Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 98: Another Heavy Loss


On top of the flying magical beast, the lady stamped her feet in anger at the elder who put her there, “Uncle Yun, why arent you spoiling Luan Er?”

The two elders looked at each other in the eye with a look of helplessness. Stepping onto the flying magical beast, they immediately took off from the ground with a large gust of wind, sending them flying into the horizon.

In midair, the lady stood on top of the back of the flying magical beast and glared down at the rapidly shrinking figure of Jian Chen. In her eyes was a look of anger that would never dissipate.

“Uncle Feng, Uncle Yun, what is going on with you two? How could you let that scoundrel go?” She stamped her foot in angry grievance. The mist in her eyes had already become tears that threatened to fall off of her eyelashes.

Hearing that, the one named Uncle Feng sighed, judging by how wet and disorderly her hair was, he already knew what had happened to her.

“Young miss, that man is quite complicated. Right now the clan is under a great deal of pressure, at this critical moment, it is best to avoid to make new enemies just in case they bring a new source of trouble to the clan.” Uncle Feng said helplessly.

“Uncle Feng, since when were you a coward afraid of death? That scoundrels strength was weak, how could you think that he could be a threat to our clan?” The lady said angrily.

“Young miss, that man really isnt simple, its best not to offend anyone. Although his power is quite weak, but the person behind him is definitely strong.” Said the one who first struck out at Jian Chen, Uncle Yun with a solemn but worried face. Then, he lifted his cloth-wrapped hand to show the two deep wounds on his right hand. Although the blood had stopped, the elders right hand could still be seen as having two wounds that went from the hollow of his palm to the back of it as if a sword had cut through it.

When the lady saw the injured hand of the elder, her cherry red lips opened wide along with her eyes in disbelief. “Uncle Yun! Youre…youre injured!” She cried out in astonishment.

The one named Uncle Feng started before saying, “Old man Yun, how unexpected for you to be injured.”

Uncle Yun nodded his head slowly, “This wound was given to me by that 20 year old youth.”

“How is this possible, Uncle Yun. You have to be joking. The scoundrels strength wasnt strong at all, if he couldnt even beat me, how would he be able to harm you?” She bounded forward in shock.

“Old man Yun, how did you get such a wound like this?” Uncle Feng said with doubt.

Uncle Yun could only look back at the other with a blank face, “I dont know that either. When I attacked him earlier, I felt a pain in my palm and then I saw the wound. Whatever had hurt me, I dont know.”

Hearing this, Uncle Yun gave a gasp, “This youngster really is complicated. From the moment I saw his Saint Weapon, I knew that it would stand out from the masses; his Saint Weapon wasnt like everyone elses. Whatever happened within him, it made his Saint Weapon even stronger, even his strength isnt matching up with what is expected.”

The woman was left stunned by Uncle Yuns words.

“Its a good thing we didnt kill him, otherwise the one standing behind him would be a huge bother for our clan if they stepped forward. Right now we can only hope the ones supporting him wont be too strong, or that this person had only inherited some techniques from his ancestors.”


By the riverside, Jian Chen laid down on the ground with blood dying his clothes red. The elders fist had caused serious damage to Jian Chen, the bones in his chest were crushed, and his organs suffered extreme trauma. Right now, aside from being fully conscious, Jian Chen was powerless to move. It could be said that ever since Jian Chen was born, this was the most serious damage he had suffered. If it was not for the fact he had used a unique way to cultivate and had refined his body in ways that far outstripped others, the elders hand would have sent him to a messy death.

The Light Saint Force from the World Essence began to surge and condense towards Jian Chen. Quickly, Jian Chen was enveloped within the milky white glow and had it absorbed into every single pore of his body. With that, Jian Chen was beginning to recover at a very fast rate.

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