to anyone except my senior officers. And actually I never had the need to apologize to someone because as per everyone I was perfect and never did any mistake. Enough of praising myself.

”Now why the hell are you saying sorry. Did anybody spike your food last night. Or have you seriously lost your brain. ” He said not believing what I said.

”Nothing like that. ” I replied.

”Sana, tell me honestly do you want me to take you to a doctor. You are not in your usual self. I agree you were never sane, but you weren this insane. Its better to get treatment in an early stage before it becomes worse. ” He said in serious tone but I felt the urge to laugh but had to control it.

”No its ok. ” I said suppressing my laughter.

”You have seriously lost it. Get ready after breakfast we will go to your house and maybe on the way we would meet a psychiatrist. ” He said and went.


”Princess would you stay with us today? ” Papa asked.

”Yeah papa. And we both are leaving for Srinagar tomorrow. Don know when I will again come. So yeah I will stay today. ” I said while munching a samosa.

”Veer, my boy why don stay with us today. ” Mama said.

”Actually aunty..i…umm…that i… ” He stammered probably looking for an immediate excuse.

”No excuse Veer you are staying today. And most importantly call me papa and sudha as mama. ” Papa said sternly.

”Oh..ok uncle. I mean papa. ” Veer said. And a sudden tide of happiness filled in me.

”I will send some night clothes for you. ” Mama said and Veer nodded in response.

The evening was delightful. We had our dinner and headed towards our respected rooms. I guess I have to share the bed with Veer.

”Actually I don have a couch in my room. ” I said not meeting his gaze.

”Hm.. I think I have to sleep on the floor. ” He said in response.

”I don think that it is required, we can share the bed if you are comfortable. Like we can put pillows in between. ” I tried to justify.

”Umm…are you ok with it? ” He asked and I hummed in response.

”Good night then. ” He wished and I too wished him back.


Next morning

”Why do you have to wake up so early? ” He asked.

”Because I am habituated to it now. ” I replied and started laughing.

”Why are you laughing? How many bottles of alcohol you had this morning? ” He asked, shocked at my behaviour.

”Go see your face in the mirror, then you will know who is drunk and who is not. ” I said and he ran to see his face in the mirror.

”What the hell? Who did this? ” He was shouting angrily. So yeah Rajs plan worked. He applied grease along with various water colours on his face. When asked why is he doing so, he said that its his style of welcoming his brother in law.

”Ok I didn do this completely. Like I have part in this but only 10%. ” I said.

”Who did this? ” He asked again.

”Actually my cousin brother. He came today at around 4:30 am. ” I said suppressing my laughter.

”And how did you help him? ” He asked.

”I just opened the door for him. He did his work and went. ” I said casually.

”I will seriously kill him. ” He said.

”What? Why would you kill a 14 year old boy? ” I asked teasing him.

”Shut up. ” He said.

”Go wash your face and freshen up. We have to leave after breakfast. ” I said and he went to the washroom.


Well its time that we should leave Mumbai. I thought to myself after settling in the plane. After a journey of 7 hours we reached Srinagar. And now we are on our way to our house. Did I say our house. Yes I did. Maybe he didn accept me as his wife but I accepted him as my husband. So whatever is mine so is his and whatever is his so is mine.

A new start

I thought as soon as we reached our destination. Maybe this would bring some change in our relationship I thought. Moving forward with some good vibes and some good expectations. Hoping that they would be true.


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