”From the seed of Belial sprang the vampire Nosferatu who liveth and feedeth on human bloode. ” -Dudley Wright, ”The Book of Vampires

I woke up in the night at Guagua town, still here in the urban province of Pampanga. Some other places, such as the deserted roads in the middle of nowhere that lead to other smaller cities and towns, are usually just grass plains, or small villages we call ”Barangays ”.

Whilst we call subdivisions where the villas are usually called ”Villages ”. Poor people live in Barangays, and rich people live in villages. Sounds confusing? I hope not.

I spent my new nightlife doing the best of fun. I only reject my humanity only if humans are terrible towards me.

But what keeps my humanity still lingering in my non-existent soul are the good friends who are kind to me, which aren even the little after-school club full of goths and edgy emos who hate all of mankind.

But I do have one task.

Since I am a ”hidden one ”, which is a vampire turned into a vampire again by a more powerful vampire will make them beyond overpowered will have extraordinary gifts that is beyond comprehension, even for those vampires who dare not to hunt down and kill by themselves, thus, hunting down every hidden ones that are yet still alive has to be driven by a stake into the heart if it doesn kill them enough by just a single decapitation and burning as unconscious, that has to be guarded by the vampire council.

It is forbidden by the vampire council not to make a vampire reborn from its current state, making them too powerful to be left alive. Even the vampire council wouldn do such a thing to themselves.

The vampire council is something youd see in North Korea or China in the mundane society. They are monitored and are told what to do instead of giving them free will. A bunch of rules and such.

But we, The Darkened Path, are vampires who don like the rules and are fed up with such. Because whoever messes up a single errand, or assignment, as well as breaking one rule, would cause undeath to the vampires.

But I don care about the bloodsucking politics, or whatever war they have. I am only here to get my absolute freedom, which is everyones goal in this little community we have.

Although, I was tasked with one optional objective. As a hidden one, I can always accept one assignment any time I wish. There is no deadline or any of sorts.

Once accepted, there is no turning back. That is to free Vlad III Tepes Draculea from his tomb and bring him back into this community. Yet, some rumoured he isn even a part of our after-school club, some say he was the former leader of this entire thing.

He is being guarded at Corvin Castle in his stone grave that shows over the ground instead of under the soil inside the very main hall of the castle in Hunedoara, Romania and probably not in Bran Castle in Transylvania, close to Budapest, formerly called Bucharest, or vice versa, I never did my research on this. Ill know once I accept the mission.

That being said, my current objective is to practise the mastery of my new abilities, and train myself while breeding more vampire children by the power of my blood and recruiting them into our ”community ”, like a pyramid scheme.

We have no rules in this community, yet there is hierarchy. The tenet is the only thing we have here, which I haven got into much yet. All I know is that I was taught a lot of things and youll know them as the story progresses.

I can wait to see you, Daddy Drac.

I remember when I used to talk to my friend Ren. She is a transgender woman who had an accepting attitude the first time I met them in a virtual reality world where I socialise with everyone. Sadly, I can have the time online anymore.

Plus, I had to leave everything from my ”life ” behind, even as an almost human vampire back then. Since I became a pureblood and whatnot, I somehow have to leave this province once and for all, before someone finds out Im still alive, walking, since my master bribed the people in the asylum to announce me as dead, and have to cremate me as everyone attends my funeral.

I was there that same cloudy day as it rained as soon as it was over. I know, its very cliche, but that is what literally happened.

I still remember what we talked about on the 12th of July, just a few more weeks before my birthday. I am now twenty-two years old, apparently, but how I looked is as if I never aged at the start of fourteen years old.

Despite that, I turned into a vampire at the age of eleven. I just age slowly. But after I turned 22, I looked as if Im sixteen to seventeen years young.

I listened to ”credits song for my death (canned) ” on YouTube, reminiscing of the days I was still alive, well, barely. Now that I am a pure-blooded vampire and not some weaker vampire, that was turned by some madman that I never knew.

Damn… he really went turn me into a vampire and he is my vampire daddy. and went out to get some blood bags and never came back.

But Im glad someone did stay. For now, well, technically he is here forever, with me. He may not be the best looking, but hes the best father I could ever have.

Before finally departing from Pampanga, after seeing my loved ones one last time, without showing myself to them, of course, I left for Metro Manila City.

My mission here for now is to keep recruiting more vampires, I was given the credit card I needed, a fake ID, a condo to stay in which is all covered by my master, and take over the entire city of Manila full of vampires as the shepherd under the control of the herd, which are humans. Its like a farm.

We let them procreate, we nourish and take care of them, and we eat the others, but not technically killing them. At least that is what other vampires wanted, which is to kill them, of course. For me, personally? Killing them is not necessary unless hes done wrong to you.

If they have the potential, we turn them into our kind and have them do the rest of our work for us. We just have to be careful who we choose here.

For now, I am alone, and must spread the plague of vampirism. Technically, biting someone is not considered spreading the contagious ”disease ” they call the foul evilness of vampirism. Biting them is our way of feeding because our fangs secrete an anaesthetic and a hypnotic in order for them to pass out and fall asleep as soon as we bite them.

As for my weak self from the previous form, I had baby fangs, but now they are gradually growing sharp and slightly longer. Having myself to turn anyone I wish and do my bidding by giving my blood to any human I desire.

As for a snake, the venom we give to the humans will make them forget we had bitten them. But its not effective on vampires, sure you can bite vampires. You can even drain their blood if you are willing to sacrifice your sanity for such a power.

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