Child from the Dungeon

Donovan \'Betzalel\' Richter-Grimshaw

” No !!! ” I simply refuse, with just two words I refuse the remaining Warblade guild members threat as I hold the baby tight.

As I say that, the Warblade Guild Hunters mocked me, telling me that I can survive alone in this place as he tells me that Ive been surrounded while seeing more of them coming out from behind the large caves stones.

Because of that, I then decided to use my magic as I also use my recently fully upgraded to unleash my Wind Magic Spell as Orb weapons are usually useful to increase the release of Magic Spells for any Manahuman like me.

” Hes using a spell from his Orb !!!!! ”

” Fire !!!! ” the Warblade says as they fire at me their magic.

As they throw at me, I then use my Orb to unleash my Wind Spell.

” The Wall of Tornado, the Curtain of Storms … ”

!!!!! ”

As I used that, I immediately shielded myself with my own Cyclone as the cyclones elemental effect reacted, making my enemies attack absorbed by the quick swirl of my Cyclone.

When it happened, I immediately launch back their attacks back at them as I quickly use to deal with them as fast as I can while closing the babys eyes since I don want him to see everything that is going to happen.

”( Thanks to my Cyclones Swirl Effect, the Combined Elements increase the exploding Cyclones damage as the mixed elements increase its destructive attack with many effects. ) ”

When I say that, I immediately strike the last one which I purposely decided to not strike him fatally since I only want to disarm him and ask him some questions.

” You … you … spared me …? ” he asks.

” Of course, since you seemed to hold much information. ” I say while seeing him bringing many documentary tools like Magik Kamera, Magiphone, Magipad and those others that are used by us the society of Manahumans or other people called Sorcerers as Gadgets to not just communicate but do any other things like those certain gadgets before Ragnarok that the history said can be brought to anywhere. (ex: iPhone, iPad, and etc etc etc).

When I interrogated him, he then bluntly tell me that the reason the Warblade guild is here was that their 4th Guildmasters mistress orders them to investigate this very Dungeon and told them to raid everything since she threaten that she and the others available will kill them since this task is very secretive.

” Its the truth!!! ”

” The reason why we all take this Raid is that we
e afraid that the mistress would end our life with her assassin skills !!!! ”

” Because of that, we decided to kill you since we
e afraid that you might screw our plan. ” the man says as he tells that they already pay many amounts of Credits in order for their guild to Raid this Dungeon without others interference, … ”

” Of course, you can , you know the rules right? ”

” In a Raid, there should at least be three guilds that participate, no more no less !!! ” I say to him as I remind him of the rules of Guild Rade Dividends which basically control the loot sharing between Hunter Guilds after the party as this rule forbids one guild to Monopolize any Raid.

Hearing that, the person smirks as he remembers it too, but sadly it is too late for him since even before Duncan slashes him, he was already injured badly by the Black Liquid that the Black Monsters inflicted on him as he then screams in pain.

While screaming in pain, the Dungeon Gate opens since the Dimensional Gate always reacted after the whole Dungeon is cleared.

Seeing that, I look again at the man but he is out of his time as he tells me to be careful after this since their mistress would probably hunt him which I had to take into note since I exactly knew who he meant by saying mistress.

” Of course, I should be very prepared with that Mistress of yours !! ” I say as the life of the man fades.

When it happened, I decided to take a look at this baby that I hold in my left arm since he looked at me with curious eyes. Seeing him, I immediately remember our household problem which reminds me of our problem of not having a child due to our workaholic state and gets an idea on…

”( Maybe …. maybe I should adopt this child….? ) ” I say to myself as I talked to the boy

” Thats all of them …. ” Duncan says to the baby as he hugs Duncan, holding himself tight in his arms.

” Don worry, they won hurt you anymore … ”

” After all these hunters fate is sealed when they try to cross blades with me. ”

” Besides, these hunters belong to a guild that always scavenges the other hunters goods. ”

” So they of all people should aware that their target may strike back at them or strike them first. ”

” Right? ” I ask the baby boy.

” Betzalel … was it? ” I call the babys name as I remember that the black monsters earlier mentioned that name as they were summoned from the Black Lake.

” Right? ” I ask as the boy who just looked at me with his pale white eyes.

” Well then, Betzalel … ”

” Let me introduce myself to you … ”

” …Guuu … ”

” My name is Duncan …., Duncan Grimshaw …. ”

” From here on, …. ”

” I …. ”

” I will be your father… ” I say to him as both of us get out from the Gate in order to bring the boy to his new home since I think I can leave him here, alone.

( After that.)

” So youve finished your Raid today, how was it? ” Irina asks as I tell her that I will come home with a surprise for our anniversary which shocks her since she thought earlier that I will forget our own anniversary which I tell her that I do and I said that this surprise is very good since I remind her about our main family problem.

” Wait … what do you mean by that? ”

” You didn adopt a child without me knowing, didn you!!!!!?? ” she asks as I ended the call while seeing the boy sleeping in the front chair after I bring him to the Hunter Associations Medical Check-Up while I drive both of us to home.


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