A shabby room filled with dirt and rats. There liad Lai, He was only 5 when his parents died. He worked all day and night only to get a meal for a day.

Lai: Mister..Mister please do you have any work for me to do? I will do anything,…just give me some bread..

Lai said pinching the mans shirt.

Man: (Pushes Lai to the ground) Go clean the carriage..

He said pointing at the carriage.

After 30 minutes

Lai: Mister..Mister I am done..please give me some bread..

Lai said looking up to the man.

Man: (Throws the small piece of bread to the ground.)

Lai didn felt a bit of sadness, he was grateful that he helped someone today.

His mother always told him ”If you help someone..that person will help you back. ” Maybe he is navie, but isn he too nice and desperate?

He collected every bit of money by doing all kinds of work. And then rented a small house to get some shade from rain and strom. He didn cry at all his mother always siad ”If you are sad and don know what to do just smile.


At Lais home

Lai: I can believe w-what happened that night (Blushes) (He said covering his face) I didn knew that….two men can love each other…(Covers His face with the pillow.)

Soon after that he fell asleep, After a long day who wouldn sleep as soon as they fell in bed?

???: Your Majesty, the door is locked.

???: Break it.


???: Step out. Don be loud.

???: Yes..(In a low voice)

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