Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 974: Resisting the Protector Clans (Four)


“What powerful residual ripples of battle. Just who is fighting? Have the experts of the Beast God Continent come again?” the old farmer murmured. He closed his eyes and used a secret technique to observe what was going on there. Only after a while did he sigh emotionally and say, “So its someone fighting the Yiyuan sect with a divine hall. I wonder who is the controller of that divine hall. Their bravery is admirable to provoke one of the ten protector clans, but this has nothing to do with me. Ive stepped back from matters regarding the continent long ago and will no longer interfere with anything. As long as the experts of the Beast God Continent dont come invading and Little Fattys life remains unthreatened, I couldnt care less even if the sky fell on me.”

The old farmer paused when he reached this point. A sliver of shock flashed through his eyes as he said, “Weird. Why do I feel a familiar presence from that divine hall? I- it seems to be related to the cultivation method of my Bloodsword sect. Just who is controlling the divine hall?”

The old farmer frowned slightly. He lowered his head in thought and mumbled to himself, “No, I gotta go have a look.” He swung his hoe and it ripped open a Space Gate. Then, he traveled through it with his feet bare and the hoe on his shoulder.

In another region of space, a large water mirror hung in the air, displaying the battle between the six divine halls. Below it lay an evil-looking, middle-aged, white-robed man who lay on a patch of grass as he looked on with interest. He seemed to be watching something fascinating.

“I didnt think that Jian Chen would become so great after disappearing for just a few years. Its quite unbelievable. Now that Jian Chen has the divine hall protecting him, Id like to see just how the protector clans take the Winged Tiger God from him.”

“Hehe, to think that the protector clans wouldd devote so much energy into fighting for the Winged Tiger God. They used so many methods in an attempt to find Jian Chen and take the Winged Tiger God, but now Jian Chen has returned himself with the Winged Tiger God by his side. I wonder what their expressions would be like when they discover that they cant forcefully take the tiger away from Jian Chen. I really do look forward to that moment. I must see it for myself when the protector clans are forced to give in.”

The man laughed evilly.

At this very moment, an extremely attractive woman who seemed to be in her twenties slowly walked over from afar. She sighed and said, “Husband, I seem to be pregnant. Why dont you spend more time with me?” The woman grumbled.

The man waved his hand and the mirror immediately shattered. He stood up and laughed toward the woman. “Hahaha, this path lords eighty-eighth child will finally be born.”

On the misty Dragon Island, the Lustastron Pit continued to glimmer with starlight like before. It seemed to be filled with stars, making it extremely enchanting.

At this moment, the calm space at the bottom of the pit began to tremble slightly. Two figures gradually appeared as their outlines became more distinct.

It was a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his forties and an old man who seemed to be in his seventies. They were the Golden Divine Dragon Rui Jin and the mutated Divine Alligator Hei Yu that had separated from Jian Chen all those years ago.

After disappearing for close to a decade, nothing had happened to the two of them. They remained as usual with their clothes neat and without any injuries. The only difference was that they currently seemed just like ordinary people. They seemed extremely simple.

Rui Jin glanced around and mumbled, “Were finally back. We need to go find Jian Chen. We cant let anything happen to him, or Ill never be able to see my clansmen ever again.”

Hei Yu nodded his head and replied, “Jian Chen is a human from the Tian Yuan Continent, so he should be there. Lets go.”

Jian Chen continued to clash with the five divine halls as he controlled his own. They were locked in a battle where neither side wanted to give in.

The surrounding space ripped open silently as they fought, forming over ten Space Gates. Experts poured out unceasingly, and every single one of them was a Saint King. In just a few seconds, several dozen Saint Kings had gathered at this location.

In that moment, all the other protector clans had finally gathered once again. The grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian and the sect master of the Bloodsword sect, Houston, had also come.

As soon as they emerged from the Space Gates, they focused their attention on the six divine halls that collided violently in mid-air. Their faces were filled with surprise.

Houston, who carried a hoe on his shoulders, did not even look at the five divine halls from the Yiyuan sect. Instead, he stared unblinkingly at Jian Chens divine hall. His face became mixed and excited at the same time, revealing a lot of suspicions as well. He thought, “Its not wrong. It cant be wrong. That divine hall really is connected to the cultivation method of my sect. I sense a sliver of energy of the same source from it. But divine halls are created by the powers of Saint Emperors. No Saint Emperor has ever appeared in my sect, so just who is the person controlling this divine hall? And just where does this divine hall come from? Who created it?”

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