Ray was just a normal 14 year old boy who arrived in Europe on a tour with his classmates, which was sponsored by his school, leaving his family behind.

They were still enjoying their tour when the meteor crashed.

They got separated due to the chaos which followed shortly after.

He somehow managed to make it to Euthopia, and began living under the care of a woman.

He swore to make it back to his family who he longed so much to see.

He joined the Sentry when he got the opportunity without thinking twice.

In a year, he built his strength, becoming a very talented Sentry, who the people fell in love with, growing him to fame and shortly after, a name was given to him because of his strange abilities which produce a golden aura.

”I love you morning star! ” A loud voice came from the crowd, which caused Rays mouth to twich slightly.

I can believe this. Here I am fighting for their lives and there they are, putting it at more risk. The least they can do is evacuate from here.

He wasn a fan of fame and if he could take away the attention he drew anytime he fought with his abilities, he would be grateful, but unfortunately he couldn . Both he and his abilities were just too flashy.

Whenever he didn face something that would warrant him to use his abilities, he didn bring it out.

But right now he didn have any of his gear with him, so fighting an abyssal like this would turn out dangerous for him, without the use of his abilities.

”Now, to end this, ” he muttered, bringing his full attention to the abyssal.

He was about to step into the building when suddenly.

”Booooommm!!! ”

The abyssal flew through the house into the air with its wings fluttering, like that of an insect.

It stared at him in fury as blood dripped from its mouth. But this was obviously not the blood of those it had killed, as this blood was black and very thick.

Ray stared at the abyssal in confusion. ”Do you think going airborne would make things easier for you? ”

His expression turned into that of wryness.

”Well. You
e right. ”

Without his weapon, aerial battles would be more difficult. But with the strength of the abyssal, its life was still not guaranteed

He crouched slightly in attempt to leap upwards when he heard a voice, which caused him to stop.

”Hey! What do you think you
e doing? ”

He turned around to see a furious young woman about 20 years old, stomping angrily towards him. She had long black hair stopping slightly above her waist, and green eyes, which were filled with fury.

She wore a white T-shirt which hugged her average size bust, along with a jacket, black pants and a pair of trainers.

Even with the frown on her face, it was obvious that she was a very beautiful young woman.

”Hmm! Today isn my day, ” he sighed.

By his reaction, it was noticeable that he knew her, and this wasn the first time they will be engaging in an argument.

”What do you think you
e doing in my turf, you thief! Not only have you stolen most of the fame, you also want to kill steal. You really are one shameless young man! ” She roared.

”Come on, I was just passing by and heard people screaming for help, so I decided to attend to their needs. Because their sectorial sentry, was too busy attending to her hair, ” he dissed, causing her fury to rise to even greater heights.

”Who told you that? You liar! Since when did you start acting nice? ” At this point she was just a metre away from him.

”Isn it obvious? ” He said, staring at her perfectly arranged hair.

”Y-you little·····. ” Her face turned as red as a tomato in embarrassment.

The abyssal who watched this from above felt rage, far greater than what she was feeling.

Not only has its hated enemy ruined its feast. Now, it was being completely ignored, not just by its despicable enemy, but also by the creatures, which it had deemed as lunch.

Of course, with two powerful Sentries the people didn feel threatened by the abyssal at all.

With all its fury and might, it blasted towards the couple, who were still engaged in an argument.

It focused its attention on the creature that had injured it, and when it was just seconds away from claiming his life, the girl beside him, with a very quick and powerful movement threw something at it.

The speed of the sudden attack was too great for it to dodge, and its weak body covering was easily pierced by the small dagger through its skin, and entered into the body.

It felt a sharp pain, but it wasn comparable to what it felt when it got punched by Ray.

So it continued with its attack, when suddenly it began expanding.

”Booooooom!! ”

A large explosion occurred from within the bea

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