Dark night, Lai struggling to get to his home. His steps trembling. ”Hnn..! ahh.!! ” he said covering his mouth trying to stop his moaning.

Lai tried to stop touching himself. But he was feeling too itchy. Its his heat cycle, the biggest thing he was scared of was that he was in the middle of the street. It was late in night, his vision was getting blurry. Lai who couldn see anything, was making sweet noises.

He bumped into brod and strong shoulders. Lai could feel his cold body, not in his mind he rubbed his body toward the man.

”Do you know what you are getting yourself into? ” He said letting out a soft chuckle. ”Hnn..!! hot…! ”

Lai couldn stop himself and softly kissed the man.

”Mm..! hnng..!! more.. ” Lai said wanting more. ”Don regret after this kitten. ” The man said pulled Lai and grabbed Lais hips and slammed Lai to the wall and kissed him forcefully. ”Hng..! Mmm.. ” Lai let his soft voice out. The man who was licking Lais neck said ”Hmm you do have a nice voice..and a nice body too just like a woman.. ” The man said biting Lais neck ”Ahh..! more..! please!! ” Lai said holding the man tigthly. Lai was enjoying every moment, he could feel his mind going blank. ”Hmm I won put it in so easily..beg me to pit it in maybe then I would put it in? ” He said licking his nipples. ”Hnnggg..!!! Yeah just…like that!! ” Lais voice had become so lewd. ”Hmm this would me more than enough for me. ” The man said biting Lais nipples. ”*Gasp* Hnngg..! ”

”Ohh, so you like it here? ” He said rubbing his fingers around Lais chest. The man slowly pulled Lais pants and said ”Its so hard to control myself. ”

The man grabbed Lais cock and rubbed it with his hands. ”Ahh..! nn..! yeah..!! ” ”You are already wet enough. ” The man opend his pants with his hand while one hand holding Lai tightly.

The mans THAT was more than 10 inches. It could barely fit Lais hole.

”Let me loosen you up. ” The man putted one finger ”*Gasp* Hnnn!! n-no..! ” Lai said grabbing the hand of the man. ”Hmm, I wonder what would happen, if I put one more finger. ” The man moved his fingers in a same manner. ”Ahnn..! sto..p yea..!! I think I..am gonna..! ” ”I like your reaction. I would like to know more about you. ” Lai who couldn see anything but he couldn hear the mans voice which was turning him on more and more.

The man continue to pit more fingers.

After 30 minutes

” Hnn..!! n-no more stop.. ” Said Lai totally out of his mind. His mind was saying STOP but his BODY was saying MORE.

”How can I stop I haven even put mine in you? ” said the man who couldn control himself. He grabbed Lais hips and thrusted this big things in. ”Ahh!! Hngg..hnn ” said Lai. His whole body was all sweaty and his cum was all cover his body. Lai didnt even notice that he was in a strange house.

Lai continued to moan his whole body was in pleasure.

”Do you even know, you are moaning for hours, with that sweet voice of yours. ” The man eyes sparked with excitement.

Lai was feeling very blurry. Before closing his eyes he say the mans face. His face was god gifted, muscular body, very tall black hair eyes that can cut through anyone.

Lai slowly closed his eyes.

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