This all started back in my hometown in Africa, I had just turned 9yrs and my Uncle came all the way from Malaysia to celebrate with me.

”If Mack comes with me, he will benefit a lot in just a few years ”

He was trying to convince my parents to grant him the permission to take me with him to Malaysia, although my family wasn poor, but we weren stinking rich either, and besides, life outside the country was every young boys dream.

I agreed and so did my parents.

Everyone thought it was a good idea, little did I know that my life was about to change.

We took off the next day at full speed and headed for the international Airport.

Uncle decided well make a little detour before we finally head over to Malaysia, I had no problem with that.

You know, before I go any further, you probably need to have a clear picture of what I looked like; I was like every african boy, black hair, chocolate skin and slim, not bony thin, just slim, and in my hometown we specialized in kickboxing, wrestling and as well as fist fights.

My Uncle had spent so much time in Malaysia that hes forgotten that Im not as defenseless as I looked.

After a couple unfruitful days, I was bored, and we had just arrived at a harbor in Algeria.

Uncle said we were here to meet his friend so we could board a boat for fun riding.

The moment I saw his friend, I knew I had to be on the defensive, the dude looked like this caribbean pirates with an eyepatch and a couple broken teeth.

He was conversing with my Uncle but he kept stealing glances at me.

”This concludes our business, hes the last of the fifty boys I promised to get for you, now, can I see some cash? ”

My Uncle said this nonchalantly as if I wasn even there.

His pirate friend just looked at me again and then turned to a roughish teenage boy beside him.

”Take him to the lower deck and make sure he behaves well with the others ”

I knew right there and then that I had to make my escape.

I didn have a plan at the moment but I had to work something out, I had to improvise and not just stand like a dummy.

The moment the teenage boy came close to me, I kicked him in the groin, swung a punch at my Uncles d**k, right in the balls and made a dash for it.

I cared little for their cries of pain, as my instincts told me I had to escape from my vicious Uncle and his pirate friends.

The harbor was filled with wooden crates and boats of different sizes as well sailors hollering at the top of their voices.

I knew I had to hide from my abductors, so I jumped into one of the wooden crates, covered the lid and stayed in there.

I must have been there for about 20minutes when someone tapped the crate I was in, he then said in a whisper

”You can come out now, they
e all gone ”

I shifted the lid slowly and came out, facing the man who had tapped the crate. Id say he was in his mid-forties, muscular and handsome.

”The names Lucius Arthropathius Von Blake, but you can just call me Lucius. ”

”Thank you Sir Lucius, but I have to be going now or those bad men will catch up ” I said with boyish cuteness.

The man simply smiled and for some unknown reason I felt a sense of security.

”You can come aboard my ship laddie, I don mind. Im simply heading over to drop an important item. We can get you home after its all sorted out. Whatcha say? ”

Even though his accent was somehow confusing but I knew I had no choice, well technically I had a choice, and that was either to trust this mysterious man or to wait her till my Uncle catches me, not much of a choice huh.

And so I followed Lucius to his ship and boarded it.

His ship was huge with well muscled crew. At first I thought they were all boxers or gym instructors but then he told me they
e all his crew and they
e heading for Rome in Italy, I didn object.

He took me to the upper deck and we went into his cabin. He then instructed one of the crew member to get food for me.

”Sir Lucius, when will you take me home, its very far from here ”

He patted my shoulder

”Dont worry laddie, its all fate and destiny, youll be home in no time ”

And thats how my journey started.

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