She sighed and chuckled weakly staring at the ceiling.

”The almighty Silvia. Lying on the bed of a total stranger naked. What a shame. ” She muttered and looked at the chains holding and gripping her hands. ”Shit. ” She muttered and struggled again for the uptenth time to free herself. It was all useless because it only succeeded in giving her much more injuries that took time to heal.

She panicked and looked at her blood stained wrists. It all looked new to her. She has never bled before. She hardly bleeds.

”What the ** is wrong with me? ” She muttered asking no one in particular. She gulped and tried to heal herself manually but it still was taking longer and was extremely painful..

She groaned and slumped back against the bed tired from too much struggling and trying to fix herself.

There has to be a way out of this. She looked around. She has to get out of here before he returns. She took a deep breath. ”I can do this. ”

She muttered and shut her eyes delving deep into her soul ocean to regain every single ounce of energy to pull this off.

It all seemed useless. But she wasn ready to give up yet. She shut her eyes tighter and groaned feeling her veins throbbing. She felt like they were going to burst. It was like a supreme powerful force was keeping her in check.

”Aarrgh. ” She groaned and finally gave up slumping back into the bed. Warm tears slipped out of her eyes.

She couldn understand. This all seems unfathomable. She has never felt this powerless in her entire existence.

She swallowed. ”My Lord. ” She muttered. ”My creator. Im so deeply sorry Ive strayed far from the path. I know its not possible to call you for help but….. I need you now. More than ever. I don know what this is. Ive never ever seen anything like this. This is by far bigger than I am. I need your strength. I need your help. If you really want me to fulfill this mission. You have to help me. ”

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes, focusing deeply into her souls ocean. She sighed and gritted her teeth, summoning all the energy she could gather. She groaned in pain as her vein swelled.

”I can do this. I can give it up. ” She muttered.

The door to the room clicked and opened. Devian walked in majestically and stopped when he saw her writhing and struggling on the bed. He chuckled softly.

”Oh my little angel. What in the spirits are you planning now? ” He shut the door walking up to her just as her eyes glowed gold. He corked an eyebrow. ”Wow. That is unexpected. Im thrilled. ”

Silvia blew out a deep breath. ”You have no idea what Im capable of. ” She muttered with a groan.

He laughed and leaped onto the bed holding her wrist and gripping it tightly. He sensed the powerful flow of energy surging through her veins and chuckled.

”Such power. Such strength. But still too weak. ” He used his thumb to press her tendon and she gasped. Every single amount of energy she had managed to gather suddenly dissipated.

”What the…. ” She muttered looking at him with surprise. ”Who the hell are you? ” She asked.

He laughed. ”Like I said earlier Gamora. My name is Devian. And I am your doom. ”

He leaned closer and kissed her neck. She whimpered. ”Let me go. I…. ”

He laughed seeing her fear. ” My oh my. Aren you the most powerful, brutal heavenly being made by the creator? Look at you all weak and cowering like a pathetic human. Give me what youve got. ” He sucked hard against her nipples and she arched her back moaning loudly.

”Please stop… ” She muttered. She was weak and shivering severely with uncontrollable desire. Just who the heck is this man and what is he doing to her? She wondered.

He buried his head against her ample bosom and kept sucking against it continuously.

”Aawww. ” She moaned and gripped the bedspread.

”You are so stupid to have come down to earth in a human form Gamora. You just had to make my work so easy. ”

He kissed her neck and then her lips forcefully. She felt the power and the supreme aura that came with that kiss overwhelming her brain. All she could see was Devian. All she could smell was Devian. The powerful wall around her soul ocean cracked.

Hes trying to delve deep into her soul. She was about a few moments to become empty and useless..

What is the use? The creator would just abandon her and send another death angel on the mission.

Her head suddenly snapped and she opened her eyes. Hes right about one thing. Shes actually the most powerful, brutal heavenly being made by the creator and….. She made a big mistake coming in a human form. Thats two…

She groaned with all her might and connected her energy with that of the Earths core.

”Aarrgh. ” She roared and her eyes glowed blood red this time. Devian stopped and examined her.

”What is this? ” He muttered with surprise.

The room suddenly began to vibrate like it was being overtaken by an earthquake.

She groaned and waved him off her with the force of the wind.

He soared backwards and flipped, landing with his feet.

”No way. ” He growled and clenched his fists.

She smirked and pictured her wonderful comfy bed in her home.

A rift suddenly appeared above her.

Devians eyes widened. ”What the….. ”

Before he could make a move, she used the last of her energy to break the chain loose from her wrist and leapt into the rift.

”Nooooo….. ” Devian growled and jumped, also landing against the bed as the rift disappeared. ”Aaargh…. ” He groaned and punched the bed furiously. He sat up and looked at her clothes a few meters away from him. He chuckled wickedly. ”That was some nice trick youve got there Gamora. But be rest assured that the next time I see you, you will not and will never escape me. ” He muttered. ” I will find you and have you to myself and together, we will take over the celestial realm. ”

He laughed to himself ominously.


Silvia gasped and sat up on the bed she laid. She looked around her sharply. She was in her room. She sighed deeply and slumped back on the bed. She took a deep breath.

She could barely move a muscle. It took almost all her soul energy to get away from that bondage. She looked at her wrist and belly to see that her wounds had healed up.

She took a deep breath. Her heart was still thumping hard due to what she experienced at the home of the unknown.

She looked at the ceiling and shivered. Just who the hell is that man? That was the only question that seemed to have been plaguing her mind for hours during her dilemma. His energy is way far beyond any she had encountered in her years. Where did he come from? And…. How the ** did he know who she is?

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