The lean man looked at me with a shocked expression, he then turned around and ran off down the alley.

I looked at my hands, wow, Ive got the strength of a raging bull. I can explain it, but whenever I concentrate hard, I seem to gain more strength and do things a normal person can do.

”You have my thanks, tell me, what shall I call you? ”

I looked at her and thought about it.

”You can call me Mackintosh. ” I told her my name.

She was surprised

”Thats not a Roman name, I shall call you Maximus. ”

I was annoyed, why would she change mg name? And who gave her the right to do so.

”My name is Mackintosh and not Maximus. ”

She merely smiled

”Stay calm stranger, come, I shall take you home and get a stable for your horse. ”

I was already pissed but I had no choice but to follow her.

”You came to Rome at the wrong time stranger, the Persians are waging war with Rome and the Syrians are supporting them, tell me stranger, where are you from, Father always said…. ”

She kept on talking and I couldn keep up with her rambling and questions, how could she be a chatterbox to someone she just met? I was about to stop her rambling when something weird happened, just as we passed the pantheon*, we saw soldiers rushing past us, they looked so serious that I knew something was up.

”It seems the Persians are here, I pray thee stranger, tarry along for a bit, I have to meet with my father. ” then she left me and ran off. I was left dumbstruck.

I saw a child and pulled him aside

”Wheres everyone rushing to? ”

He was panting but he still answered the question

”To the Colosseum, the Persians brought their beast. ” he dashed off again, I dragged my horse followed suit.

The Colosseum was more like a gladiator arena, I left my horse outside and went in. There was a lot of soldiers, some on red while the others on middle eastern dressing, I figured the middle easterns are probably the Persians.

A fat soldier on turban stepped out from the crowd below, he looked at us all and then signalled the other soldiers, they went into one of the doors while the fat soldier kept smiling.

”Today, the Persians and the Romans shall have a duel, whichever side wins, the loser will surrender and give up its lands and serve as slaves to the victor. ”

Just as he finished saying that, a group of Persian soldiers came into the arena, two horses were dragging a cart behind them but the weird thing was the cart was covered and there was a beastly sound coming from it.

”A Roman soldier against… ” the persian soldier now uncovered the cart, everyone gasped for breath, standing 13ft tall was the half man half beast with one eye; The Cyclops.

The fat soldier couldn help grinning as many Roman soldiers shrunk back in fear

”Thats right, a Roman soldier against the Cyclops. ”

A Roman general came out as well with anger written on his face

”What foul play is this? No man can battle against a beast cursed by the gods. ”

The fat soldier simply laughed

”Does it mean Rome has given up then? Pity, I was hoping to see a good fight. ”

The Roman general frowned and turned over to us the audience, he scanned the fearful faces of his soldiers, he knew there wasn any hope but he still asked.

”Who amongst you shall liberate Rome from the Persians, who amongst you shall save Rome from this calamity. ”

Thats when it hit me, what if this was the mission? What if my mission was to fight this beast and save Rome, I could get back home.

Without thinking I walked down to the arena and stood face to face with the Roman general

”I shall fight the Cyclops. ” I said without fear.

He looked at me with a surprise expression but still got a hold of himself.

”What is your name son. ”

”Mackintosh ”

He frowned

”That isn a Roman name, but if the gods have sent you here this day to liberate Rome, then so be it. ”

The fat soldier just couldn stop laughing.

”Is this the best of Rome? Sending a boy to do a gods job? How low have you all sunk. ” he then turned to me.

”May the gods be with you boy, I don know if its bravery or foolishness, but I shall remember your name. ”

He then turned to the crowd above


(*Pantheon: A great temple of all the Olympic gods).

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