Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 5: Family.

as inconspicuous as I could.

Before long I noticed my mother approaching together with my brother,my sister,Felice was also tagging behind them which came as a surprise because she was supposed to be at SKATA,the only logical conclusion to this is that she is on vacation.My father was the last to arrive at the table,he took a seat between Andrew and I.

I could feel his heavy gaze on me as he sat down but I dared not raise my head to meet his gaze.

”Lets get eating then ”,he said as he dished some food out onto his plate, ”nobodys more starved than I am ”,he continued.

After everybody had food on their plates,my father started a conversation…

”Looks like everyones here today,welcome home Felice,I heard youve been doing remarkably well at SKATA. The situation wasn looking good for me because this is where the family starts to talk about their accomplishments, Andrew and Felice are geniuses when it comes to fighting plus they have powerful pulze abilities, I on the other hand Im a different story, yes Im the disgrace to the family.

The strider family is a family of fighters that protect the royal family,we come from a strong bloodline which is more compatible with pulze and this significantly enhances our pulze level and pulze abilities allowing us to be superhuman even among the superhuman,there are even believes that our family alone can fight a a whole zones military and win.

Im supposed to be the heir to this powerful family but here lies the case where Im weak even compared to other superhumans,and the worst of it all is that I don even have a pulze ability, due to this my family has deemed me unworthy of anything that has to do with the family and they treat me like an outcast. I did everything to earn their acknowledgement,since I could not get stronger, I tried to get smarter but that was also seen as substituting for my weakness.

Now all I do is harbor hate towards them but Im still going to prove that they were wrong about me by getting into STRATA. My plan was to finish my meal quickly and get the hell out of their sights but unfortunately I had already placed my hand into the mouth of the lion.

”Brian,looks like you decided to join us today,but you think you can just show up and sit down like one of us when you lack talent, why didn you just do what you normally do and wait till we finish before you have your dinner. To think you don get it after all this time, you
e weak and the weak should not mingle with the stong ”.

e wrong father, the weak should mingle with the strong so that they too can become strong ”.

” A loser like you should not talk back to father,more so say that father is wrong.The weak can never walk with the strong it only makes them look even weaker ”,Felice cut in.

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