”Give way all you simpletons!!! ” I heard a tiny voice say from a distance and all the students suddenly paved way as I saw a skinny looking girl in a pink Louis Vuitton designed long sleeved dress with a black flashy looking purse marching her black and pink stilettos. She cat walked past the other students who paved way for her. The sight of that made me chuckle with disgust and turned to admire the rest of the building when I felt someone tap my should from behind.

”Excuse me… can you see the others paved way for me to pass huh? Can you get your filthy self out of my way? ” I heard that same tinny voice say and I turned only to find the skinny looking girl staring at me with a frown, arms akimbo and taping her right foot.

”Can I help you? ” I asked and she scoffed as the other students gasped.

”How… you…(turns around and yelled) Sae Hwan!!! ” She screamed a name and I saw a cute looking girl in glasses rush to her side with an iPad in her arms, she was more like embracing it.

”Who is this arrogant simpleton that has the guts to question me? ” She asked Sae Hwan who adjusted her glasses and began punching some keys on her iPad and scrolled through, she finally stopped and looked up.

” Shes Han Hoo Nan, a twin sister to the young model Han Yun Ki and a first year student. ” Sae Hwan replied and I was stunned by how she got my information.

” Oh so your brother is the young model Yun Ki?… Oh my, I can believe you two are actually twins, where did he get his looks? ” She said with an evil smirk.

” Kindly watch what you say to my sister. ” Yun Ki said as he stepped forward from the crowd and all the girls went ”OMG hes so much handsome and cute in person. ”

” Oh Yun Ki… I was just being honest to your sissy, didn mean to offend you. ” She said to Yun Ki who held my hand and tried to pull me away but then I pulled away from his grip.

”Awwn..are you offended? ” she teased covering her mouth with her right hand and giggling.

” Of course not, why would I be offended by someone who has been lied to her whole life about being beautiful. Uh I hate telling ugly people that they are ugly, its so not nice. ” I said with a smirk and she looked at me totally stunned. I could hear some of the students murmur and others gasping with shock.

”You… how dare… ” She said angrily.

” How dare me? Girl I was just being honest too. ” I said giving her those sad puppy eyes followed by a giggle.

” You have no idea what is coming for you. You just signed yourself a death contract, Ill make your life miserable that you will come crawling on your knees to me for forgiveness. ” She replied with clenched teeth and angrily walked away followed by Sae Hwan who turned and gave me a secret thumbs up.

Some of the students cheered me up, some just walked away and some looked at me with anger… but I don care.

” That was so cool!! ” A girl said happily as she ran to my side.

” oh my God, you were so cool…no one has being able to stand out against Gu Yeon Ah…you are the first. No one dares crosses her path.. ”

”You mean shes Princess Gu Yeon Ah of Ethenburg? ” I asked and she nodded.

” Exactly, no one crosses her and her minions path. But I must say you did what no one has ever done before, shes in her second year here. Well enough of my blabbing… I am Kim Ga In at your service, a first year student too. ” She said with delight. She has a really cheerful nature from what Im seeing.

” Im Han Hoo Nan and this is my friend Sandra and my brother Yun Ki whom I guess you already know. ” I introduced her to Sandra and Yun Ki.

”Can I have a selfie? ” Ga In asked Yun Ki as she held out her phone into the air, Yun Ki nodded as they both posed for a selfie.

”This is going straight to my IG account, you have no idea how crazy my friends are going to go crazy!! ” she screamed with excitement.

”Umm, are you from the high class family too? ” I asked her and she chuckled.

” That nonsense doesn work in my world. I prefer being myself, not under anyone or anyones pet. ” Her mood had suddenly changed to a little bit angry and sad mood.

” Im sorry if I got you bored. ” I apologized.

” Don bother apologizing, I just don get why people are ranked in the society and treated differently. Lets forget about that stupid order. Why don I show you guys where the orientation will be taking place? ” She suggested and we all nodded as we followed her.

I looked around and saw people glare at me and some pointing fingers at me. I paid no attention to them as I walked on.

