Diary Of A Psychopath

The Impaler Pt. 2

”Who-where am I? ” I questioned, as I woke up with a wound on my chest, not knowing what happened.

”Good evening, Prince Dante. ”

”Dante… How did you know my real name? My name now is Voltaire. Wait… you look familiar! ” I said as my vision slightly adjusted to the pale man reflecting the firepit, ”You look like someone from that one painting in a Romanian Museum. My good friend took a photo when he went to find… Draculea? ”

”Yes, it is I, Dracul. ”

”From the Dracul Clan! ”

”For real? On God? Dead ass?! ”

”I am familiar with your sense of humour, Prince Dante. It must mean you are thirsty, my friend. ”

When my vision finally went clear, I saw his face. It was the same face as the painting of Vlad the Impaler. That moustache, his cape, his ring, and his glorious hat and long black hair. Glorious! But no, historys painting got his face wrong, and he doesn seem to look like the ones from the movies. He literally looks extremely handsome!

He pointed the stick that he was using to make the firepit brighter towards the tied-up woman. ”You seem to be craving for it, my friend. Go, have supper. ”

I could not help myself, after a long night, wasting all of my energy, just to be almost killed and lose a lot of blood from such, I had to bite that precious neck of that young virgin woman, a thick rope tied around her body and mouth like a gag-ball and a bondage kink, her salty sweat dripped down her neck, my eyes glow bright red, then I sank my fangs into her neck, drained her dry, and killed her.

After snapping back to reality after finally feeding, I took a step back, and felt guilty for what Ive done. I was shaking and it was the first time I ever killed someone in my life. As a vampire, Ive only taken a bit of blood from my human victims, but not this far!

Draculea reacted to what I did. ”Don feel bad for your victims, my friend. Once you are east, you are no longer human. The humanity that is stained in your non-existent soul is none but a burden to you, my friend. It will only haunt you for the rest of your eternity if you do not throw that away. Accept your inner beast, and become beyond just beast, and be a god. You are an immortal being that only other more powerful vampires can kill, perhaps the witty daylight assassins, to which we call them…, humans. ”.

He continued to tend the fire with the stick.

I tried to keep my composure. To which I easily did because Ive fed enough blood to keep my hidden one curse sane. Then, I spoke to Draculea and said, ”What are you doing here? And how did I get here? ”

Despite seeing the real deal, the emperor himself in the flesh, I was too panicked to show my etiquette skills of formality. That is when he replied with, ”My friend, you don need to be so formal, despite you aren , I know you will try to be. ”

”How did you- ”

”Let me tell you a story about Ambrogio and Selena. Sit down. ”

”My Emperor, I do not think this is quite the time for that- ”

”Sit. Down, my friend. ”

”Alright… alright… I sincerely apologise. ”

”No need to be so formal. You are a guest here, as we all are vampires from the golden age. We are hospitable to our guests, and we must not come into an abode without an invitation.

Free spirited youths do not understand such ethics to do so nowadays in the modern world, it is full of filth and disrespect. That is how I managed to keep my appeal as a humble host to any of the youth, vampire or human. Even werewolves and other creatures of the undead. ”

I sat down beside him. Thats when he told the tale of Ambrogio.

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