Pengman and his little sister Rina finally got away from the sight of ICs men, they walked into their old friend Jamie from high school, Rinas classmate, ”hi Jamie, long time. Didn expect to find you in this part of town at this hour, ” Rina says

”This is your brother Pengman right? ” He replies

”yeah… ” Rina says

”Hi, Peng, ”

”Hi, Jamie, ” Pengman feels his phone vibrates, ”Ill be around, I gotta take this, ” he tells Rina,

”Ok. ” Rina says, ”so, what are you doing in this part of town, this late, ”

”Ah, I came to see my grandma. My mom hates it when I sleep over, so I decided to go home, ” Jamie says, ”What about you? What up with the scary face, ”

”Uh, nothing really, just coming back from Lincolns moms restaurant, he died today, ”

”Ohh, Lincoln the quiet boy in class? What killed him? ”

”…loyalty ”

”Rina, I don like when you speak in parables but next time you see Lincs mom you greet her farewell for me, ”

”I will, ” Rina answered turning away from Pengman,

”Oh, let me not be a distraction, you guys are really up to something. Ill just hit the road, hopefully, I may find a cap or something, ”

”Yeah, its nice meeting you, greet your family for me, hope they are complete, ”

”Everyone is fine except my dad passed out -60 years- two years ago but we are fine, ”

”Hes still worth the tears, ”

Jamie chuckled pulling his long dread behind, ”Ill be going, hope to see you around sometime, ”

”Sure, ” Rina tipped her feet and gave him a warm hug, they both stayed glued to each other for a while, ”bye, ” Jamie walks a few steps, ”don forget to greet Lincs mom, ”

”Ok, I will, ” Rina waved, ”try not to have a

bumpy ride, ” she said

• • • •

Rina glanced at Pengman and sensed an unpleasant smile on his face. She walked towards him resting on the pine tree, ”Hey, Pengman its getting late, lets head home, ” Pengman wasn answering so she kept quiet and tried listening to the call he was making over the phone;

”IC don hurt her, if its me you want Ill be there tomorrow, ”

”I need my money…period, ”

”I already told you, I don have it, and neither does TBC, no one knows where it is, ”

”Wise crafty young cunt! ” she overheard IC yelling, ”are you telling me that the money is location unknown to you, Pengman. Ill give you one last chance to make this right. If by tomorrow you don come around with my money, Mrs. Smith here or whatever you call her will be gone, and by gone I mean dead, ” Pengman felt some blood-curdling a while,

”Please don hurt her, shes the only person little sister got, ”

e right I won hurt her, but thats totally up to you, goodbye Peng, ”


TBC sat behind a truck in his wide garage with four men hanging on the side of the truck and 7 long loaded guns lying inside the seat, ”we
e breaking Lobos out of NYPDS hands tonight, ”

”Sorry boss I didn hear you clearly, break into the NYPDs office, ” one said looking T full in the face, ”you heard me right, ”

”I ain doing that, ”

”Yes you are, we all are. Lobos is our man, ”

”He sold us out already, how many times has he split his gut, hmm, ”

”Does he have a choice? Don think so. Besides tomorrow is a holiday for all Feds agents, so well have a smaller number to face than a usual Tuesday night, ”

”Ok, at least lets go tomorrow night, well have enough time to strategize… ”

”Whatever all I know is, my man is coming out, ”

”Bet he wouldve done the same for you, ”

”Lobos is a man of faith and action, he would have sold me out – told the feds where Im staying but he didn – even IC his enemy he didn sell out to the Feds. Lobos has the ultimate information to bring whichever drug cartel he wants, but he hasn spilled any of that information, ”

”I believe you boss but why did the Feds attack us at Riverside hmm, why, ” another lighting his cigarette says

”My best guess is Lobos was trying to send a signal that he is still with the Feds and that he hasn been shipped off to a facility, you know, ” the place where you wear the orange jumpsuit and move around airtight, ”

”Yeah boss, we can lose such a person to the Feds, ”

”Now you
e talking guys go get some sleep, tomorrow is a bu-sy day, ” they all chuckle, ”get out of here folks, hahaha, ” TBC laughing dips his hands into his front pocket and feels immersed vibration, ”whos this calling this time of the day – Peng, ”

”Pengman whats up, whats so important that can wait till tomorrow, ”

”IC is back, ”

”What do you mean IC is back, he ran away, ”

”Well, now hes back and he needs the money, ”

”What money? Im holding no ones money, ”

”The money Sharon took away from you and hid, God knows where, ”

”Tell him to leave me out of this, ”

”He got Lincs mom and threatens to do whatever the hell he wants if we don get him the money by tomorrow, ”

”Look Peng, I and my men would be going for a holiday trip tomorrow, you know, clear our heads, we don need disturbance, if it can wait after tomorrow then Im not involved, ”

”Where are you guys going tomorrow? ”

”The less you know the better, ”


Rina walks through to the kitchen early morning Wednesday and shockingly meets Peng standing over the burner, ”you
e up early today, ” she stops and stares at his face,

”Couldn sleep, Linc didn die for his mom to be next, ”

”Well find a way out, we all always do, ”

”I will find a way out, stay out of this, last thing I want is two vulnerables staring IC in the face, ”

”What? Are you telling me I can help get my classmates mom out of devils hands, ”

