I corked my eyebrow staring at this cute, bold god before me. I chuckled. Is he kidding me?

I scanned him from up to down. Such daring personality. Ive never seen such in any human before. This guy is a joker. I took a deep breath and bit my lip.

”What if I don ? ”

He chuckled and laughed softly. ”Then you can consider not coming in oh beautiful Silvia. Consider it as a truce. ”

I corked an eyebrow. Wow. Hes bargaining with me? Im impressed. So so impressed. This guy doesn know who he is dealing with.

I chuckled. ”Well. Im so sorry Mr…. Devian or whatever your name is called. I can do that. If thats how its done, why didn you ask the other girls. Im so sure they will be more than interested in having some fun with you. ” I replied and held Mias hand.

” Lets get outta here. Weve got a better park to be not this scumpark. ”

I walked away with Mia not looking back for once. Mia kept chuckling as we left. I took a peek at her.

”Are you okay? ”

She looked at me and laughed. ”Damn. You were so good over there Silvia. Trying to play the hard to get huh? Hes so gonna be thinking of you for ages. ”

I rolled my eyes. ” Get all those silly romance thoughts out of your head Mia. Its not possible with me. ”

She looked at me. ” So are you saying that angels don fall in love? ”

I scoffed. What an absurd question..

I paused and looked at her. I sighed. ”I really don know what to say to you right now. ”

She laughed. ”Say. You like his guts. You like his boldness. Damn Silvia couldn you see it? The dude is into you. ”

”…. ”. I stared at her speechless for complete two minutes as she ranted blah blah blah blah.

She then paused when she noticed I wasn saying anything. ”Are you okay? ” She asked.

”Did i ever tell you Im here to pick boys Mia? ”

She chuckled. ” Hey easy Silvy. Youve got to loosen up at one point and let the dudes in. Lots and lots of guys are dying to have you but your cruelty and hardness pushes them away… ”

I glared at her. ” Did you just say Im cruel? ”

Mia chuckled nervously. ”Nah.. I did not mean it that way. ”

I squinted my eyes at her. She chuckled.

” Easy Silvy. ” she held my hand. ”Come on. We have a park to have fun in. ”

She took me to another park and we both walked to the ticket booth to pay. I looked at her as she pouted at me. I couldn help chuckling at how babyish her face looked. I rolled my eyes and took out my wallet. I paid for two tickets and we both walked in.

I stood at a spot looking at the crowd of people walking about. I gritted my teeth. How i so hated crowds. Shit.

Mia seemed to notice that. ”Come on. ” She held my hand and took me to another section which had a few people walking about laughing and talking amongst themselves. Not bad.

We walked up to the public bar and ordered two loads of cotton candy.

”Ill be right back. Get the candies. Ill go get some snacks to go with it. ” Mia said and walked off to another section..

I sighed and looked around spotting a well arranged long stool. I sat on it and waited as the attendant fixed our cotton candies.

After a long while. He was done and gave me the two sticks and I paid him.

I sniffed it and became instantly intoxicated. Wow. They smelt so good. I wondered if they are as good as they smell.

As I looked at it debating if I should wait for Mia or take mine….

”Hello beautiful. ”

I spun around mistakenly using my mouth to wipe off a little cotton from the cocoon.

Devian stood before me. He looked at me and laughed. I gritted my teeth glaring at him. Whats funny?

I held the two sticks with one hand and wiped the cotton candy I got on my cheek. He chuckled.

Jeez. What is he doing here again? Is he following me?

He examined me. ”I see you finally got into my park. ”

I corked an eyebrow at him and looked around. ” Your park? ”

He chuckled. ” Yes baby. ”

I scoffed. Just how many parks does he own?!!!

”Stop calling me that. ”

He chuckled. ” Why? ”

I bit my lip. ” Because I don like it. ”

He chuckled. ”Or its getting to you? ”

I rolled my eyes. ” You wish. ” He chuckled.

He looked around. ” You know its funny. I don see your companion with you anymore and there you said shes the reason you are here. ”

I scoffed. This dude….

” She went off to get something Mr Devian. ”

He chuckled. ” Wow. I like the way you pronounce my name. ” He said leaning closer.

