Im in Los Angeles, California.

Mateo street is on hold, the sound of the horns of each car presses through my ears. Its dark and cold and I can see anything. But Ill manage, why? Because Im running. And I can look back.

Three men from the streets are right behind me with a gun. ”Go left Ill catch up with you later, ” my brother was always the protective one. He never wanted me on the street but what choice do I have? ”I won let go. Theyll kill you 21 years old me, hypertensive, short, dark, swift and the best. ”Youll have to go now, or well both die, ” my brother yells, ”I love you, ” I said looking him full in the face, ”I love you too. Go left…left…left now?. Take the bag and run, get out of here ”. He unhanged the black colored cross bag and threw it to me

I ran left, he went right, the wrong choice I know. But again, what choice do I have? Cus around here you don ** with the the streets or youll be dead. I and my brother actually went on a dead wish and **ed with Lobos. No one **s with Lobos, you ** with him you die, for real man for real, you die. Its that simple.

I finally found the way to ICs territory, two of IC men shot me from a distance and immediately discharged their weapons, steering the other folks. As usual, I walked into the dark room, the sensor bulb turned on after I walked pass the threshold. It was IC [Iron condemn] the man in charge of Marcello cartel. ”So, what do you have for me? The money or a story, ” he said

”Both, I have both, ” I appeared frightened but regained confidence later because in the game of drugs women can afford to look weak.

”Ive seen you with the bag, so I assume thats the money. Whats the story this time? ”

”My brother is in danger and you need to help him now, ”

”Your brother doesn work for me anymore, he works for Lobos. Im not Lobos and I don mengle in business that don concern me, ”

”So what? We are going to leave him to die. ”

”I also want your brother dead, ” IC walked closer, ”so if Im the one who you want to save the unsteady pig. Ill just grab the opportunity and blow his brains out. Enough of this shit, drop the bag and get your payment, and get out of this State. Different name and passport as you said, ”

”Give me the passport first, ” I tried the smart move

”Be wise for once, give me the bag or you
e gonna have a problem with me, ”

”Im not, ” I pressed it handles closer to my ribs, grabbing it with all strength possible, ”

”You give me the bag, Ill give you the passport and youll walk free like we discussed, ”

”We both know Im useless without this money, ”

”Ill hate to kill you at the very moment of your victory, give me the bag, ” I walked closer to the threshold holding the bag tight in my arms, IC pulled out his gun. I immediately ran through a tremendous shock. But I can handle it, I told myself.

”This is your last chance, no playing me, ” he went further to pull the hammer. ”IC you shouldn do this, ”

”Then give me a reason not to. Because thats exactly what Im going to do, blow your mother **in brains out, ”

”If its really my passport thats in there why not give the passport and heres your money, ”

”Are you doubting me? Is this what this is now? ”

”You tell me. Toss me the bag let me confirm and I hope to walk out of here without catching a bullet in my head, ” IC got more pissed and pulled the little iron on the other end of the gun, ”drop the bag and run, ”

”You didn arrange the passport, did you?

”Drop the bag, ”

”I won , if you shot me, I die knowing that I served you well, and you didn keep your own end of the bargain, ”

Still arguing with IC, a slender guy, dark, tall, sneaks out of the dark from the top ”Drop the gun IC. Now ”

”He said it, ” I said, ”Linc!! Is that you? How did you get in here? ”

”Your brother told me to come, he knew IC will plan something messy. Wheres he? ”

”We ran into some trouble. Well we
e in another now, so, ”

”Look IC, I know theres many crabs running your brains right now. But Im gonna blow it out if you don drop the gun, ” Linc said dragging his little french made pistol closer to ICs occipod, ”No messing around this time, ”

”No one is leaving this room alive, ”

”You talk like you
e still in control, ”

”Who said Im not, ”

”IC youll be dead if you don drop the gun. Don worry if you kept your own end of the deal and brought the passport, Ill drop the bag on my way out. If you didn , well I need something to trade for the passport you know, ”

”What about my life? ” IC said

e always a free man, ” we all stood steady for a moment no one talked or said anything, ”are you gonna talk or you want us to move into the next stage of this incident, ”

Surprisingly, IC raised his hands up and hung the gun, ”give me that, ” Linc said, ”wheres the bag? Wheres it? ”

”Theres the bag, confirm, ” I seemed afraid a moment, thought he is planning something messy as usual

”Don worry, go check it out, I got the son of a bitch under my arms, ” I walked closer to the wall, dropping the moneybag on the floor. I unzip the other bag -black also- I filed my hands inside and shouted, ”son of a bitch, nothing is inside here, ”

”Congratulations, youve just earned your ticket to die, ”

”No don kill him, I gave him my promises and Ill keep my word, ”

”You won get out of here alive, my men are outside, ”

”Ill die, I know, but Ill take someone with me. It may be your brother, ”

”Don you touch my family? ”

”its up to you now ”

”Lets get out of here, Rina. We both walked pass the four IC men sitting in the little balcony on the outside, ran to the back and drove out in a blue old Benz.

My name is Rina, my brothers name is Pengman and we have a story to tell. Our life on the street, our life is on the line. My brother joined first and because I did

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