” You say what !!!!!!!!!!!!!??? ” said the Sharp Eye Guildmaster as she looks at the Baby which she then opens her mouth, knowing that I brought that baby from the Dungeon.

” Tha … that baby is from the D … D ….ddddd ”

” Dungeon …..? ” the Guildmaster points at the baby while I smile as I hug him and then put him back on my .

Seeing that, the Guildmaster was baffled as this very fact had blown her brain for good as she then tells me that the Hunter Association had believed my story about the other party members being killed by the monsters in the Dungeon while I survived.

As she tells that, she swears to me that she will ensure that no one will harm the baby while trying to fend off some hunter association members that we
e spreading the news about the baby from the Dungeon.

When she says that, I felt relieved that there is someone on my side regarding this matter as I decided to went to meet with my wife to present the baby to her.

” WHAT !!!!!!!!???? ” Irina shouts upon seeing the Black Baby as the baby boy cheers as he was happy on seeing her face.

When she screamed asking whos baby is this, I then tell her about everything that happened in the Dungeon which makes her shocked.

She then asks me if I somehow found the babys parents corpses beside the place where I found him which I replied that there is none as the baby was alone in that place.

” This baby must be a gift from the gods …. ” I told her as I remind her of our problem of not having a child even if we
e just being married for one year as this very day is our first anniversary.

” A gift for the first anniversary of our marriage. ” I tell her and she then looks at the baby as she hugs him the baby then responds by closing his eyes, feeling comfortable.

As she hugs the baby, she then asks me if I have already given the baby a name and I answered that the babys name is Betzalel, a name that was given to the baby by the monsters and my wife said that the name is unique.

” But still, … he has to have another name though … ” Irina says as she then remembers the name she wants to give if she had a son, a firstborn son which is.

” Donovan …. ”

” Since this boy, even though it wasn originally our son … ”

” Has your black hair … ”

” Just like his body too …. ” Irina says as she also tells me that Donovan can also mean Dark Warrior as she was quite an Irish descendant herself even though she had a hard time speaking the language.

As she tell that, she then asks about the boy being praised by the monsters as she wonders if the boy had some sort of power which I then dismiss the thought and tell my wife to think nothing of that for now since both of us will go out to someplace as we bring our little Donovan Betzalel *Richter Grimshaw as we prepare ourselves using Irinas connection to some resort while I prepare to buy some baby boy clothes to bring Don (Donovan) out with us at the same time.

While I go out, I left Irina at home as she then hugs Don with her care as she quickly makes him her own son while asking her connection to prepare her familys resort to celebrate our anniversary and Donovan as our son.

” Donovan ….. ” Irina says to Donovan.

” Welcome to our family …. (giggles) … ”



( In some other place. )

[ Location: Warlord Guild Tower ]

” What do you say ….? ”

” All of our members are dead ….? ” said the Fourth Guildmaster, Ardun as he angrily bursts out to his henchmen,

” Yes Guildmaster, the Hunter Association tells us that in the Double Dungeon Investigation, only Duncan Grimshaw the S Rank Hunter from the Sharp Eye Guild survives that very Raid. ”

” This is ridiculous …. ”

” I put many men in that Raid and you
e telling me that Sharp Eye S Rank is the only one who survives…!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? ” the 4th Guildmaster says as something comes to his mind.

” Wait …. wait …. ”

” This is … too ….. coincidental … ? ” 4th Guildmaster Ardun says as he quickly understands that something is going on.

” Hey Warblade Leader …. ” he says while calling the Warblade henchmen leader.

” Yes sir … ”

” Tell me something …. ”

” Did Duncan Grimshaw also bring something back from the Double Dungeon? ” Ardun asks the Warblade as one of them then tells that they heard the news that from the Double Dungeon Investigation, Duncan Grimshaw brings a baby that was said to be founded on that Dungeon, a black baby.

” A baby …? ” Ardun says as he then wonders about something which immediately makes him interested.

” From the Dungeon ….? ”

” Hmmm …. ”

” Interesting ….. ” Ardun says as he orders the Warblades to capture the Hunter Association Officers that spread the news Ardun then smiles upon hearing the thought of theres a baby that exists in the Dungeon.

” Usually, when you venture inside the Dungeon … ”

” The things that you usually see are some Legendary Monsters, Items, Weapons, Relics, and Artifacts … ”

” But instead, in this very day … ”

” Theres a baby that exists inside the Dungeon …? ” Ardun says to himself.

” Interesting, very interesting …. ”

” After I get some information … ”

” Maybe I should give the baby some visit, shall I? ” Ardun says as he laughs after thinking of such thoughts while in the Grimshaws house, the newly formed Richter Grimshaw family is going out to one of Irina Richters resorts as they will celebrate everything there while Irina then calls his father to Duncans dismay as she burst it out everything to him.

” I will go there … ” Hector says on the phone as he was shocked that his daughter had adopted a child which he then tells his wife that they should go and see the child as he tells what Irina told him about the child which makes his wife and some of Irina siblings shocked as they were on disbelief.

” Seriously, sister Irina adopted a child ….? ”

” And the child, comes from the Dungeon? ”

As all of the Richter House members talked about it, they then prepare their car to go to the resort as they decided to see the kid for themselves.

” My daughter … ”

” What did you just do right now? ” Hector Richter says as he orders his driver to drive the car as fast as he can.



*(that is Irinas family name which we had to give to our children, to label them as the part of the Richter House.)


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