Epic of Goblin


”Yes you will do, you will be the one to rise up and conquer the universe. ”

The man whos looks would bring anyone to insanity said while looking over a world thats in the lower chaste of the universe, classified as a non-entry one.

Said planet was small compared to the rest, blue and green covering it and the main inhabitants are humans.

”To think this small lower class planet will actually have someone such as him, its truly a miracle. ”

”With you my little friend. I will finally be able to go on vacation and enjoy my time muahahaha! ”

The man laughs crazily almost as if he was going to die soon.

”Now then, to make it not look like a god came and took him I have to make it more realistic, curse these planets full of technology. Why can they just use magic or cultivate like every normal planet? Such a waste. ”

”Lets see.. should I kill him by getting ran over by a truck? Or maybe him trying to save a little girl but gets shot by a random bullet? Oh! Maybe I should make him slip on a banana peel. ”

”Yup thats it. Banana peel slipping it is. ”

Down on the small planet.

”Alright then 2+2= what class?! Thats right! 10 ”

Ding Ding Ding!

”Class is over kids, its also time to go home so goodbye! ”

”Finally! ”

”So boring ”

Everyone in the class shouted, however there was this one kid in the corner of the room by the window. Just staring outside with a hand on his cheek.

He was your average boy, medium length dark black hair that covers his eyes, glasses, a average build along with black eyes. A normal boy.

Sigh~ so boring, its always school, go home and eat then repeat. Always the same dang thing everyday. The only escape I have that provides even the little bittest of happiness for me is reading novels, manga and watching anime.

Hahh, it seems its time to go home and do what I usually do, which is read novels. If im not wrong a new chapter was recently posted on the novel ”Epic of a struggling king ” I can wait to read it when I get home!

With that the boy got up and walked out of the school and started going down the street since his house is only a few minutes away from the school.

He got on his phone and started browsing through his social media seeing if anything new has happened.

Huh, so it seems Argentina has won the World Cup huh? Not suprised since Messi is on that team. Bound to win one at some point. Very close game though.


He got a notification from his mom, it was a text saying ”can you please stop by the store and get some milk and some other things for dinner tonight? Hugs and kisses xoxo. ”

As weird as always mother.

He got off his phone and took a turn to go the the store. He got to the store and opened up the doors.

”Hello. ” Said the man behind the counter.

”Back again? ”

”Yeah, just need to pick up a few things. ” This is a normal occurrence, usually picking things up every couple days or so.

Alright I got the milk and the other things Im ready to pay.

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