I was seated under one of the trees with Sandra when a well dressed lady who seemed to be in her early thirties approached us.

” Han Hoo Nan right? ” she asked me and I nodded.

”Yes please. ” I replied.

”The Principal requests to see you. ” She said and I turned to Sandra.

”Okay Ill be on my way. ” I said to her and she smiled.

”Could it be because of what happened earlier this morning? ” Sandra whispered to me.

”No… I don think so. Ill be right back okay. ” I whispered back.

I stood up and followed the lady who led the way to the principals office. She had the secretary to inform the principal about our arrival and we were ushered into his office and I bowed showing my respect. He looked like a man in his late forties but he had a young mans touch and looked as though he was younger.

” Ms. Hoo Nan, I have some news for you. ” He said to me after he asked me to have a seat.

” His Royal Highness asked us to make you a boarding student. He has assigned a dormitory for you and your brother in the school so you two wouldn have to go back home everyday. Youll be directed to your dormitories after class today. ” The Principal explained.

”But my mom… ” I said and he immediately interjected.

” Your mother has already being informed about it and she agreed to it so theres no need to be worried. ”

I couldn say anything anymore but say Thank you and head out.

” Really? ” Sandra asked after I informed her about what the Principal had said.

” But whos going to help mom run the shop? ” I asked with worry.

” You don need to worry about that. Ill talk to my dad and hell get one of his boys to help your mom out at the shop. You have no idea how glad I am to know that youll be staying at school just like me. ”

”Are you also staying on campus? ”

”Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you earlier, I just hope we end up in the same hall. ”

”I hope so too, Im just worried about how Yun Ki will take it. Hes never stayed away from mom before. ” I replied with a look of worry.

”Don worry about my sweetheart, hes a grown man now. Hell be able to take it. ” Sandra assured me and I smiled. I was immediately called right after school and directed to my new room, it had two beds, very huge and luxurious with a balcony and a set of closer for each bed. I was wondering whom my roommate would be. I looked at my closer and it was packed with clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Im I in the wrong room or what. I heard the sound of notification from my phone and when I checked, it was Yun Ki.

”Noona… have you wouldn believe this but my closet is already filled with clothes, sneakers, shoes, bags and handles. ”

” Well I thought I was in the wrong room when I saw mine. ”

” Could it be the king who did all these for us? ”

” I guess so… Im going to call mom and check up on her. ”

” Okay, see you later. ”

I closed my messages and went to my call log as I scroll through for my mothers number, someone came running into the room. It was Ga In.

”OMG!! We are roommates!! ” she said excitedly as she shook my shoulders.

”Yeah, I can see that. I think you should quit shaking me that way or else Im gonna black out. ”

”Oh my, Im so sorry, Im so excited right now. ”

”Yeah… I can see that. ” I said as I sat back down and watched her stare at me.

”So… ” She said and I just stared at her.

” So…? ” I replied and she smiled.

” I hope we have a great time together. You have no idea how many people liked the video of you standing up for yourself in front of Yeon Ah. Over two thousand likes within an hour. ” She said showing me the video on her phone.

” You posted that on the internet? ” I asked her.

”Yep, Im good at that. Well its something you don usually see around most of the time. I think you should open an account too, I bet you
e going to have a bunch of followers. ” She said to me and on the mention of the word followers I looked on her screen and she has 345.2k followers.

” Wow youve got a lot of followers. ” I said with amazement.

”Oh this, I had a lot of followers on my old account, it was hacked some weeks ago so this is a new one. Its been just a week. ” Her last statement made my jaw drop.

Just a week and she has that much followers? I had an IG account for over two years and only had 50 followers so I just deleted the account. Who exactly is she and how does she do it?

” Let me create an account for you and Ill post your username on my account, youll have people jumping into your inbox and a lot of followers. ” She said as she took my phone and began creating a new account for me.

She was done in a few minutes, took her phone and posted my user name with the caption ”ROYUS super girls username!!! ” added a few emojis to it. My phone went buzzing continuously with notifications.

