With a jolt, I noticed he was looking at my lips and leaning closer..


I tried to move my back but was trapped against the wall.

Eeeeeewwwww. Jeez. A human wants to kiss me. Aaargh gross.

I placed my hands against his chest.

”Alright alright alright wait. Ill go on a date with you. ”

I had no choice than to consent.

He smirked wickedly and chuckled. ” Wow wow wow. Did I just hear you say yes to me oh mighty Silvia? ”

I groaned. What sort of a situation is this?


Mia returned moments later with some popcorns. She paused from afar as she saw them both together. She giggled. This young man sure doesn give up on what he wants.

Silvia sensed her presence and turned immediately to see her glaring at her. Mia chuckled and walked up to them immediately.

She stood in between Devian and Silvia confronting him. ”Sorry oh Mr Devian. I think its time we take our exit. Thanks for keeping her company for me. ” Mia said and held Silvias hand to lead her away.

Devian chuckled and held Silvias other hand. ”I can be fooled. ” He said and moved Mia away from Silvia holding her so close to himself. Silvia wanted to explode.

”Gosh. A human is hugging me!!!! ” She screamed in her head.

Mia looked at him and chuckled. ”How are we fooling you Mr Devian sir? ”

He smirked. ”We made a deal and she must fulfill her own part of the deal, plus, she already promised to go on a date with me. ”

Silvia swore and cursed her mouth. Devian chuckled softly admiring her every move.

Damn. In all his life, hes has never met a woman this so beautiful. He was practically enchanted at first sight. This beautiful goddess before him has no idea what she has done to him and he would stop at nothing until he makes her his. This can be just an ordinary human and he knew it.

She looked at him with beautiful golden glowing eyes and bit her lip. Good gracious. That gesture alone had Devian growing hard. He gulped and rubbed his hair backwards.

”So. Are you set my Lady? ” He asked.

Silvia rolled her eyes. ” Whatever. Lets speed this up. Ive got someplace to be. ”

Devian smirked. ” Excuses. ” He muttered. ” Im not one to be fooled my beautiful Silvia so will you quit searching up for my phone? ”

”…. ”

She was taken aback. Indeed, she actually wanted to take his phone in his pocket to get a means to distract him so she could leave but what was more shocking was that, she made her hand invincible. How the hell did he sense that?

Silvia examined him. She was already beginning to doubt his humanity. Is this guy even human? She thought.

He held her hand and led her towards a bar with Mia tagging along behind them. At some point, he paused and looked at Mia. ”Get going home young lady. Its inappropriate for another person becoming the third wheel in a well arranged date. ” He said smirking at Silvia.

Silvia sighed and looked at Mia. ”Ill see you tomorrow. ”

Mia beamed. ”Sure. Ill meet you. ” She giggled and hopped off.

Immediately she left, Silvia regretted sending her away. ”Shit. ” She muttered.

”So… ” Devian began and wrapped his arms around her turning her to face him. She gulped as her eyes came in contact with his beautiful green ones. Gosh. She has never ever in her existence on Earth felt this powerless and useless. This guy was making her loose her confidence and stability in ways that made her feel she could lost her inborn abilities.

He pulled her so close to himself and held her against a close by wall leaning so close to her she could feel his warm breath against her face.

It was then that Silvia noticed they were in a secluded spot. Not a single soul was in sight. This is all a plan made by him.

He chuckled. ”Are you scared Silvia? I haven even begun yet. To be honest with you. I have no intention of having a date with you. All I want is you Silvia. I want to make you mine. ”

Silvia chuckled. Such a cheeky foolish human. What did he take her for? Some street slot he can just pick up anytime and **?

She sighed and examined him. Maybe she should just kill him now. Just end him and that will be it. They are in secluded area after all. No one will know how it happened. No one except his dead body will know that an angel of death actually exists in Paneville city in a human body.

She felt her inner being struggling within her to be freed at the thought. Her eyes glowed. He chuckled.

