(Birds chirping)

Hmm…isn the bed too soft…? This smell…its from THAT NIGHT.

Lai: (Gasp..Gasp) (Looks around)

Lai: Just…where am I?!

It was a gigantic room with the scent of THAT MAN. The scent was very alluring… it was the scent of a ALPHA.

Lai stood up with curiosity. The bed was extremely huge. Lais whole house could fit in the room. The room had two windows. All Lai could see through those windows was he was some where very high, he could see a huge garden with numerous types of flowers and trees. He felt excited for a moment but soon after that he said in a low voice.

”This is not the time to be excited… ” He said pinching his cheeck.

It took him a while to get to the door as the room was huge.

He tried opening it. But the door was locked.

”I will keep trying!! ”

He said with his hopes high.

After a few mins

”( Gasp..Gasp) One more time…I am sure it will open. ”

He was so sweaty that his shirt was see through. Trying he didn notice his nipples were hard.

With high presure the door opend,because of this Lai fell to the floor.

”Trying hard huh? Thats cute. ”

Lai was shocked by hearing the same voice from that night he slowly.

A man wearing a black suit, with a muscular body perfect jaw line with his nerves popping from his hands. It took Lai few minutes to process his appearance. While Lai was still ij his thoughts the man picked up Lai like he was a paper. Indeed Lai was thin, but the man picked up Lai like he was paper or even air.

”U-Uh.. Who are you..?! ” he said beating the back of the man.

”You will know when needed. ” The man said putting Lai down on the bed.

Lai was so confused he tilted his head still processing.

The man sat down liking Lais expression. And held Lai and putted Lai on his lap.

With Lais hips pressing the mans hard thighs..

The man touched Lais soft hair. Lai never knew the man from that night knew how to be gentle.

”Did you enjoy running away from me? ”

The man said with his mouth very close to Lais ears. His ears were red. {Snap out of it..!}

”Let me go..! ” he said struggling to get out of the mans embrace.

”Aren you the one seducing me..with the body of yours? ” The man said gazing at Lais body and beating his ears.

”Hnn..aa!..! No..! ”

”How can you say that making those noises?So lewd You do need some punishment. ” He said holding Lai with his hard strong hands.

”Ha..Ahnn..! ” With his one touch Lai could feel his body melt.

”I wonder what will happen if I go further. ” the man said licking his lips.

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