”But I have no idea what to post over there. ” I said to her and she giggled.

”Leave that to me. Now hurry and let me get you all dolled up for tonights welcome party for freshers. ” she said pulling me to my feet.

” I invited Sandra over for makeup so we can all go together. ” I said to her and she was filled with excitement.

”oh my, we will enter(spreads her arms and posed fancily) the hall with a catwalk as all eyes will be on us. ” She said dramatically and I couldn help but giggle.

We were soon joined by Sandra who came in with her beautiful black cocktail dress and a pair of black fashionable heels. They were stunned when I opened my closet, Sandra and Ga In went through my stuffs and selected an outfit for me. They sat me behind the mirror and worked on my make up and when they turned me around. ”Ummm whos that in the mirror? ” I asked looking into the mirror.

” Thats you girl!! ” They both said excitedly.

Oh my, I looked different.

”Oh you guys are the best, I had no idea I look so stunning. ” I said and we all giggled.

”You look beautiful boo. ” Sandra said planting a peck on my right cheeks and Ga In helped me up.

We walked out of the dorm, we could hear the sound of music from the hall as we cat walked past some group of students, the air blowing our hair, we had all eyes on us. We caught the attention of every student we passed by and when we got to the entrance of the hall, the spotlight landed on us and everyone turned to our direction as we cat walked into the center of the hall. I smiled at a guy next to the chocolate fountain and he went dizzy with stun making me smirk.

” Ya!!! ” A sharp voice said from behind us and when we turned it was Gu Yeon Ah(the Princess).

” Don worry, shes just jealous we are getting all the praise and attention. ” Ga In whispered to me and I chuckled.

” Don spare her if she brings herself. ” Sandra also whispered and I nodded.

” How dare you come walking in here and taking all the attention? Don you know your place yet you low class wench?! ” She snapped at me as she walked towards me with a glass of champagne.

”Is she from a low class family? ” ” Shes really in deep trouble if she really is. ” ”Too bad for her. ” ”This is going to get exciting. ” I could hear the students murmur among themselves.

” You think you own the school don you? Ask around about what I do to people like you. ” She said to me as she tilted the class of champagne towards me but then Ga In held her hand.

”Don you even dare try it. ” I was stunned at how Ga In snapped at her.

” Oh so now you hang around low class brats? Where is your pride Ga In? You better step out of this. ” She warned Ga In .

”And if I don ?… Well you and I both know you can do anything against me because if you do(snaps a finger) youll loose everything, even your tittle. ” Ga In said with a smirk.

Whats going on here?

” Are you threatening me because of this good for nothing? ” Yeon Ah asked Ga In who chuckled silently.

”No, Im not threatening you your Royal Highness, Im just trying to remind you Princess…about something. ” Ga In replied.

”You know what Ga In, no matter how much you try to be by her side or protect her, Ill make sure I make her life miserable and Ill see to it that it does get miserable!! ” Yeon Ah said turning to me.

”Oh I see, I can believe just anyone can be born into the royal family and behave so carelessly. Go ahead and try making my life miserable , I won stop you but then… Ill warn you to always watch your back ”Princess ”. ” I said to her and she groaned with anger as she threw her glass of champagne against the floor and stormed out of the hall.

”Oh my sister is so cool!! ” Yun Ki came running in my direction with two thumbs up making everything burst into laughter.

”Yo! Yo! Yo!! Lets go back to the entertainment and out away that drama, whos ready for some dancing!! ” That was the MC.

”This is too all the freshers in the building!! ” he added and then the DJ tuned his disks and the whole place went wild.

The party was awesome and Sandra slept at our dorm that night. I actually talked to my mom before the party and she said shes gotten a helping hand at the shop so we need not worry about her and just study.

”Wake up sleeping beauties! ” Ga Ins voice woke me up from slumber land.

” Is it morning already? ” I asked and she giggled. I looked at Sandra who turned to another gear to continue sleeping. I looked at her for sometime and a smirk came drawing on my face as I lifted up my right hand and smacked her buttocks and she jumped out of the bed.

