Destined To Be His Wife…

Concern Or Guilt..?

”Fantastic. ” She said, but don know why her reply didn match her facial expressions.

”Really? ” I asked not believing what she said.

”Yeah, why don you taste it yourself. Its the best cheese sandwich. ” She said.

”Yuck. ” I yelled on the top of my voice, the moment I took one bite of the worst ever cheese sandwich of the world, while she was rolling on floor laughing like a mad woman.

”Isn it the best? ” She said between her laughs.

”Yaar. Please stop na. ” I said.

”Jokes apart, do you even know how to boil water? ” She asked.

”No. To be honest I don even know how to hold a lighter. Its the first time I tried cooking. ” I said.

”But seriously who puts too much salt in a sandwich, and not even a pinch of chilli powder. Now step aside and let me cook. ” She said and I had no option except agreeing with her because I was dead hungry.

After good 30 minutes she came with a delicious smell of fresh french toasts.

”Awesome. ” I said the moment I put one bite of the delicious French toast in mouth.

”Thank you. ” She said while munching her sandwich.

”After many days am eating french toast. You
e literally the best cook. ” I said.

”Haha, thanks for compliment. Umm… I won mind cooking everyday. ” She said.

”And I won mind helping you everyday. ” I said with a wink. Don take it other way I used to wink at her from childhood.

”Yeah and I guess in these 15 days you can atleast learn to boil water if not anything else. ” She said with a smirk.

”Haha yes. But I never knew that you like tomato sauce this much. Wait is that blood. ” I was shocked.

”Ahh.. nothing. ” She said trying to hide her hand.

”What nothing? You stay here don move. I will bring the first aid box. ” I said and ran to grab the first aid box.

”Its just a small cut. ” She said.

”Tell me honestly, I know you from childhood but never have I ever seen you crying when you are injured. Do you really don feel pain? ” I asked.

”Am also a human. I too can feel pain, but its just that I can express it. ” She said casually.

”You seriously need a doctor. ” I said.

”Why? Am good. ” She said.

”I don know about you but I will seriously go mad. ” I said and got a smack on my head from her. ”Jokes apart, we will go to the base hospital tomorrow morning and get your palm treated with correct medicines. ” I said.

”I don think that its required. ” She said.

”No arguments. Infection won say that Sana thinks I won come so let me not come. So like a good kid lets go to the doctor tomorrow. ” I said she nodded.

Something is seriously wrong with her. Once a outspoken girl but now a reticent. Maybe I am the root cause of all these. She is suffering because of me. I can spoil her life. But in this whole thing I don understand one thing.

Is this Concern Or Guilt?

Whatever it is I promise to hurt you no more Sana nor will I let anyone hurt you and its my promise.

I just need some time to think about our new relationship. Am just confused. I don want to be hurt again. God help me please. Show me a way, please god please.


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