Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 975: Resisting the Protector Clans (Five)

s not enough to deal with a protector clan,” Houston also thought.

In that moment, all seven other protector clans stood up and formed a loose encirclement around Jian Chen besides the protector Changyang clan and the Pure Heart Pavilion.

Jian Chens clash with the Yiyuan sect had finally stopped and the great elders all emerged from their divine halls. They all stared coldly at the Octoterra Divine Hall as they remained pale-faced from their fury.

Jian Chen let his divine hall remain floating in the air as he emerged on the very top. He looked around like nonchalantly at the protector clans that encircled him, but he showed no fear. The cat-sized tiger stood with its chest up on Jian Chens shoulder as it stared coldly at the people of the protector clans. A naturally condescending aura radiated from it, possessing some of its prestige as a beast god.

Although the white tiger was still young and not completely mature, it was extremely intelligent. It knew that the surrounding people were bad.

“Look, everyone. Thats the Winged Tiger God.” As soon as the white tiger revealed itself out in the open, it garnered the attention of everyone. Immediately, everyone looked away from Jian Chen and focused their gazes on it, even the protector clans. Greed leaked from their eyes.

Jian Chen could not help but sneer when he saw how everyone behaved, “The Winged Tiger God is on me. If you want it, come take it,” as he said that, a tremendous aura began to radiate from him. It caused the surrounding space to tremble and blur, shocking everybody.

This was because the presence had reached the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King.

“How is this possible? When he was on the Tian Yuan Continent, he was clearly just a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. How did he become a Saint King?”

“His strength has risen to such a level in a short decade. T- t- this…”

Everyone was astounded, including the ten protector clans. Only the Yiyuan sect was able to remain composed as they had witness Jian Chens strength earlier.

In that moment, Jian Chen drew the Emperor Armament from his Space Ring. Immediately, the expressions of many Saint Kings changed once again as a terrifying energy radiated from the Emperor Armament. It was at the level of the Seventh Heavenly Layer.

The Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint King was much stronger than many of the Saint Kings present. There were only a few people left who could overpower Jian Chen.

Jian Chen displayed his full strength. He could not hold back at all before the ten protector clans. Today, he wanted to let everyone know that he could resist the protector clans. This was not solely because of the Octoterra Divine Hall, but that he had his own strength as well.

The current him was no longer the Saint Ruler who could be undermined by all Saint Kings like ten years ago.

Everyone sucked in a breath and many peoples hearts began to thump involuntarily. Jian Chens current strength was already enough to make many of them tremble.

Tian Jian and Houston became stunned. Both of them stared at Jian Chen with their tongues tied as their hearts churned.

The two of them were the first ones to met Jian Chen. Back then, when Jian Chen was just a mere Earth Saint Master, they already knew him. As such, they understood Jian Chens growth very well. It was just that they could not connect it to this high-spirited person who dared to challenge the ten protector clans to the puny little Earth Saint Master from all those years ago.

All the members of the protector clans looked at one another. Back then, the reason they wanted to take the Winged Tiger God was because they completely undermined him as a Saint Ruler. Now that Jian Chens strength had skyrocketed and reached an unbelievable level, their opinions of him underwent great changes as well.

Just with his strength alone, Jian Chen was enough for the protector clans to treat with importance. In addition, he now possessed a divine hall as well, which made it even harder to deal with him.

Even if you ignored these factors, Jian Chens status was extremely special as he was a member of the Changyang protector clan.

The people looked at each other as they hesitated. None of them wanted to miss such an easy opportunity to take the Winged Tiger God, so they fell into a dilemma.

The great elders from the Yangji sect hesitated as well. Jian Chen had crushed a branch that they had established outside many years ago. They originally wanted to use this as an excuse for taking the Winged Tiger God, but they now hesitated after witnessing Jian Chens strength. They were uncertain whether they should continue on the matter and ask Jian Chen for an explanation.

Meanwhile, the Yiyuan sect did not let Jian Chen off so easily. A great elder yelled out, “Jian Chen, you injured our great elder Ling Yuanzi. You need to give us an explanation for that.”

“Ling Yuanzi heavily injured me in the ocean back then, almost causing me to die. I came to kill him in revenge. Its an universally-accepted principle,” Jian Chen retorted without showing any weakness, before glaring at the surrounding people. He said furiously, “My Flame City was taken and the Flame Mercenaries were chased out! Do you dare to say that you protector clans had nothing to do with it?”

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