Space Rings before calling out hoarsely, “Come, drain their blood for the grand elders spirit!”

Immediately, someone ran up to the two of them and created another wound on their bodies. He let the blood flow from their bodies, dying the area before the grand elders gravestone red.

Jian Chen sighed deeply after killing off the two of them. He murmured, “Theres just Li Fengxing now. Beast God Continent, I will be coming sooner or later.” Jian Chen paused slightly at this point and looked at the space not too far away. He spoke again, this time coldly, “Qing Yixuan, youve seen enough. Its time you came out.”

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