It was Dian, ” Sir Dian! ” Lai said letting go the dirty cloth form which he swiped the windows of the chamber for the paiten.

”Have you eaten yet? ” Dian said petting Lais head. ”No yet. ” Lai replied, ”Come, I have extra soup. ” Dian said holding Lais hands. Before He could react, he was in Dians chamber.

”Sit. ” Dian said looking at the couch. While Lai sat on the couch, His hips hurted as he sat on the couch he couldn stop his soft voice and a soft moan came out of his mouth, ”Ahh..nn..! ” He coverd his mouth as soon as he noticed Dian staring at him with a slight of blush. ”U-Uh Sorry..! Its..!! just that I fell this morning..! ” Lai said with his whole face red, breaking the silence. ”Do you want some medicine? ” ”N-No its Okay… ”

Dian took out his lunch box and poured it into a pot. Lain said panicking ”Sir Dian, what would you eat then? ” ”Don worry about that, I have a extra lunch. ” Dian replied smiling.

After a few minutes.

”Thank you..! Sir Dian I will surely pay you back! ” Lai said smiling.

Scene shifts

A dark big and luxurious room, there was only one source of light was the window. The room looked like a living room.

The door slowly opened, which led to a cracky voice. The butler was scared to death, still he spoke up ”My lord,…Please give us some more time— ”

Before he could speak, A man with black hair and muscular body his face was symmetrical. He clapped both his fingers together. And then a dark figure appeared and with a cracked voice it asked ”My lord, how may I help you? ” ”Kill it. ” The man said with his deep voice. It was the man from that night.

In a second the mans head wad laying on the ground. ”I want him. ” The mans lips curved as he thought about the boy from that night.

”Yes, My lord. ” The dark shadow replied, as he disappeared.

”You can run from me little bunny… ” he said as his lips curved.

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