Eyes alert. Breath paused. Ears sharp. Wings sturdy and set. Sword in hand. I watched observed and waited as my fourth to the last stubbornly insane target who doesn want to be exterminated walked out joyously from his own built hotel. A hotel he won see anymore once I end his existence.

I watched as his endless stream of bodyguards follow him around like flies to a poop not breaking off from him even the slightest bit. Well. They can hold on for long. Because the almighty massacrer is here to render every single soul present here bloodless.

I waited till he walked up to his awaiting convoy and then sensed a guard was sensing my presence. I turned invincible just as he looked up at the roof where I knelt on one knee observing. He shook his head sharply and grasped his weapon resuming his duty. I smirked. Nows the time to strike. They think they can decieve me with a million convoys. I know just the convoy my target hides. He won and will definitely not escape me this time. I got him in my grasp. I drew the power of the silver moon radiating the skies and made myself even more undetectable and invincible spreading my wings and swooping down towards the car like an eagle to its prey.

I swung my powerful right wing against the convoy in front of my targets residence sending it spinning away at full force crashing into a building. Their fears suddenly flashed through my senses and I craved for more. I laughed feeding more on their intense nervousness and swung my left wing against the convoy behind my targets residence sending it spiraling with unbeatable force crashing against an electric post. Both the car and its occupants electrocuted to death. I fed more on their fears and cries for survival feeling my god soul ascending to its peak. I was getting powerful and more powerful by the moment. I wanted more.

”Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ” I found myself laughing at the intoxicating feeling of my ascension.

” Whats that? Whats going on? ”I could hear their laments of confusion and alarm.

This just keeps getting better and better. I swung my huge silver vibranium blade and spinning the brutal weapon around my fingers and up turned it pointing it towards my targets convoy. I swooped down to it striking it hard and holding it to a spot as my blade pierced through the car from top to bottom into the tarred road making sure I didn hurt its occupants.

I wanted to make a show of him first before I finally ended him.

” Hello. Sector 23 I repeat sector 23. Alert. We are under attack by an unseen I don know what. Request for immediate rescue. I repeat request for immediate rescue. ”

I stood at some distance watching the pathetic human shivering against the phone calling for rescue. I smirked. No one escapes my wrath and decision. I walked up to him and flicked the phone off his hand.

”What the….. its got me!!!!!! ” He yelled and ran away at full speed. I chuckled and then laughed omoniously with my head jerked back.

”Who are you? Show yourself! ” I turned to see my one and only beloved prey gripping a silver riffle pointing it at only God knows what spinning around at intervals the moment

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