When faced with this question, I simply gestured to the map on the table.

”The Persians will be expecting us to march through the breach and battle with them, and if we do that, it will limit our breathing space and battle capabilities. So therefore, I suggest we go under the Tiberis river with a breathing apparatus I shall prepare, then circle into this Pons Festius, thereby appearing at the rear of our enemies. While they
e expecting us at the front, well be at their back. Of course soldiers will still advance from the front breach thereby trapping the Persians and giving them no hope to return. ”

I had expected them to say how absurd or how foolish my plan was considering it was so long winded, but rather, they clapped and cheered saying its a brilliant plan, Caesar Aurelius looked so pleased as his smiled.

”I have always prayed for a son who will lead Rome in glorious war campaigns, defeat Romes enemies and get peace, it seems the gods have answered my prayers. ”

General Amphitryon looked at the others and they all gave a simple nod.

”My Lord, weve agreed that youll be the one to lead the 2nd division to cross the Tiberis river into Pon Festius. ”

I was stunned

”But Im no leader, Im not even a soldier. ”

Caesar Aurelius gave a slight nod in agreement with General Amphitryon.

”My son Maximus will take charge and wipe out the Persians once and for all. ”

And thats how I joined the Roman Infantry ladies and gentlemen.

***3 days later***

I had 2000 men with me, all dressed in simple kilts and crossbelts with sheathed swords by their waist, I wanted them to be as light as ever, we also had bows and arrows made from the finest wood.

The General and the Caesar had the entire infantry and knights with them, but they
e just a distraction, my job was creep into the enemys line and take out their commanding officers, we also got word from our spies that the Persian prince Ahmed, son of the Persian Sultan was the one in charge of the massacres.

It took us one day and one night to all cross into Pon Festius.

Under the cover of the night, I decided to head into the enemys camp so I gave out instructions that my men were to follow, they were to set an ambush near the enemy camp, arrows drawn, they will wait for my signal.

I then went towards the plains of Pagus Ianiculensis, I saw the vastness of the Persian army, this guys just weren planning for a duel, they were out here for a full scale war but they didn bother coming through the city gates.

I slit the throat of one of the guards, laying him down as gently as possible, I then took off his tonic and wore it, this will be just like any under-cover movie. I went into the camp, I was hoping to ask someone where to the generals tent, but just then, a Persian captain saw me.

”Hey, Ali, come. ” he was a lean man with overgrown beard.

I went to him looking as humble I could be.

”I need you to deliver some documents to general Massou, his tent is the one with no guard around it, hes having fun with the women we took from Rome so do not linger around when you give him the documents. come inside. ” he said and went inside his tent, I followed him, on the the bed was a naked young lady with bruised face, her face was stained with tears and blood and she seemed to be unconscious.

As soon as the captain turned his back on me to get the supposed documents, I took out my dagger, moved fast, held him by the mouth and stabbed his back repeatedly, I couldn count but I knew he died by the sixth stab, I laid him down gently and rushed to the bed to check on the lady, I felt no pulse and I knew she was dead.

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