Silvia took a deep breath to calm her nerves. At least she was happy he wasn able to follow her home. She was happy she would not be seeing him in a while. But another issue was that….. She could barely move a single cell in her body. She was extremely weak and felt paralyzed to the bed.

”Okay great. I guess Im gonna have to be stuck on this bed for weeks. ” She muttered and looked at the ceiling with a huff. She sighed. Mia suddenly came to her mind and she beamed. She turned to the side table and tried to sit up. ”Aargh. Shit. ” She forgot her paralyzed body. ”Uurgh. ” She slumped back against the bed.

Maybe she will have to stick to the bed for the meantime.


Mia sat in a nearby fancy kiosk sipping her soul soothing orange soda looking around with extreme boredom. She sighed.

”What an irony. I invited her here to have fun, but…. Instead shes with some cute hunk having a lot of fun. They are probably smushing themselves by now. Why can my life just be easy for once? ” She muttered and sighed.

She turned around and spotted a couple deep in a romantic kiss. ”Uurgh. ” She slapped her forehead. ”This is traumatic. ”

She stood and picked up her phone heading for the spot where she left Silvia.

Switching on her phone and tapping the contact button, she scrolled through her list of contacts till she got to Silvias number. She dialed it and waited with her phone against her ear sipping her soda as she walked.

Silvia, as she thought, picked up the call and she took a deep breath. ”Hey Silvy, where are you? Aren you done? Im sick of loneliness. ”

” Where are you my dear friend? ” Silvia replied but it wasn quite her voice. It was a mans voice. A real deep soft brutal sort of voice. Mia gulped.

”Uhh… Silvia? ”

The man laughed. ”Do I sound like Silvia to you? ”

Mia cleared her throat. ”Okay…. sorry. You are obviously not Silvia. But where is she? And what are you doing with her phone? ”

He laughed again. Mia was confused. She bit her lip. ”Whats funny Mister? ” She said abruptly and his laughter subsided.

He chuckled. ”Don you know me? ”

She thought for a while. ”Im afraid Ive heard lots and lots of terrifying voices in my life. Its gonna be a little hard to find out who you are. ”

He chuckled. ” You are smart. Its me. Devian. ”

Her eyes widened. ” Oh. Thats right. Why didn I think of that? Its okay. Uhhh… where are you guys? Especially Silvia. I uhh… I think I need to be on my way home now. Why are you with her phone? ”

Devian chuckled. ” You ask a lot of questions Mia. Silvia is with me safe and sound. And I don think she will be returning home with you. ”

Mia bit her lip and sighed. ” Alright. I guess Ill be returning home right away. Help me inform her of my return. ”

” Sure. ” Devian replied with a smirk.

” Alright. Later. ” She ended the call and took a deep breath. ”Phew. Why did it sound like I was speaking with the devil himself? So…. eerie and evil. ” She muttered and walked away. ” Such a bad park trip. ”


Devian sat on his bed staring at Silvias phone in his hands. He clenched his fist. ”No matter what it takes Gamora. Ill find you. You can really hide from me for long. ”

He stood and walked up to his mirror staring at his image.

”In all my years. Ive searched and searched. Yearning for the perfect being. The perfect one my heart does call for. The one with a superb strength that almost matches mine. And, Ive found you. ” He chuckled to himself. ” Don think you can escape so easily my angel. Of course, I have no certain idea why the creator sent you down to earth but, sorry you admit. Your little errand is over. I will find you. And you will be mine. I promise you. ” He chuckled and laughed wickedly at himself.


Silvia took a deep breath and sat up on the bed slowly after hours of waiting and trying to regain strength. She gently put on her clothes and sat by the fireplace in her sitting room. She took a quick deep breath.

”Wow. How exhausting it is to be so… powerless. ”

She looked around feeling a little lonely and longed for Mias presence. Funny how she had tried to avoid the pretty chatty human girl and suddenly wanted her now. She bit her lip. Mia couldn be blamed for not calling though. She found out hours earlier that she left her phone with a super unpredictable mystery man.

Speaking of Mr mystery man….. she didn know what to think about him. Whoever he is, wherever he came from, she wasn ready to hear. But the sudden thought and appearance of him had somehow managed to open up a void in her chest. One that hasn been ready to form for so many years. The void of fear.

For the first time ever since her arrival on earth, she felt extreme paralytic fear gripping her bones due to the thought of just one terrifying fellow who had an aura similar to the devil himself. An aura that had her powerless and weak…..and manipulatable. But yet at the same time, she couldn help feeling deep down inside her, a powerful longing to see him, to feel him. To have him pleasure her the way he did again.

”Aaargh. ” She growled and slapped her face. ”I always knew this human body will someday be the death of me. ” She muttered. But according to the mission, she mustn in any way expose her real form to any single human soul except when shes on her duty of wiping the Earths predicted demons as she called them.

She sighed and looked at her hands. ”Alright Gamora. ” She muttered. ”I think its time for a change of plans. I know you are so eager to take over the world and bring extreme death to the surface. Thats why you are the angel of death after all. ” She chuckled saucily. ” But now, that plan has to be saved for the latter. Because right at the moment, there is a second mysterious being out in this city who knows you and has a supremely dangerous aura than your wits and probably wants you under him. Damn he almost sucked your soul ocean dry. Shit. ” She slapped her palm against her forehead and groaned.

She looked up. ”I think I just have to finish up with this mission and return home. Thats what I must do. ”

She looked at the list of her victims hung on the wall before her. ”I have just three left. Rokus, Draze and Rayvon. Hopefully Clifford doesn stab me on the back. Or, Ill just have to sort it out myself. Ill just finish up the remaining pests and return home. I think its better I remain locked up in my beautiful edifice in the bosom of the creator than to get my soul ocean sucked dry and become an empty useless piece of shit. ”

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