”How I so much love that sight. Those eyes…. ” He leaned closer to her and brushed her beautiful silver hair off her face and caressed her cheeks. Silvia groaned and struggled to get her inner being to the surface. Her eyes glowed the more. She felt like she wanted to explode. Her entire system came alive.

Alright!!! She thought. Ive had enough. Let me kill this silly human and just end it once and for all.

He chuckled, leaned closer and kissed her neck. Silvia couldn understand what happened to her body at that moment. She became hot. Her head spun. She was loosing her sanity. He held her so close to himself making her breasts brush hard against his solid chest. They became instantly hard and a soft moan escaped her mouth.

”Shit. ” She muttered. Its this silly human body of hers. He chuckled and kept kissing her neck. He then withdrew and looked into her eyes. She gulped. Why is she finding it hard to end this fool?

His eyes suddenly glowed and she blinked. Was she seeing things?

He looked at her lips and leaned towards them. Silvia tried to pull away but damn, his strength is what one can describe as solid and firm. No staggering, no flinching, no swaying. Just at a place holding her to the spot as he leaned close and pressed his warm soft alluring lips on hers.

Silvia quited struggling as the entire world spun before her. Great. This is it. Her inner form had finally lost it. She couldn keep it in check anymore. Lightening struck and her eyes glowed flashing like the sun against his face. Her skin transformed into pure clean smooth shining soft silver. Her silver large strong sturdy wings extended. But all that didn seem to move him.

He groaned and caressed her ass deepening the kiss. Gamora, no longer Silvia was still finding it hard to stay away from him and resist this powerful charm he held over her.

He chuckled. ”I always knew you weren human Gamora. ” He said with a hiss against her lips.

How the ** did he know her real name??!!!

Gamora suddenly felt a powerful aura envelope her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him crazily like her entire life depended on it. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. Gamora was lost. His tongue moved in ways that made her entire being succumb to his will. His desire. She felt her god soul connecting with him as he delved deeper into her soul seeking her and devouring her whole. She was weak. She was powerless. She was helpless against this demigod.

Shes never in her existence felt this hopeless. Plus, she couldn stop herself from kissing him. She found herself wanting more. He chuckled and kissed her the more entwining their tongues together and consuming her entire sanity.

Gamora moaned. She wanted him. She wanted more of him. What the heck is she thinking? No. She has to fight this. She has to end this being before her. If she doesn do it, his existence would be a threat to her and her mission here on earth.

She stretched her hand and summoned a mysterious dagger from nowhere and made to stab him. He gripped her hand and stopped her halfway with his lips still on hers and stabbed her with it.

She gasped and the world blurred before her.


Silvia stirred on the soft plush bed and sighed. Wait a minute!! Her eyes suddenly snapped open. She sat up and looked around her. The view before her was so unfamiliar. She shook her head and looked around again. Is she dreaming?

Beautiful is an understatement if she was to describing the room she was currently residing in. The bed was a large sized master bed with blue shining prints on the duvet. The master colour the room held was blue. That aside, the room itself was super large divided into two sections by an arch wall. At the other side was like a little sitting room with a long blue sofa which was within view and a large sized cinema TV before it. All these didn matter to Silvia though. The luxury her home held was ten times better than this.

What was on her mind was, how the ** did she get here?

She tried to stand and felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She groaned and placed her hand there. She wasn putting on her office cloths she noticed. She was putting on a pink silk night gown. She looked around frantically and found them all arranged in a peculiar fashion at the foot of the bed.

She groaned and slowly lifted up the gown to her abdomen level to see what was causing the pain in her belly exposing her smooth silk thighs in the process.

A deep sharp dagger mark was there. It was then that all the images flooded into her mind.

”Shit. ” She muttered wondering what was wrong with her. Shes supposed to have healed up by now. She examined the wound and groaned as she touched it. What the heck? Injuries doesn last this long on her. Whats the problem?

