Epic of Goblin

Getting Stronger

Meanwhile the soul is traveling through what seems to be space, with many stars and planets constantly going by. Occasionally you can see some very large beasts eating stars or even planets whole.

It soon made its way to a planet so large that even a few jupiters wouldn even fit in it.

It went through the atmosphere, where there were some very powerful beings lurking but somehow it made its way undetected.

Then it founds its continent and found a cave that has recently birthed many newborn goblins and inhabited one that recently was born.

”Huh? Where am I, what am, I who am I? Didnt I die? Is this hell? Well no matter but that felt like the best nap I have ever had in my life, can I go back to sleep now? ”

”Yeah Ill go back to sleep just for a few hours, just a few so I can soon after figure out my situation. Hopefully Im actually not in hell though.. ”

3 Hours later-

”Ahhh! What a nice nap I just had. Alright I should start seeing where I am. ”

He soon starts trying to see where he is but he cannot see anything, its completely dark. He then trys to smell anything and well he can smell something but.. its a very bad smell so bad that it makes him wanna vomit.

He tries to see if he can feel or touch anything and to his surprise he can indeed feel something, it feels as if he is in closed inside a very tight place, very narrow.

And he feels gooey stuff all around him and when he tries to move around it feels as if he is kicking a wall but not a wall at the same time. Like the wall is stretching.

”Well thats new, I definitely don think Im in hell. Maybe an egg if some sort? ”

He then starts to feel around his body to get a general feel of what he is, he can feel his feet, legs, arms and everything a normal human would have.

”Mmf, so I am a human? Then Im obviously not in a egg but a womens womb? I should try and see if I can get out of here since it really stinks. And I don want to sit in here for months. ”

He starts to kick around and punch trying to find the hole to get out. But all of a sudden he feels a force trying to push him out and thats when he sees a light, albeit a small light but since theres light he doesn hesitate and starts going towards it.

”It seems my mother is about to give birth. Time to try my best and get out.. and puuuuuusssssh! ”

He successfully been pushed out of the womb.

What welcomed him was a women who looked very sick and has empty, hallow eyes as if she wants to die.

He then hears some weird noises.

”#%^*. ”

”The hell is that noise? ”

”#%*€¥. ”

”No not noise but what the hell is this language? ”

He turn his head and there he sees a thing that is definitely not human, it is a little green skinned man bald, long goatee and basically looks like hes about to croak. And his face is really ugly.

As soon as he saw me look over he smiled and picked me up to take me to a place where a lot of other newborn goblins are, about a dozen or maybe more in this cave.

He soon put me down and left which I assume with that kind of smile on his face was to get ladies pregnant again.

”Sigh~ since I can do anything then Ill just sleep since being a baby is the worst. ”

With that I fell asleep.

[Day 3]

Fast forward a couple days and Im finally the size of an adult. It would seek goblins tend to grow faster then other species.

Over the 2 days nothing much has really happened, mainly only me either eating whatever bug I could find and just looking around and well basically sleeping.

I gotta admit though, this body is extremely weak even though I was a plain human before but I can without a doubt beat up a goblin.

But I suppose In this world, growing this fast wouldn be that strange. Humans don have many natural enemies, so they can afford to take it easy when growing. But to survive in the wild, youll need to mature fast enough to leave behind offspring.

Sigh~ whatever, this matter is beyond my powers. In that case, I should make most of my second chance.


Now you guys might be wondering, how am I just accepting this so fast? Well because as I said I was bored with life and hoped for something like this. So now that its happened, then Ill definitely not ask questions and live.

Moving on..

Due to how fast I am growing, and the conditions of this world, I decided to spend the day testing my goblin bodys limits.

I did get used to moving around in this body, and collapsed due to exhaustion unfortunately.

”Ouch gahh! ”

Isnt there a better bed somewhere? I feel like Ill break my back at this point.

—[Day 4]

Just four days after being born I had to go out hunting.

I never really thought I had to really, I figured they would bring the newborns food but nope..

”Can I have some of your food? ” I had asked a adult goblin.

”Go and get your own food. ” Is what he said.

”For real? ”

He then said somthing along the lines of ”He who doesn work doesn eat. ” Or well some thing like that.

Man, this world sure is cruel to us monsters, making us have to hunt so early on in life with a huge possibility of dieing. Just how cruel can the world be.

Well, after spouting some nonsense of this world being cruel and it being difficult being all alone, I acquired a new friend.

His name is Rou, same age as me. Born not from the same mother.

When I asked him to go with me and hunt he was oddly exited. Saying sure.

Not like Im against that.

But this indeed told me that goblins are fundamentally stupid and easy going… Having formed a party. The two of us headed outside to the forest.

Oh right, although this may be kind of obvious. But it would seem that goblins have low conception rates, and they usually kidnap women from other races. Mainly human women though.

Which from the novels and stuff I saw in my last life I can find this suprising.

One day I decided to explore the cave and deeper in I found a room where they store treasures they get from either killing people or finding it.

There, I found a few women with dead eyes.

They did seem to have some desire to live though.

But, everything was just too much for me when I went in there. Although I was prepared but seeing is really different from reading. So instead of staying there any longer I offered them a good prayer.

And to think that one of them is actually my mother. Its really depressing if you think about it, but I can do anything so it will have to be.

Before long we spotted a rabbit, it was brown with a horn on its head.

And so I ended up calling it a ”Horned Rabbit ”.

I motioned for Rou to stay still and then I started moving my hands around telling him what to do. Before this I told him what everything means so its fine.

Rou started to chase it around, but he didn go all out just as I told him. I wanted him just to chase it and distract it which he is doing perfectly.

Meanwhile, when he is busy distracting it I got up behind it stealthy and I jumped as high as I could and with my club up high I smashed it down and got the kill.


Hunting is certainly a lot easier with others. If I was by myself I can for sure say that I wouldn have even scratched this thing.

I got up and went to the rabbit and I find Rou trying to eat it himself and just how could I allow that? So I beat it out of him and told him since we both killed it, well I did but he helped. That we should both get half.

And so lets just say Rou learned the hierarchy.

To think my very first hunt in this new world and in my second life was successful.

Truly felt amazing.

And to show for it, I decided to cut off the horn of the rabbit and use it as a weapon. I bet I can make a pretty sharp dagger.

[Goblin Alaric has obtained ”Small animal horn ”!]

Hmm? What was that voice. A system perhaps? Well I don know, leaving that aside.

”Goblin Alaric ” it seems thats my new name.

That goblin I first saw when I was born gave me this name. While I don really want it, I can really use my old name so Ill keep it.

And if Im not wrong Alaric means. (Ruler of all) or something like that in Greek, so actually I kinda dig this name. I shall be a ruler since it would seem im destined.

Anyways, this horn is the perfect size for me to use as a weapon.

I would also like to keep the pelt intact so I can use something to wear. I don really like this simple cloth.. doesn feel right.

While Im complaining about the cloth I feel a presence and when I turn to see I find Goblin Rou drooling looking at the rabbit in my hand.

”Alright im sorry. ”

”Here. ” I gave him a piece of it .

He then went on thanking me and being all happy but in the end we ended up splitting it.

After this long, meat it very good. While those weird bugs we are werent bad per say- they cannot beat meat.

I got a weapon, and ate some meat.

I would say today is a pretty good day.

Im really looking forward to tomorrow.

A/N:- No dount you guys find this familiar but don worry Im going to change it to my direction soon. Just this chapter only and maybe a couple others. 🙂

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