Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 992: Whereabouts of Seven Beast Furs

examine them. He was surprised.

Ming Dong, Jian Chen, and Tie Ta all became stunned with how Tian Jian had reacted. Afterward, Jian Chen seemed to realize something and a gleam of light flashed through his eyes. He asked, “Senior Tian Jian, do you recognize these three beast furs?”

Tian Jian did not reply immediately. He caressed the beast furs for quite some time before nodding slightly. He looked toward Jian Chen in interest and asked,” Where did you get these three pieces of beast fur, Jian Chen?”

“I obtained them from various places years before. Senior Tian Jian, do you know the secret thats hidden within them?” Jian Chen asked. He had already learned some basic information regarding the furs from Mo Tianyun, but it was limited. He knew nothing else other than the fact that there were eighteen in total and only a Saint Emperors soul could fuse them back together.

Jian Chen had always been extremely curious toward the secret hidden within these beast furs.

After a while of thought, Tian Jian said, “Mercenary City also has a piece of beast fur. An elder accidentally obtained it several hundred thousand years ago, and weve kept it all the way until now. The mysterious and powerful energy is hidden within the beast fur and as it oscillates, no one can sense it. But when it awakens, it can display the mysteries of the world. Its extremely wondrous. However, the beast fur is extremely tough. No one in the world can tear it apart. Even I cant.”

“Many of my predecessors of Mercenary City have tried guessing the secret of the beast furs before. However, they said nothing other than guessing that it came from the Winged Tiger God of the ancient times.”

Tian Jian rubbed the beast furs gently and mumbled, “Mercenary City has one piece, the ten protector clans hold onto six pieces and with the three pieces in your possession, theres a total of ten that has appeared now. I wonder just how many there are in total.”

Jian Chen could not help but feel disappointed after he failed to learn anything substantial from Tian Jian. However, he did learn one thing; at least he learned the whereabouts of seven other pieces. One was with Mercenary City and six were with the protector clans. Only the locations of the remaining eight were unknown.

“These beast furs can only be fused with the soul of a Saint Emperor. Theres no need to hurry!” Jian Chen thought. He made up his mind; he needed to gather all the pieces somehow in the future.

Tian Jian passed the beast furs to Ming Dong once again and said, “It should only be a matter of time before you reach Saint Ruler with these three beast furs. Its a pity that the beast fur in Mercenary Citys possession is in the divine hall left behind by the city lord. A Saint Emperor grand elder left it there all those years ago, so I cannot retrieve it at all. Otherwise, I would have lended it to you long ago so that you could reach Saint Ruler as soon as possible.”

Then, Tian Jian looked toward Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, I know you need to leave. Go with your parents. Ming Dong and Tie Ta will stay here. Once Ming Dong reaches Saint Ruler, he will go looking for you. Tie Tas identity is relatively special though. His constitution as the war god has already awakened completely, and his special characteristics have become even more obvious. Meanwhile, youll be coming into contact with the protector clans very often in the coming period of time, so Tie Ta cannot go with you. Even I wont be able to do anything once he gets recognized by the protector clans. After all, hes not a member of the human race, and the protector clans have a vendetta against the previous war god.”

Jian Chen nodded silently. Tian Jian was right. Tie Tas identity was just too special. His strength was still not enough to contend with the protector clans, so it would be best if he did not interact with the protector clans. Jian Chen would definitely stand with Tie Ta if his identity was exposed. However, once he helped out Tie Ta, the protector clans that hated him would probably brand him as a traitor. Even the Changyang clan of Lore City would be pulled into the matter and would result in extremely severe consequences.

Tie Tas face immediately darkened after he heard Tian Jians words. He became extremely heavy-hearted.

Jian Chen patted Tie Tas chest and said, “Tie Ta, just cultivate here at ease. I will come back in the next few days.”

Tie Ta nodded silently.

After bidding farewell to the two of them, Jian Chen left with Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba, along with Rui Jin and Hei Yu. Xiao Ling naturally tried to persuade him to stay before he had left. It took up a great effort before Jian Chen managed to convince Xiao Ling.

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