”Im saying you
e going to get yourself killed. Besides, what part of finding the funds don you understand? You try breaking her out and miss a step she dies the next morning. And you know around here theres no second thought before pulling the trigger, ”

”Then we don make a mistake, the should be a loophole in Mrs. Smiths restaurant, ”

”Yes theres a back door, but we are dealing with IC here he must have figured it out, ”

”So the restaurant has been closed since yesterday, ” Rina asked

”Maybe I haven gone there, ”

”Enough, ok, we won be breaking her out, well just send a surprise package to IC and his men, ”

”Will I be involved or… ”

”Yeah yeah youll be involved, you
e the only person I trust now so, ”

”That sounds like well be having a lot of fun to me, ” Rina giggled, ”sounds about right, ”


Reuniting with IC. Pengman walks into Lincolns moms restaurant with a black bag at around nine oclock that Wednesday evening, ”hey pause man, ” one of ICs men stopped Pengman and searched his pocket and the bag, ”clear boss, ” he says

”Let him through, ” IC standing with your men inside the backroom tells the soldier outside, ”got it, ”

”Now Im gonna ask you the same question I asked your sister when she came in with a bag….do you have the money or a story, ”

”I have something for you, ” Peng says

”Do you have the money period? ”

”I have this, Pengman throws the bag on the floor… ” one of ICs men walks closer to check, ”I won touch that if I were you, thats actually if I love my face, because youll eventually have to carry an injured face around for months or for life, who knows, ”

”You walk inside with guts Ill give you that, you got a lot of guts, ” IC gets up from his chair and walks towards Pengman, ”you
e a dead man you know that right. And you won be slipping through my fingers this time, cuz Im extremely careful, ” he throws his tongue out and leaks his lower lips,

”Let Lincs mom go and well sort this out, ”

”No one is leaving this room, you said that yourself, ” IC said,

”My sister is up in the ceiling and shell press the button in my say so, we will all gas out, theres plenty of CO2 for all of us, ”

”Your sister won press the button if you
e still in this room, ”

”Good thing Im with my nose mask, ” Pengman blinks and trots out his nose mask from his back pocket

”Haha – one reason I like nose mask is that its personal, one man for himself, so, before you run to Lincs mom Ive already pressed my one, ” IC places his hands on his pistol stuck beside him, ”and two she dies, ” pulls out the gun and points towards her, ”where is the money? ” He yells

”Im not with it, Sharon hide the bag before TBC killed him, ”

”TBC has no right towards that bag, its between me and Lobos, ”

e a joker, you
e the one who has no right, TBC and Lobos contributed towards a shipment. You came and used fake digits and ran away with a truck now you want the real cards, ”

”I hustle for my life on the streets, thats how Ive survived this far, no father, no mother, just I and my brother, give me my right, ”

e not gonna have anything and besides I don have what you
e looking for, ” Peng says, ”drop the gun, ”

”I won …tell me how to get the money, ”

”If you really want the money, you have to wait, TBC must be looking for the money now, when he gets it you take it, ” Peng said, ”a fair deal only the smart would take.

IC paused a bit and turned away from Peng, looking at his men, ”thats what I thought…now take this CO2 or whatever is in there out of my face and hey woman, ” he turns towards Lincs mom run, I won spare your sweet ass next time, ” IC says twisting his face,

Pengman sighs and relieves his breath, ”Now mama Lincoln my guess is youll need those IDs now hmm, ” she nods, ”yes… ” her twisting face started pouring out tears, ”please take me out of here…I want to go home, ”


Three vans drive pass the checkpoint killing the security guards in the NYPD office. With TBC heading this escape party all three vans forcefully enter the parking lot. They encounter four uniform officers but with the workforce involved it was easy peasy, ”we are going in hot, our man is the one in there, if we die we die together, ” TBC chants ”yeah yeah, ” his men shouted, ”lets move, ”

TBC on the front line, his men bloodily walked their way through to Lobos cell, got him out, and left the building. After encountering a little resistance they were successful, Lobos sitting inside the bus, ”did you get my message, ”

”Very well my friend…we have a lot of work to do, the street is messed up ”

”Leave IC to me. Its personal, ”

”Whatever you say, but Pengman don touch him, he is under my protection now, ”

”He got me in shackles, ” Lobos yells showing T his hands

”He saved my life, I owe him mine, ”

”You saved my life, thank you and because of that Pengman saved is under my protection also, but IC…IC will be a dead man soon enough, ”

”The snake is out of the garden, IC is back from hiding, ”

”And Im back from solitary, theyll be much fun on the street, ”


Agent Ria bleeding bad from the attack fills her hands over the phone on her desk, ”Tancredi hes gone, TBC came around to say hello, ”

”Let them go, don pursue them, ” Tancredi says

”What do you mean? They just got out now, they have not gone far, ”

”I put a tracker on Lobos, well watch all the stops he makes, any weird one thats where TBC resides, ”

”I didn know about that, ” Ria struggles to breathe, ”ahh… ”

”Are you ok? You sound hurt, ”

”Im fine, Im fine, just a scratch, I can handle myself, ”

”You know, I always knew that he was hiding something, I wondered, how will a top drug dealer controlling one of the biggest territories in LA don know where his colleague, not boss, colleague stays, hard to believe, ” he says, ”Ria are you there, ” Tancredi says and notices Rina isn corresponding, he immediately calls the police and before long, the cops arrived and swept the place clean

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