”Wow. Thats not a sight you get to see everyday. ”

She hurriedly looked up to see the traitor who put her in her current state shirtless looking all…. beautiful. She shook her head. She shouldn be thinking that. But, she has to admit. He looked beautiful. Broad wide huge chests, well defined and carved six abs.

She gulped. She couldn understand why she was panicking at the mere sight of this man. He walked up closer to the bed looking menacing and deadly. He climbed into the bed and Silvia moved back till she was stuck against the wooden edge of the bed. He chuckled and leaned closer to her kissing her neck. She shivered.

Just who is this guy?

He chuckled again and sniffed her. ”You smell good Gamora. ”

Her head snapped. She looked at him sharply and he laughed.

She gritted her teeth. ”Who are you? ” She asked as her eyes glowed. ” How did you know my name? ”

He laughed ominiously. Silvia shivered. He looked at her menacingly with his green eyes glowing. ”Did you think you are the only mythical being in Paneville city? ” He asked and leaned closer to her again. ” My goodness. How Ive paraded the earth for a long time to get one of the Creators pests. Now, one sits powerless right in my bedroom looking all beautiful and tempting. ” He muttered and gripped her furiously pinning her to the bed.

Silvia gasped as he leaned closer and kissed her neck caressing her breasts. ”Im so gonna devour you till theres no single amount of prowess in you. Then, Ill make you mine. You are one special angel Gamora. ”

He slipped his hands into her gown still pinning her against the bed and kissed her breasts sucking hard against her nipples. She arched her back and moaned.

He chuckled. ”I have you under my power Gamora. There is nothing you can do. ” He muttered and sucked harder against her nipples.

” Aaaww. ” She moaned and gripped his hair in ecstasy. He chuckled.

Silvia couldn understand what was going on in her. She has never ever felt so powerless and useless as this in her life.

He groaned as she arched her back. ”Shit. I wonder how an angel would taste. ” He muttered and ripped off her gown leaving her completely naked.

Silvia gasped and tried to free herself but he held her in place. ”Shit. ” She muttered.

He smirked and continued his assault on her nipples. ”Don worry my beautiful Gamora. Im gonna make you experience pleasure in ways that will make you dazed for days. ” He muttered and nibbled at her nipples.

” Aaww. ” She moaned and arched her back. He chuckled.

”Im so enjoying your reaction. ”

She took a deep breath. She can remain this powerless. She has to do something. She has to resist. But how? It all seemed like he had gained complete control over her entire being. She only did whatever he wanted.

He chuckled. ”Don even think of retaliating Gamora. There is absolutely nothing you can do. ”

He went lower and kissed her belly. Silvia gasped. He cupped her breasts and spread her legs.

”I want you to bring out your real form again Gamora. ”

She swallowed as he went lower and kissed her clit.

” You smell good. Youve got the scent of the angels. ”

Silvia groaned as she felt her inner being surging forth. Just how does he manage to have complete control over her total being?

He chuckled and sucked harder at her clit. ”Aawww. ” She moaned and arched her back just as her large silver wings sprung out from her back.

Devian chuckled. ”Oh my. So beautiful. ” He muttered and climbed over her. ” I would so love to continue this Gamora till Ive absorbed every single ounce of your being but, nows not the time. Ive got business to attend to. ” He said and admired her full erect nipples. He chuckled and kissed them..

”Aaww. ” She moaned.

He smiled. ”Do you want me to stop? ” He asked.

She shivered. ” No. ” She muttered and he chuckled.

What the heck is she saying?

He sucked harder.

Silvia growled and wrapped her arms tightly around his head.

He chuckled. ”No no no my little pet. Nows not the time. ”

He broke himself free from her. ” We will continue this by the time I return my pet. Have fun. ” He muttered and pressed a button on the electronic handband he wore.

Chains appeared from nowhere at either side of the bed and clicked to her hands.

She growled and tried to free herself. He chuckled. ”Sorry pet. You are too weak for that at the moment. Ill get back to you. ” He said and left the room.

Silvia groaned and looked at the chains sweating and weak. She slumped back and laid on the bed spent.


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