”Ya!! ” She cried out loud as she rubbed the spot where I smacked and I burst out laughing with Ga In. She threw a pillow at me and we ended up having a pillow fight that early morning before going to shower.

Sandra went to her dorm to dress up and we met on the corridor and walked to campus together.

Guess what? We are all offering the same course ”computer engineering ”.

A car horn caught my attention as I turned to the direction from here the horn came from but ten I saw five cars and all the female students running to the cars.

” Whats going on? ” Sandra and I asked Ga In with a chorus and she sighed.

”Why do they have to show off so much? ” she said sucking her teeth.

” Umm Ga In?.. ” I called her and she turned to me.

” You know what? You both should come with me. ” She said pulling Sandra and I along with the to where the cars parked.

The female students began screaming with excitement and started taking pictures as three men in black walked towards the three cars in the middle and opened the car doors. Three young men got out of each car uniformly like they were in each others head. The three of them first placed a left foot out of the car, then they popped their heads out followed by them coming out of the cars and the whole place went ”click…click…click ” with cameras and the girls admiring their looks.

”Arh well they look… they look alright. ” I blurted out and you shouldve seen how the girls closed to me glared at me.

” just ”alright ” girl are you blind? ” Sandra asked me and I lifted up my hand in a way to show I surrender. Shes totally crazy about good looking boys.

” Lets go. ” Ga In said as she turned around holding our hands. We were about leaving when someone called her name.

”Ga In-ah… ” A manly voice said and she suddenly paused, shivered a little and groaned before turning back.

”What? ” She asked the tall one in the middle of the three handsomest men the school had ever seen. ”The handsome Trio. ”

”How did he know her name? ” I heard a girl ask another girl.

” Could she be his girlfriend? ” I heard another ask. I think he heard it and chuckled.

”Ya… your oppa arrived at school and you won welcome him with a warm hug? ” He said opening his arms wide and Ga In frowned.

” Erh, me huyou…Its a no no. ” she replied and I could see the look of disappointment on his face.

”Come on Ga In, just one hug. ” One of them say, he was in a white long coat with a red and ash scarf around his neck. His face was filled with smiles and Ga In immediately run to hug the tall guy.

” Thats what Im talking about. ” The tall guy said almost squeezing Ga In in the hug before disengaging.

The other one was just glued to his phone and barely looked at anyone, he had a cold expression and I wouldn even want to approach him.

” Who are they? ” I asked Sandra who was drooling.

”I can believe Im in the same school with them…. The one in white is Prince Young Gi Tak, the second son of the king, the tall one is Kim Hyang Jin, the Dukes first son and the cold one on his phone is Prince Young Tae Jun the next in line for the throne. ” She said with her eyes glued to them.

”Are you sure the cold looking one is the… ” I couldn finish my statement when the tall one called my name.

”Han Hoo Nan. ” I pointed a finger to my chest to know if Im really the one he was calling and he nodded as he and the one in white walked towards me.

” I saw your video, you were so cool… ROYUS super girl. Im Young Gi Tak, I prefer to be called Gi Tak instead, nice meeting you. ” Prince Gi Tak said stretching his arm for a handshake. I hesitated before taking it and gave him a handshake which was followed by him kissing the back of my hand making me shiver. ”You must be Sandra. ” He added turning to Sandra, took her hand and kissed the back of her palm and the tall one did same. You shouldve seen Sandra blushing so hard.

” And Im Kim Hyang Jin, Ga Ins Oppa(elder brother) nice to meet you, I hope we get along well. ” He said taking my hand and kissing the back of my palm. The cold looking one just stared at me from head to toe and then turned away as they left pulling Ga In along and the other students following them.

”Let me go!! ” I heard Ga In cry as she freed herself and came running to Sandra and I. I turned and my eyes met Princess Yeon Ahs, she glared at me with furry, her eyes were blood shot red and I red her lips as she said ” Ill destroy you. ”

”Aren you coming? ” Sandras voice made me turn to her.

” Sure lets go. ” I said as I held Sandras hand and we walked to class.

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