A partner is someone who goes on missions and task with their fellow partner(s).

This was implemented about six months ago only with Sentries below the gamma rank, from which it became optional.

This was implemented because of the amount of people below the gamma rank, who lost their lives when going solo on missions and tasks.

As a matter of fact, Ray had a partner but he was more of a solo fighter and wasn in support of the idea, so they got off on the wrong foot and had quite some problems.

Its been about a month since they broke up and he wasn expecting to get another partner this soon.

”Huh? What do you mean by new partner? ” He asked in confusion.

She also stared at him in confusion and worry. ”Do you have amnesia? ”

”No! Thats not what I meant. Why am I getting a new partner, ” he frowned. ” You know that it didn go so well the last time. ”

”Weren you the one who said you want to partake in the next raid? To do that, you have to raise your rank among the top 200 and you have to gather enough credit to do so, which means from now on, you would have to take on more dangerous missions which brings us to where we are. You need a partner to mutually help each other. ”

Ray knew that there was nothing he could do, even though he wasn comfortable with this idea.

I hope he isn going to slow me down.

”Of course not. On the contrary, she is higher than you in the top 200 ranking, so you should be worried about holding her back. ”

”She? Her? ” Ray asked in confusion.

”Come in, ” she voiced out as the door slid open.

Ray looked behind to see one of the most beautiful girls he would ever see in his entire life.

She had long white and emerald hair with glittering emerald eyes, and a flawless white skin which was shown on her slender legs by the long sleeved gown which she wore, which reached her on her knees.

From her hour glass figure to her egg shaped face, everything seemed to have been crafted by the gods.

Ray stared at her in shock. The only person who could be compared to her was the second lady in the room.

While Fiona gave off a dangerous and intimidating aura.

The girl in front of him gave off an aloof yet calm and cool aura. She was also looking at Ray intensely.

Ray turned towards her with a look on his face which obviously said one word, explain.

But he was a little confused to see that she also had a slightly surprised look on her face.

Seeing Rays gaze, she cleared her throat and gestured for the girl to walk which she obediently did and stopped beside Ray.

”For the introductions, Ray this is Sylph, Sylph this is Ray. I hope you guys can get along because starting today, you would both become dual partners. ”

Sylph subconsciously looked at Ray but his gaze was fixed on the young lady seated in front of him instead.

A complicated expression filled his face, she just waited for him to gain some clarity, so she focused on Sylph instead.

”Nice to finally meet you. I heard of your beauty but I didn think it would be this splendid. ”

”You took the words out of my mouth leader Fiona. ” Even Sylphs voice wasn something ordinary as it was very pleasing to the ears.

Fiona was termed as the second most beautiful girl in the whole sentry, but about a year ago, she began to hear about someone who had the qualifications to take away that title.

She didn care about things such as that, so she didn even try to see this supposed rival, but here they were.

”You achievements and talents are outstanding, Im so glad your working with us. ”

Sylph had actually been transferred from the first base here to the ninth base to partner up with Ray.

”The pleasure is mine. I was hoping you could show me how you were able to get strong within such a short period of time. ”

Who wouldn be interested about such a thing, even Ray was also curious but decided not to ask her.

Fiona has been a Sentry for about two and a half years but was on the same level as people who were over four years, even surpassing some. This was really something to marvel at.

After letting out a chuckle which could set any mans heart on fire, she looked at Sylph with a smile.

”Maybe later, and you don have to be so stiff. Since your going to be Rays partner you can be free with me. ”

Even though this two young women were around the same age, the respect Sylph showed was obvious, this was actually because of the reputation of Fiona.

If the workers of the base were scared of Ray, then they were terrified of Fiona. The only person who could speak casually with her was Ray.

She was someone who could easily get upset and no one wanted to be the cause of that, as dying might be an easy way out.

This reputation spread throughout all the bases so even people who hadn seen her before, had her in their do not offend list which was always in the back of their minds.

”Are you sure about that? ” Sylph asked still uncertain of what she was hearing.

”Of course, ” she responded with a smile.

Ray who had come out of his thoughts a while ago, stared at their interaction and was a little surprised that Fiona suggested such a thing.

”So what do you say? ” Fiona asked Ray who sighed.

”I don think I can be her partner. ”

”Ohh! ” Fiona said in surprise while Sylphs expression didn change as she stared at him with a poker face.

”And why do you say so? ” Fiona asked.

Ray looked at Sylph making eye contact before turning back to Fiona.

”Shes too beautiful. ”

Sylphs eyebrow furrowed slightly in confusion while Fiona who knew him quite well, already knew where he was heading at.

”Its not something Im proud of, but I gather a lot of attention wherever I go. Im able to manage this but if we both become partners with her beauty the amount of attention we would end up drawing might cause more harm than good. ”

They both understood what he meant which was actually the truth.

Sylph noticed that there was no type of flattery in his words.

”Knowing you, this can be the real reason you can . ” Fiona stared into his eyes which were beginning to show hesitation. So she knew what this was really about.

”It has something to do with your past, doesn it? ”

Rays expression turned slightly downcast as he remembered a memory which he wished he could completely forget.

Seeing this Fiona knew she was right. She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Sylph was surprised by this, but watched in silence, she didn know they were this close.

”Come on, you can let it get to you, that was in the past. You shouldn let that ruin your future, or would you rather give up the raid for that. Even if I wanted to, both of you becoming partners wasn something decided by me, ” she said with a calm yet concerned voice.

Ray fell into contemplation. Of course what she was saying without a doubt was true, he couldn let something that happened in the past hinder his future plans.

After thinking for some time a smile appeared on his face, ”since when did you start giving words of advice. ”

”Hmph! Do you think I got this position only through my strength? ” She smirked.

”Yes, ” Ray said blankly causing her eyebrow to twitch.

”Cool down. ” He could feel the temperature rising up once more.

”Hmph! ” She snorted before walking back to her large chair.

Ray turned slightly facing sylph. ”Im sorry if I upset you. It wasn anything personal. Ill be looking forward to working with you, ” he said with an outstretched hand. He didn want to start this relationship like the last.

Even if he didn like the idea and was a bit arrogant, he wasn stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

”Its alright, Ill also be looking forward to what well achieve, ” she said taking his handshake.

He could feel how delicate her hand was. It wasn like anything he had felt. He wondered how someone with such a delicate body was able to fight or even wield a weapon. Talking about weapons he hadn seen his sword in two weeks. Ill go get her later.

”Wow! Im surprised you apologized, looks like you learnt from your mistake. If you were that nice to everyone then Im sure theyll all stop being afraid of you, and love you like your fans, ” Fiona scolded causing Ray to look at her in ridicule.

”Look whos talking, ”

”Huh! what was that? ” she said in annoyance as the temperature began to increase once again.

Ray was already used to this. Although, Sylph heard about how easily she could get angry, experiencing it was another thing.

Just by switching between moods, the temperature was affected.

Sylph verified that the woman before her wasn in her level.

Ray didn speak up, waiting for her annoyance to quench which happened and shortly after the normal temperature was returned.

”Now lets discuss on the missions youll be taking. ”

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