I then woke up in the morning and saw that Maria was not here and has allready left for work.

” Well time to train ” I said as I left the room and went to the bathroom.

I took a bath by my self and changed changed my clothes to a black jaket with a white t-shirt and a black pants with black shoes.

I then went to my room where there was allready food ready on the couch.

” Lets eat ” I said as I started to eat the food on the table.

I started to eat and once I was done, I took a book of magic and read it. I learened how to expand my mana count on a small to large amount.

” Lets try this out ” I said as I sat on the balcony on my room.

I then started to absorb small amount of magicules and was learning how to purify it.

” Oh this is easier than I thou…. ” I then stoped talking as my body started to melt with browniquid.

My body was being purefied and all the dirt on my body was being removed. My body started to fell lighter and lighter.

If I continue this all the dirt on my body will be removec I thought as I continued to remove the dirt on my body.

After 1.30 hours, The dirt in my body was now all gone and the mana was being converted and was being put on my Blue Rose.

This shoud be good for today I thought as I stood up and put the book in the shelf.

I just finished taking a bath, I have to do it again I thought as I went to the bath again.

I took a bath and changed my clothes into a regular cloth. I then went to the office where I saw alot of invetation to parties.

” Haa well time to read this ” I said as I sat on the chair and started to read the invitaions.

{ I am the duke of Aldenburk and I woud like tike to invite the Lordship to the ball of my sons birthday.

It is on september 13

Sent by : Jake Aldenburk }

Well this looks a little interesting I thought as I put it into my callendar.

Lets read this one next I thought as I read the next letter to the next.

Most of them were parties for a tea party or a gathering of nobles, But in reality a party is where you stab people in the back or make an aliance.

I guess I have to participate in another war I thought as I put the other letters in the fire place.

Some letters were an arranged marriage for our future child. I got angry so I threw them in the fire place.

Well now that its done, Ill read some manga I thought as I played with my phone.

As a King I have alot of responsibilities. I have to go to the knights first day and parties to make my faction stronger and more.

Well, You know what Ill do all my hob today I thougt as I stood up and went to the closet.

I changed my clothes again to my knights uniform to greet the new recruits and do my job as the King of a Nation.

There, This shoud be good I thought as I walked to the training grounds.

I then walked strait to the training ground. They all then stoped what they were doing and all made a strait line.

” We greet thee Lord of the house White ” They all said as they bowed with one knee.

” I am just here to watch the new recruits ” I said as I walked to the tower where my chair was.

I then sat on the chair where I saw everyone training and was giving there all. As a made prepared some macarons and some tea.

The newbe were pretty good they were at most level 89 and there skill were at level 100 I thought as I looked at the knights who were fighting each other.

Huh this is something allright I thought as I looked at the people who were giving of a killing intent.

The both of them were fighting for real and was going to kill each other. One of them were going to die if they made a single mistake.

Well lets just see who wins I thought as I looked at the red haired man and the blue haired woman.

They looked a the same in the face part, But there eyes and hair are not the same color. There father probably had an affair.

” They are going to kill each other at this point ” I said as Gunther looked at them.

She ordered a knight to stop them from killing each other. The kights stoped them and the both of them still fought back.

I watched all the knights fight each other until 5:30 Pm where Gunther said that it was time to go home.

I walked to the cassle took a bath like allways and went to the dinning room where Maria was there and was eating.

This time around she did not feed me and we just talked the entire evening.

” Im sorry I have work, I love you ” She said as she kissed me in the lips and left.

” I love you to ” I said as I waved good bye.

I then went to my room and started to draw a magic circle that I learned from my class of magic and swordsmanship.

Royalties finish going to school when they are 15 and start running a cassle or a mantion.

” Lets do this ” I said as I started to absorb as much mana as possible.

I did this till 10:00 PM in the night. I was no longer sweaty and felt like I was a cloud and was fresh as a daisy.

I was feeling a little sleepy from all the work so I sleepy in the bed.

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