[ September 6th … ]

[ 10:45 p.m. ]

[ Location: Wandrunder Resort Villa Complex, Sichere Festung Villa owned by the Richter House. ]

” Are you all prepared …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? ” Ardun asks his men as he then prepares them to attack the Sichere Festung Villa as he then raises his weapon.

[ Hunter: Ardun Reyroad ]

[ Rank: S ]

[ Guild: Warlord ]

[ Position: 4th Gen. Guild Master ]

” Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” all of them shout as the Villa knight guards immediately heard the commotion where the Guildsmen then approach them which the knights then holds their immediate attack as the battle immediately happens which alarms the whole people inside the villa as Duncan then realizes the fire that he sees outside the window.

” This fire …. ” Duncan says.

” Oh no …. ” he then draws his weapon from his which makes Hector wonder about what is going on.

” Father please prepare yourself!!!! ”

” Irina, Alicia, and the others draw your weapon !!!! ”

” Stay with Donovan !!!! ” Duncan says as he then uses the skill to see the people outside the window as he sees the Warlord guilds logo which he then knows that Ardun may realize something is suspicious about his survival.

”( Shit … the Warlords are here !!! ) ” Duncan says as he then tells Irina that he will be back and asks Hector if the knight guards of this villa are highly trained.

” Of course they were … why do you think I even put them in this place!!!? ” Hector puts on his knight armor as he also brings his favorite sword.

< Dragon Slaying Sword Replica, Balmung v.43 >

As he brings his sword, he asks Duncan if he knows the ones who attacked them Duncan tells him that it is the Warlord Guild, the guild that members died during his investigation of the Double Dungeon which he believes is the reason they come here is.

” I believe that the Warlord guild is here to acquire the thing that they failed to acquire from the Dungeon. ”

” The very thing that Ive brought from that very Dungeon. ” Duncan explains which Hector quickly understands as he orders Irina and some Knight Guards to go inside the Underground Bunker for their own safety.

” Understood father, Donovan come with mommy … ” Irina holds Donovan while also holding her sword as she and the others left the living room.

After they leave, Duncan and Hector then gather some knight guards to go to the front as they then see the Warlord guilds Warblade Squad as they apply their as they use their ability many times to overpower Duncan and the others.

Seeing that, Duncan uses the Orb that he always has to create his very known well protection ability called.

” < Air Fang Barrier > ” Duncan calls his skill, as it creates a powerful tornado barrier that destroys the incoming Warblade Squads s as it also disoriented their formation thanks to the tornado effect as it floats them from the ground and launches them to the skies which there are now vulnerable for Duncans attacks.

” < Air Fang Striker >, ” Duncan says as he then sees Ardun in midst of the crowd, he then uses his shooting skills using his orb as his Magic Catalyst which is.

” < Air Fang Bullet > !!! ”

When he launches that skill, Ardun then blocks it with his greatsword as he imbues it with his fire and creates a fire barrier.

” < Ares Blaze > !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

” Woaho ….. looks whos here !!!! ” Ardun says when he sees Duncan.

” Hello there Duncan !!!!!! ” Ardun calls him which Duncan dismisses as he gives his which Ardun had to deflect with his now fire blazed greatsword.

” Its been a long time !!!!!!!!!! ” Ardun calls Duncan as Duncan calls him.

” Ardun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Duncan says as he remembers the 4th Warlord Guildmaster from his past he then approaches him as the two men pressed their blades to each other.

As the two duels, Hector then uses his Balmung to unleash the weapons sacred attack as it swept clean many of Arduns men he then looks at Duncan who is having his time fighting with Ardun.

” Ardun !!!! ” Duncan says as he uses most of his skill to unbalance Ardun which Ardun tries to block he then uses his muscular body to punch Duncan while still using his greatsword.

” < Ares Burst > !!!!!! ” Ardun says as he slashes into Duncans direction which creates a large explosion but still, Duncan manages to hold it with his sword as he already gives some enhancement skill.

< Sword Enhance: Boreas Fang >

< " This skill enhances the sword with a very fast whirlwind as the fast whirlwind increase not only the swords attacks but also its durability. " >

” GGGRRKKHHH !!!! ” Ardun was shocked to see that as he then uses his barbaric way of fighting when he decides to use his right hand to punch Duncan that he managed to press with his greatsword.

”( Crap, he uses his other hand. ) ” Duncan says as he also remembers that Ardun is also trained as a Dual Class Hunter, his first-class is obviously Berserker and the other one is…

”( Crap, hes using his Magician Class ability ….!!!! ) ” Duncan says as he remembers Arduns greatest magic which is.

” Oooo Great Fire of Ares bless me with your rage and fuel, my enemy, with the very flame of war … ”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Ardun says while enhancing the magic Spell effect with its incantation as he prepares to punch Duncan at that time.


At that very moment, before Ardun punches Duncan, his hand is slashed by Hector using his weapon attack as the uncontrolled release spell then explodes while Duncan manages to evade far away from Ardun as the spell explodes to his body.

” Hes done …. ” Hector says but Duncan warns him that it is not over yet since an S rank Hunter like Ardun won be defeated so easily as he turns out to be right as Ardun then comes from the fire he created, covered by burn wounds as he then tells Duncan how lucky he is as he brags that if Hector doesn interfere, he wouldve killed Duncan at the time.

” But sadly, even though I still hated for all of those years … ”

” The truth is, I didn come here to kill you … ” Ardun says which makes Duncan panic as he understands the very meaning of his smile.

” Father, Hector … we need to go back !!!! ” Duncan tells his father-in-law to return back to Irina since he now finds the truth of the Warlord guilds very goal which is what he feated off.

” Irina, Donovan …. ” Duncan and Hector run inside.

( Meanwhile. )

” It seems that youve grown soft, … Lady knight Irina Richter … ” Sonya tells Irina as she still holds Donovan on her side while trying to fight the other Warlord guild members around her with her siblings.

” You … b**ch … ” Irina curses Sonya while Donovan hugs her hard as he then looks at Sonya as in his vision he sees something has shown up to his sight.

< Scanning Scanning >

< Starting the Measurement Process >

< Measuring the Subject >


< Subject Measured: >

< Name: Sonya Wilson >

< Level: 55 >

< HP : 340.000/550.000 >

< MP: 410.000/550.000 >

< Class: Assassin >

” Gaaa …. ” Donovan says as he still can speak while unbeknownst to him, that thing he just saw is the result of his unique magic ability.

< Jaeger Eyes >

< This eye enables the user to measure everything that he sees. >


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