Two girls sleep soundly on an old bed, its mattress filled with old hey and is more lumps then bed, the frame and posts are maid up of old cedar that has splintered and bent from years of use. They hold each other close under their thin blankets, to keep each other warm through the chill of autumn. Wind blasts through the cracks of the old cottage with little gentleness or care for the two girls sleeping.

As they sleep oblivious to the world outside their minds, things watch them from across worlds, they watch at their peaceful sleep, they watch their dreams, they watch their lives.

They have watched them from the moment they were born, watched as the girls took their first steps, as they learned to run, as their mother tried so desperately to crush their souls and control them, as they become themselves.

They watched it all, never stepping in or saying something, just watching, letting fate choose their paths. And as they watched the girls, they waited, waited till the day they would take them away to a new world, a new destiny.


I wake up to the sounds of Nia singing, her voice is like a the sweetest candy melting into your ears, sweet and pure, its beautiful. But after you hear it everyday for nearly 18 years it gets irritating, especially when you yourself have a voice that sounds like a cat who just got stabbed. As she turns around to reach one of her old pins, not really paying attention, she jolts back in surprise when she sees me awake, with my usual sourpuss face.

”Your awake earlier then usual today Donna ” she says with a smile on her face.

I try to give her a smile back but my face is resisting the attempt, and instead of a nice small smile like I wanted, it ends up looking like someone is trying to pry my mouth open by the corners upward. I can only imagine it isn pretty, but Nia laughs at my attempted smile, her laugh warm like the rest of her.

My sister is the embodiment of lovely, she screams warmth and love, which only adds to her beauty. She has warm skin, like she lays in the sun all day. Her hair is the colour of a new born fawns with strands of gold woven into it, her eyes the colour of warm chocolate melting, and her lips the colour of a warm pink sunrise. She is everything I am not.

If she is warmth and love, I am death and cold. My skin is pale like snow, my hair dark as burning coals and my eyes a blue so pale it looks like cracking ice. We are two sides of the same coin, even in our personalities, she is everything youd expect her to be, kind and warm hearted, always sees the good in people. I on the other hand not so much, I see the world for what it is, cruel and cold and unforgiving.

As Nias laugh dies down she looks at me with a smile on her face, even though we are so different, I love her more then anything in this world, and would do anything for her, as she would for me. This time when I try to give a smile, my face doesn resist and I give a small smile back.

”So Im heading to the book store soon, I thought you might want to join me? ” She says to me with a knowing look on her face

Every since we were a children we have always loved to read, she loved reading books of fairytales, where a prince would one day come and save the princess form some evil villain. I liked to read books of adventures and far away lands, so I could imagine what it could be like, if only for a moment. So when she walks out of our room, I get up and start to get ready as fast as I can.

I open my drawer of the wardrobe and look through my dresses, which there aren a lot of, but I find the one I want, so I slip my old tattered night gown off and shimmy into my dress. Its a plain dress that Ive worn a thousand times before, but its still better then walking into town naked. I run my fingers through my hair trying to get all the knots from it, which isn too hard, my hair is long and wavy, it reaches just above my hips.

I strap on my old boots that have a couple of small holes in them, then Im out the door. I walk down the hallway to the front door trying to be quiet as possible on the old

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