” Are you sure the baby is there? ” Sonya asks Ardun as he tells her that he had a guild member who own some resort villa near the Richters villa.

” Our member Ares had recently owned a villa there … ”

” Which means we could easily come to that place without causing any useless trouble since we
e basically their neighbors.. ehehehe ” Ardun laughs as they went to the Resort Villa Complex main gate and he tells that Ares is the one that invite them which then the security permits them since Ares himself had already informed that Ardun is coming with some others as Ardun allows the security to check for their weapons.

” All clear … you can go, Mr.Ardun ”

As they leave the security, Ardun then calls the Warblade Squad behind him to deal with the securities as he ordered to do the Coliseum Lockdown as the Warblade then does that as some of them get out from the following cars and deal with the security as they take over the operator while Arduns car parks in front of Aress house.

” Welcome Guildmaster, Ive been expecting you … ” Ares says to him which Ardun replies.

” Indeed … ” Ardun stabs him, telling him that the stab is his punishment for his failure last week as he then heals him since they had the thing to do.

” I see that you
e interested in the said baby, right Guildmaster? ”

” Of course, this baby is a quite special one since it was founded on the Double Dungeon. ”

” A Double Dungeon …!!!!!??? ”

” No way …!!!!! ”

” I know right? ” Ardun asks Ares.

” Even after now, I still didn believe it until I see the baby with my very own eyes. ”

” And besides, … ” Ardun looks at Sonya as she prepares her clawed fingers and licks them.

” Lady Sonya is still the same as ever, right Guildmaster? ” Ares asks Ardun as Ardun tells him that Sonya is the one who is very interested in seeing the baby since shes the one who deployed some Warlord guild members to investigate the Double Dungeon where the baby was found.

” Oh yes, so that Ive heard … ”

” I also heard that all of them died at that Dungeon this afternoon which makes me so shocked .. ”

” Indeed Ares, …. ”

” When I heard that all of our members are dead and the last one survive is that Sharp Eye guilds S Rank Hunter, Duncan Grimshaw …. ”

” I immediately think the obvious reason why they were all dead … ” Ardun says his suspicions.

” That is logical … ” Ares agreed with that very assumption since the suspicion is very logically sound.

” So whats our next move, Guildmaster? ” Ares asks Ardun while they are approaching the window where they can see the Richter familys villa.


( In the Richters Villa.)

In the living room, Irina and her sibling are playing with Donovan as Alicia calls him a more likable nickname Donnie. While they are all playing with Donnie, Duncan, and Hector, on the other hand, had some chat as Hectors wife Rebecca joins them.

” May I sit here? ” she asks which Duncan then permits her to do so as he gives her her seat.

After she seat in the chair, Hector then starts asking some basic questions about their marriage and about his job as a Hunter he then comments that the Hunter Associations favor in the world is increasingly fast than the Knights association which Duncan then replies that the Hunter Association is a private association which means the Governments had no control over it with their political power or status which makes the people like him wanted so badly to work there.

” I agree ….. ” Hector says as he is one of the people with political power himself since hes a royal in this very country which makes him have to join politics even though he didn want it.

” As one of the people that came from the house that once had a great amount of power in this countrys governments. ”

” I also believe that things like politics can be troublesome or you can say insidious, especially in an era that still requires us to defend ourselves from every danger that still comes from the Gates. ” Hector tells Duncan as he then decided to change the topic which is.

” Donovan …. ” Hector suddenly says.

” About him … ”

” Duncan, can you please tell me the full story on how did you find him in the first place like … you know? ” Hector asks since the news still piques his curiosity which his wife then adds that she also wants to know how it happened Duncan then tells them the whole story.

” Thats the whole story father … ” Duncan tells him.

” In the center of the Double Dungeon, we all see Donovan there where I find him crawling in that place with joy. ” Duncan explains.

” I see ….. ” Hectors wife says.

” But it is still very curious though, right Hector? ” she asks.

” Yes, Rebecca … very curious indeed like … ”

” How did the boy exist there with monster roaming around the Dungeon I mean ..? ”

” Does the monsters adopt him somehow like the ancient story about a man raised in the jungle or some sort? ” Hector asks Duncan replies that thing is the very thing that he still is wondering about right now he says that he sees that the monsters inside not only protect and take care of him but also … worshipped him as Duncan also explains to Hector about the Giant Black Hand Tree behind where Donovan was found which piques Hectors interest since he had also never heard of such tree before.

” I swear that in my knightly days, Ive never seen and known such a tree exist … ” Hector says as he sees the photo that Duncan took during his investigation in that Dungeon which he then asks for a copy so he can ask some of his trusted allies in the knights association to investigate some Lores in the Grand Archives.

After receiving that, Hector then drinks his coffee while texting some of his contacts while sees Donovan playing with Alicia.

”( I still don know what you are, Donovan .. ) ”

”( But … ) ”

”( Welcome to this family … ) ” Hector says in his mind while seeing the happy Donovan.


( At the same time. )

” Are you all prepared …? ” Ardun asks his men as he then prepares them to attack the Sichere Festung Villa as he then raises his weapon.

[ Hunter: Ardun Reyroad ]

[ Rank: S ]

[ Guild: Warlord ]

[ Position: 4th Gen. Guild Master ]


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