The next day, Silvia sat in her office glancing through all the files in her table with absolute disgust.

”This pathetic individuals. How could they? ” She muttered and angrily tore the files tossing them into the nearby waste bin. Her eyes glowed and she felt the powerful moving force of energy within her veins.

”Shit. not again. ” She muttered. This only happens whenever shes angry.

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes to calm her nerves.

”Jeez. ” She muttered and looked around just as the elevator entrance door slid open. She squinted her eyes as she saw Clifford walk in menacingly with two cops officers.

He glared at her and turned to the officers. ”Shes the one. Take her. ”

They accessed her every detail and looked back at Clifford. ” Sorry sir. Who did you say we should take? ” The one who seemed to be the leader spoke up.

Clifford glared at them. ”Are you blind? Who the ** is before you? ”

The officer chuckled and accessed Silvia again. ” Isn that Mrs Silvia? ”

Clifford became exasperated. ”Yes. So? ”

Silvia chuckled softly and leaned against her table with her elbows examining them all.

The officers looked at him and shook their heads.

”We are so sorry for the intrusion Miss Silvia. We never knew this was your office. Its our first time in your company. However, we will do our best not to make sure this happens again. ”

Silvia chuckled and smiled sweetly at them. ”Thanks so much. You may leave. ”

They bowed and turned to go glaring at Clifford who stood rooted at the spot staring at them mouth agape.

Silvia chuckled as soon as they had left and smirked at Clifford. ”So…have you learnt your lesson? ”

Clifford turned to look at her. ”What the hell did you do to my house? ” He asked gritting his teeth.

Silvia looked at him with a confused look. ”What are you talking about? ”

He gritted his teeth the more in obvious fury. ” Don play games with me!!! ” He slammed his palm against the hard mahogany desk leaning closer and glaring at her. ”What the ** did you do to my house? ”

She didn even flinch or blink a bit. Clifford wanted to go crazy. This bitch….. He thought.

Silvia chuckled and shook her head. ”You are so pathetic Clifford. Believe me you look like you came from the land of horror. ” She commented chuckling excessively.

Clifford glared at her. ” Its not funny Silvia. ”

She rolled her eyes. ”I never told you i was laughing with you. ” She said rendering him a death glare. ” By the way, have you done what I asked you to do? ”

Clifford looked at her perplexed. Shes still asking for the name????

He gritted his teeth and clentched his fists. ”Im so gonna get you this time. ” He muttered through clentched teeth.

” Pardon? ” Silvia asked tilting her head to one side examining him. He chuckled.

He chuckled. ”Forget it Silvia. Ill get his location for you. ”

She scrutinized him for a while and chuckled clamping her fingers together deep in thought.

This guy is sure up to something. She thought.

She smirked. ”Sure. Let me know when you find him. ”

Clifford chuckled and smiled wickedly to himself as he turned towards the elevator.

”Her evil schemes can continue anymore. ” He muttered to himself as he walked into the elevator and left.

Silvia watched him leave and shook her head rolling her eyes. She scoffed. ”What sort of a fool does he take me for? ” She muttered and turned her attention back to the annoying documents that still lay before her in her table.

She frowned and angrily picked them all up tossing them away into the trashcan.

She dusted her hands.

”Next time, you fools will learn to send appropriate proposals. ” She muttered and clicked her pen close just as her phone rang.

She sighed and scanned the caller and groaned.

”Not now. ” She muttered.


I glanced at the phone feeling the powerful sudden urge to smash it. Aaargh. Why will she call at this time? Jeez…..

I took a deep breath. Not now. This silly mortals are really beginning to become a huge pain in my ass. I sighed and looked around before picking up the call.

”Hello Silvy. ” Her childish playfull. Voice rang out at the other end.

I rolled my eyes. I always have no choice but to put my ferocious self aside whenever Im around her.

For some particular reason unknown to me, even my dark side can get pass its self to do anything bad to her to harm her. Shes like a little sister to me. Why? Because Ive got a deal with her. A deal that can be broken…it will still be broken anyway but not now. Not at this moment.

Shes the only human in the entire universe aware of my true identity as a mystical being and has been in contact with me for years helping me with whatever I needed and also keeping my identity secret.

She has also tried teaching me the ways of the humans but….uurgh. Nah. They disgust me.

She calling me up now is just another sign that shes up to no good again for me.

”Helllooo Mia. ” I cooed childishly also mimicking her.

She laughed. ”Baby girl. Are you free at the moment? ”

I sighed and sat down. ” Maybe. ”

” Yipee. ” She celebrated

I rolled my eyes. What now?

” Uhh…..the fair is open and free. Wanna go for a ride? ”

I chuckled. ” No. ” I stated point blank.

She squeaked at the other end. ” That was harsh. ” She said and I chuckled.

”Of course it is. ” I replied and arranged some files on the table.

I placed the call on speaker and dropped the phone in the table.

”Please. ” She pleaded. I chuckled. I could imagine her pouting at the other end with her cute little baby face.

”No Mia. ” I repeated. ”Im beat. I need my beauty rest. ”

She chuckled. ”Come on. The park is also a relaxation unit. You could relax and calm your nerves there. What are you waiting for? ”

I rolled my eyes. ” Has anyone ever told you you nare so….. ”

”Persistent? ” She replied immediately giggling.

I chuckled. She knows herself. ”Yeah persistent. ”

She chuckled. ”Yeah. I hear that all the time. So please will you? ”

I sighed deeply and looked around. Great. Shes got me. ”Alright. ” I replied. ”Youve got me. Who Im i to refuse you? ”.

She chuckled. ”Actually, you have every right to refuse me. Im the one pleading for your presence. ” She said.

I chuckled softly. ” Its alright Mia. Ill meet you at the park…..but on one condition. ”

” Aaargh. I knew it. Must you always place conditions? ”

I chuckled softly to myself finding it hard to stop laughing. ” Yes. Its not that hard. We just shouldn stay long okay. ”

She sighed. ” Yeah whatever. Who goes to the fun park and stays for just two hours? ”

I picked up the phone and chuckled. ” Ill see you there. ”

” Yeah sure. ”

She hung up and I dropped the phone on the table.

”Great. Now Im off to another babysitting escapade. ” I muttered and looked at the clock. It said 3:16. I sighed deeply. Whatever. Ill just take the rest of the day off.

I got up and prepared to meet Mia at the fair.

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