Cracked God


???: ”Alright, alright… What exactly do you want from me again? ”

!!!: ”Come on! Its just one really small detour, whats the worst that could happen?! ”

A youthful girl and boy, both around the ages of 17, can be seen strolling through the campus hallways. Well, more specifically, a boy can be seen trying to stroll away from a girl chasing him through the campus hallways.

???: ”… ”

!!!: ”Minisculely small even! ”

???: ”… Im just going to- ”

!!!: ”Hey, HEY! You wait right there, Tifon! ”

In reality, there was absolutely no reason why Tifon would be in a hurry to leave the campus. Since hed already stayed put for a while after his last period, but, in his mind, he had to at least feign some resistance, to not be regarded as a pushover, of course.

Tifon: ”Can you please explain to me, why, oh why, I would grant you any more favors, Aurora? ”

Aurora: ”HaHaHaa, isn it obvious? ”

Aurora smugly puffed out:

”Aren you the Gods most favored savior of humanity? The one with the X-K∞ Boon? Ring any bells? ”

Aurora tended to appeal in such a sarcastic manner to Tifon when asking for something. Not really because she didn care for what she was asking of him, but more in the sense that she didn doubt that Tifon would humor her regardless. In simpler terms:

Tifon was nevertheless regarded as a pushover.

Tifon: ”Gods, how long are you going to hold that over my head, Aurie? How can I be expected to be held accountable for some dumb shit I said when I was, like, what, 5? ”

Almost as if acknowledging his defeat in the previous second, not skipping a beat, Tifon went back to calling Aurora by her usual nickname.

Aurora: ”Until you were 7, to be exact, and, more importantly, come. On. Already! ”

After an exaggerated sigh Tifon continued:

”Gods…Listen! The last time I went with you to run errands I was stabbed in your stead! That was my favorite jacket, Aurie! Granny still hasn been able to get the ichor off! ”

Now what Tifon was just talking about is his ”Boon ”, or gift from the Gods. Which i

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