I rolled my eyes. Jeez. Mia. Where the ** are you? This guy is really taking this all so far. Maybe I should just make it so plain to him right away.

I turned to him. ”Mr Devian. ”

He smirked. ”Yes baby. ”

I sighed. ” I understand and know your motive right now so I want to make it plain right away to you that… Im not interested. ”

He examined me for a while. ” Interested in what? ”

I scoffed. Now hes playing dumb. Good job. He moved closer to me. ”What are you talking about Silvia? ” He whispered softly into my ear. I felt tingles and with a jolt…I looked at him and moved away from him.

” What are you doing? ”

He chuckled. ”I was asking a question Silvia. ”

I rolled my eyes and looked around. Where the ** did Mia go? This dude is already making me inconvenient.

”So.. ” He continued. ”How about the date? Have you considered it? ”

I looked at him like he was going crazy. ” Sorry. What date? ”

He chuckled. ”The date we agreed on. ”

I corked an eyebrow at him. Its now so obvious that this dude is not in his right state of mind.

I chuckled and rubbed the skin in between my temples. This guy…..

Isn he scared? Why no fear? This is the first male to be so bold in my face. Even the male angels can stand my presence. But this dude…..

I looked up at him. He smirked and leaned so close to me our noses were almost touching looking at me straight into the eyes.

Gosh. I was screaming in my head.

”You are in my park Silvia. So I think you owe me your own part of the deal. I never permitted you in here. ” He said.

I felt his warm minty breath against my face and chuckled. I gritted my teeth. This guy…

What sort of back up does he have? No fear?!!! No flinching??! !!

I gazed into his bold green eyes and glowed my eyes.

He smiled and looked deeper into my eyes.

”My goodness. You are a goddess Silvia. So beautiful…. ” He moved closer a bit….

What the **…??!!?

I just attempted to scare him away!!!!!

He leaned so close our lips were almost touching. I shivered a bit .

What the…..??

I couldn move. I just stood there paralyzed to the spot looking at his god enchanting eyes.

What the ** is wrong with me? What sort of power is this?

He chuckled.

”So what do you say Silvia? Say the word and Ill take you away from here to a place where we could both get drunk and have some fun. ” He said and wrapped his hands around my waist kissing my neck.

What the…

I felt a tingling sensation and discovered my clothing around the bust area was suddenly becoming tight.

There was a particular unspoken sensation there that made me gasp. It felt so…. So good..

He held me tightly against himself and I felt my already sensitive hard nipples brush against his huge chest making me gasp. He chuckled and slipped his hands lower grasping my ass.

What the **…..???!!!?

I hurriedly pushed him away. He chuckled softly to himself.

I glared at him.. what the hell did he do to me?

I just know it. Its definitely this weak human body of mine. This is the feeling the humans feel when they make love. Jeez. I never knew it felt so good. But this guy…..

Nah. I definitely can fall for his tricks.

He looked at me and smiled beautifully. Aaargh. I wanted to disengage that smug face of his.

”Its obvious you want me Silvia. Why are you hiding? ” He said and walked closer to me again. I gritted my teeth.

” Do not take a step any further. ” I threatened bringing out my most fearful threatening deadly silk voice.

He examined me and chuckled.

”Why does it look like everything about you is so perfect Silvia? Are you even human at all? ” He asked walking so close to me.

I looked at him perplexed and powerless. This guy…..

Won he just give it up??

He walked closer to me. I moved backwards till I got trapped in between him and a close by wall.

Jeez. Hes not even scared to do this in the public??!!

People were already giggling at the senerio between us.

”Wow. I never knew the almighty Silvia could be tamed with the awesome power of beauty. ”

” Awwwnn. They look so cute together. ”

” Im so jealous of her. She had better stop playing hard to get. ”

Some even brought out their phones to capture the show.

What the crap…..?????

I looked up at Devian who had his hands against the wall trapping me against it with his face so close to mine. He didn seem to care.

Aarrgh. Just what sort of a human is this?

With a jolt, I noticed he was looking at my lips and leaning closer..


I tried to move my head back but was trap against the wall.

Eeeeeewwwww. Jeez. A human wants to kiss me. Aaargh gross.

I placed my hands against his chest.

”Alright alright alright wait. Ill go on a date with you. ”

I had no choice than to consent.

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