Peculiar, yet so curious, also idiotic of me to come and see such a visitor that was none of my loved ones, but a stranger. He claims to be my ”father ”, which Ive never met in my life. As my father had been fed up with my madness, he left me in this asylum to rot, instead of planning to get me temporarily rehabilitated here.

I could understand why, if he pays, I can get out of here and stay with him. If he didn , I would stay here for the rest of my life.

One Caucasian man came wearing a dark, yet crimson suit that was red as blood, having him to have black leather gloves that shined by the lights of the asylum, as every patient else was already coming back to their cell rooms.

While me? I was told to stay here, out in the open soccer field in the asylum. To be truthful, Ive never seen a Filipino play soccer before, as we do not have such a sport here, unless it is an international school for Americans to come here and study, as well as for every other foreigner.

The man was mysteriously tall, having an evil energy coming from him, a dark aura that channels his energy to everyone surrounding him as he comes to walk up towards me, as he looks down.

I see his eyes were blue, blonde dyed hair that is slicked back, and stubs on his chin and under his nose. He wasn the best looking, if I were, to be honest. Even if I am pansexual, I still have my standards high for a mentally handicapped person as myself.

But the thing is, no matter how terrible he looks, well he is decent but not the most handsome. At first glance I just didn like looking at his face.

But something caught my eye, and it was the pair of his own. I felt enthralled for some reason. He looked at me as if he was staring into my soul and felt my heart pumping, my mind hazy, and my head dizzy. I could not look away for a single moment at all.

Thats when he spoke and said, ”You are mine. ”

Thats when my mentally non-existent composure and resolve fired back at him. I laughed like a complete lunatic. I was expecting hed be surprised because I felt like I knew what he was trying to do. Unfortunately, he didn , as if he was used to such a behaviour, or an expected comeback.

e a vampire too, I know it. ” I danced like a jester. ”Its because I could sense it, well not really, more like… um… reading your mind? ”

”Child, I wasn even trying. ” He replied to my francing, ”That was just my usual appeal. ”

”Your appeal is coming up to a random, mentally disabled person and flirting with them out of nowhere? ”

”Yes. ”

”Okay, and? Who cares? ”

His calm demeanour seemed patient. ”If you would act like this, I suppose I will not give you the freedom you want out of here. Think of the things you could do. This was a waste of my time. ”

”Wait! ”

”Thats what I thought. ”

”You just gave the worst first impression, is all. Whats the catch? Join your little after-school club? ”

”What do you think? ”

”And you came here to be my vampire daddy? Like, literally, not in a sexual way. ”

”It could be both. I know what you want. ”

”So, how did you find me, anyway? ”

”You don need to know. What matters is if you join me, Ill take care of you, your expenses, and everything else. As well as for blood. ”

”Will there also be caffeine juice? ”

”Absolutely. Ill give you an unlimited supply of coffee. ”

”Deal, but wait-, I need to know if you were the one in my dream last night. ”

”That wasn a dream. ”


”That dream- ”

”So, so, so! You
e telling me that I already was a vampire, but extremely weak? You turned me into a more powerful vampire boy, and I have no other choice but to join you because a vampire daddy is hard to disobey from his vampire kid, right, right, right?! ”

”You seem excited, which is very cute, I must say. And yes, correct. ”


”The discharge papers are already signed, and I have your clothes in the limo. ”

”Why would you risk something you aren sure of? ”

”Because I am confident in my well-thought plans. Once I confirm it, I know it will never fail. ”

”Pfft! So, you are a Pride vampire. ”

”Yes, we have seven deadly types of vampires. I am Pride. ”

”So, basically turning me into a vampire as a Pride will turn me into a Pride type? ”

”You were already a vampire before I had to drain you and replace that with my own blood to give you more power. That sort of act is illegal. ”

”Drinking blood or killing anyone and forcing someone to drink your blood is already considered illegal. ”

”In the human world. ”

”So, you
e telling me the voices are right, there is this called The Council which is a vampiric government like The Illuminati from the Avengers in that Doctor Strange movie? ”

”Correct. ”

”Im so smart, you know, reading your mind is so fun for a so-called vampire overlord like yourself, which, of course, I already know, I just read your mind. ”

”Mmm, yes. You could be useful to me, since you are special. ”

”Nope, you chose me because I can walk in the sun and eat food. I haven aged a bit since. Plus, I don go crazy if I don drink blood. I only take some if I feel like it. ”

”Thats not the reason why you are weak. It is because you didn find your potential. My blood can only help you figure it out faster and master it with more precision and easier. ”

”So… you
e telling me that… the mind reading power and the other psychic ability such as hypnotising that one hot nurse so I can ** her really good wasn a delusion, then? It actually worked more than its meant to be hard as usual? ”

”Correct. ”

”I love how you
e so patient and let me talk while I ask questions and answer them by reading it off your head. ”

”I only let you read my mind for my amusement, as you think you can overpower my mind. That gift I gave you, you can abuse it as much as you want. But I will never let you overpower me; it must always be done the other way around… you understand me? ”

”Hmph! No! ”

”Look at me. ”

I looked up at him.

”You will obey me… ”


”Then I will not help you. I can always hypnotise the nurse to take you back to that padded cell. ”

”No, wait! Im sorry! ”

”Then obey me. ”

”Fine… ”

”Say, Yes, Master. ”

”Yes… master… ” I murmured.

”Good… ”

”Can we go now? I **in hate this **in place. I want to burn it. ”

”I can burn it for you, if that is what you wish. ”

”Are you kidding?! Killing those innocent people?! Lets do it! ”

Sooner, a few weeks have passed, I am becoming more and more stable, well not mentally, its been worse, yet my demeanour has been keeping its composure very easily and my appeal doesn seem to break loose out of madness as usual.

This blood is helping me control my psychic powers that are no longer controlling my mind.

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