Diary Of A Psychopath

The Impaler Pt. 1

Only the vampire blood can give the powers of a vampire, thus, turning them into one. But on occasion only if they don have human blood left in their body, that is when you have to sacrifice most of your own blood to turn them, which can be tiresome. That is why vampires are known to be ”already dead ”.

Then they wake up as if nothing happened, yet confused, and are yearning to see their master at all costs. Imagine if that were to happen to you, like a lost puppy looking for their owner in this lost, vast, cruel world. That is how I felt the first night I was turned.

He never came back to me. I was left to rot in a ditch and have to rely on my own instinct in order to survive as a weaker kind.

But I somehow managed to make it. I accepted to be in their little cult and I instantly earned the crown of being a vampire, a prince. The highest is the emperor, which is the one that governs all the entire clan I am in, which is a name Ive forgotten, and forgot if I even mentioned it once already.

The King is the one that is responsible for every Princes action regarding their behalf.

A Duke is the main bodyguard of the prince that is taking over a current place, as of course, the princes job is to spread their influence towards other cities from their current location until the entire country is taken over, but the Vampire Council does not let that happen as they are doing the exact same, except they do evil pretending it is for a good cause, a sacrifice that is disguised as necessary for their own personal gain.

And that is where the duke, stronger than the prince, is to give an oath to protect him/her/them for the rest of eternity, in any circumstance, loyal to the person even if they were exiled by the clan itself.

Then we have the Marquees, the advisor of the prince, giving the best recommendations and answers to any of the princes questions once there are no more options left. They are the weakest vampires but they are the smartest kinds.

Usually these types often focus on witchcraft and other occult things to gain knowledge and intellectual power as their assets to dispose of any terrible situation, especially on the verge of being killed.

Now moving on to the Count. The Count is the one reinforcing vampires in case of emergencies, which those of are the Viscounts, who provide safety to the rest of the higher-ranking vampires.

And now, lastly, the Baron is the General of the commanding front line of vampires in case of war between the clan and the opposing clan they call ”The Council ”, which is, of course, the Vampire Council itself. The rest are just what we call pawns.

We all have the same similar goals, we refuse to take orders from tyrants and fascists, thats it. We want a free life, have our own free will, and our freedom.

But we were stained by The Council convincing everyone that we are an antagonising clan which are completely evil, not because of our philosophy of accepting your inner devil as yourself and not a separate entity to feed to keep yourself alive, but it is because of The Councils propaganda making us look evil just because we are their enemies at these centuries of war that had been waged for too long, which that dates back to the time of Draculea.

Draculea is actually The Emperor himself. He had similar plans against the tyrants. That is why he moved to London after signing papers to stay there, in order to spread his influence and take down The Council.

Somehow, he was driven a stake to his heart, pinned onto the soil of his chambers, inside a mighty cemented stoned casket that shows his presence in the main hall of his castle. He was not able to be decapitated or burned because he was too powerful, too powerful to be left alive.

That is when I refused to take the offer to find him and free him and wait until my powers grow stronger. But somehow, someone already did before I could. I was not disappointed; my vampiric premonition saw it coming. Ive grown smarter and smarter, less and less insane every day.

But there was a problem… Draculea was not found in his tomb! Where did he go?! This was bad news for all of us. That is when one of the Viscounts went flying off from the country to sneak through the main headquarters of The Council, which was extremely heavily guarded. But their main leader, [REDACTED], was panicking as well, because he didn even know where he went either. That is when the two waged a war between the two clans, even way worse than their current state of Cold War.

I was tasked to sneak pass through and take down the main leader, of a name that I must not even mention. Having myself to finally sneak in after killing every pathetic vampire in the entire headquarters, I went to the leader and instead of facing me, he was terrified, and he was just a child! He called the guards, but no one came.

”I killed them. ” I spoke, as I stared down at his little pathetic weak body.

”You may be a vampire, but I am older than you and probably more powerful! ” He shrieked in a husky, yet squeaky voice.

”Stand down. ” I spoke, as I looked at him with menacing eyes. Then, his willpower was so weak, he bent to his knees and begged for mercy. ”I am not here to kill you. I never meant to kill your guards or any other of our own kind. I was caught, and they tried to kill me. It was self-defence, but it went too far. I am here to settle the differences between this long centuries war. Its never going to be over. ”

”I was so young, and I was an abandoned child. My parents never came back as I looked for them. I had to find a way to survive as I was left there to rot in a ditch. ” He spoke softly, almost breaking down with his voice cracking.

”… ”

He continues, ”Then, this man found me. He was a vampire and promised me power and eternal life. And happiness, and the freedom I wanted. The freedom of not being able to be anxious about adult matters and worries. Which is the main reason why my parents abandoned me. He was the father Ive always wanted. Then, your stupid clan killed them and I was entitled to be the new leader of this organisation. The Council! ”

”It doesn have to be like that. Look, Ive been through the same. ”

”But youll never understand! Ive been worse than you have ever gone through! ”

”Listen, kiddo. I can judge if yours or mine had been worse. What we have is something in common. Ive been through the exact same. I was left in a mental asylum for seven years because my father thought I was crazy. He abandoned me, got fed up with my own shit.

Then, I met my master. He treated me like his own son. I saw him as a father as well. Thats when I grew an attachment to him. All this war, all for nothing. I am here to settle our differences between two clans that have been fighting non-stop and it never will until you both try to at least talk it out. Now come on. ”

I patted all the dust and blood from his clothes and slowly got him up with my hands and lent my hand to him as a formal handshake.

I smiled down at him, and he smiled back. He reached for my hand and shook it firmly. But thats when someone left standing from his dying wound shouted and he shot a crossbow arrow, which was a long stake that was directed to my heart. Thats when I passed out.

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